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    Thursday, June 04, 2009
    Title : Is love alive?
    Time : 12:03 pm

    I still believe in summer days.
    The seasons always change
    and life will find a way.
    Tuesday, May 19, 2009
    Title : Is it...
    Time : 4:52 pm

    evil to wish someone a quick death for the peace of others?

    worth asking people to repeat the time when you don't have a purpose in life anymore?

    better to drag others down with you when you don't feel like living?
    Friday, May 15, 2009
    Title : H1N1
    Time : 10:29 pm

    I was SO relieved two days ago when I received the email that travel restrictions to the US are lifted. WOOT! Finally could get down to booking my connecting flight although by the time I booked it, the cheapest flight is not available anymore, so the hole in the pocket was at USD 218.60, an additional USD119 (BLEH)

    When panic about the pandemic broke out, especially with the persistent raising of the pandemic alert level by WHO (not to be confused with severity of disease), at the back of my mind I was thinking 'Is there an overreaction to all this?' I quoted to anyone who would listen 36,000 people die from flu-related complications yearly in the United States. I wondered about the healing rate of the virus, rather than just the number of cases confirmed. I told myself that the virus is mild outside Mexico and experts surmised that the flu would go away seasonally as summer is impending. All in all, I was looking for a silver lining. My grandmother kept warning me about the dangers and the first case confirmed in Malaysia being a 21-year-old student who returned from the United States probably isn't going to assuage her fears. But I know the symptoms and the drug to treat it, I'd be damned if I let this stop me from seizing my last chance at participating in an exchange program.
    Sunday, May 03, 2009
    Title : Harry Potter!
    Time : 12:34 am

    The trailer for the new movie looks all kinds of amazing! Quidditch is back!
    Must reread the book again. It has been 4 years, wow. I remember being in JC and following my friend Marita to buy the book at Borders =)
    Saturday, April 25, 2009
    Title : HEAT
    Time : 10:00 pm

    The heat really saps you of energy.... plodplodplod...

    BUT I realised when I have the stubborn will to do something, I can really sit down and do, albeit suffering from procrastination earlier on. I told myself to finish editing my UROPS manuscript for submission to an online journal by last Sunday, but I only sat down doing it yesterday night from 10pm all the way to 4am -_- And I just spent another 1.5 hours editting references.

    OH CRAP forgot to take out my laundry... Creased clothing -_- but never mind since I haven't been going out my laundry is all only wear in hall clothes anyway.
    Saturday, April 18, 2009
    Title : Random acts of kindness
    Time : 1:16 pm

    Act 1
    Cynthia and I were deciding our meals for lunch at Waraku Heeren, then a girl from the table next to ours reached over and asked if we need the coupons so we gratefully and gleefully accepted them! =) $27 in total! So we paid less than $3.50 each for a set of don and ramen each, and 5 mini ice creams (their desserts are not worth it at all but the Set at $9.80 is!)

    Act 2
    I got my favourite Marigold jelly (orange- not because I'm a shearite) left outside my door today with no note... Hmmm.. wondered if it was by mistake =p but little things like these just perk up my day and make me think that the world is a better place
    Thursday, April 16, 2009
    Title : The importance of packing
    Time : 2:16 am

    I've booked my flights departing 23 May and arriving 23 Jul! =D

    And the thought of suitcases and packing slowly sunk in...

    May 4 Final paper
    May 8 Homebound
    May 22 Arrive in Singapore
    May 23 Leave for US
    Jul 23 Touchdown Singapore
    Jul 27 Homebound
    Jul 30 Baaaallliiii!
    Aug 12 Huge withdrawal back to school

    Ok HOW to organise my things! T_T

    I have to clear out of my hostel room, then figure out what things I want to bring to US so I can store them somewhere in Singapore first without me carting things back and forth Sin-KL-Sin. Then I must pre-plan what I want to bring for Bali so I pack them with me during the first trip home and leave them at home since I'm departing from KL.

    Does it sound simple? Maybe deceptively so due to the brevity of my words.
    But already packing to go to ONE place is hard enough let alone the preprepreplanning!
    Maybe I should just shop for more clothes in US and Bali.

    On a separate note, the sales assistant at Blossomz Cathay Cineleisure SUCKS!

    They were having a sale where all tops were $15 and all dresses were $25, so if I see things that I like and think they're worth the price, I would take a lot of them to try. I had 6 items on my arm and the girl said 'Sorry maximum three items only'. Which I TOTALLY did not see the point of since I was the only customer there?? And there was another empty changing room in case some other customer walked in.

    So I tried on the first three, a pink tiered dress, a satin yellow tube top and a purple layered top. When I came out and I asked whether the purple top had an S coz the M was loose, she said no. (Note that she did not bother to check whether other colours had S) and I rejected the other two, she asked how come, so I said the pink dress had too many tiers I didn't like it when I tried it on. Her reply: You should know it has that many tiers when you saw it on the display. What's UP with the attitude?

    Ok no matter, I asked whether I could try the other three items I had, and she handed me two, and said I can't try on white items. So I asked whether I can try on other colours of the same design, and she said she'd get it for me later. (!!) I don't see why she can't just take it to save me the trouble of rewearing my top and popping in and out of the changing room.

    Anyway so the other two didn't have a suitable cutting either. When I came out, she said 'Cannot right?' with a smirk on her face, like she presumed that I would not buy anything in the first place and is just wasting her time to rearrange the clothes after I tried them. AND I also noticed she didn't bring the dress in another colour other than white like she said she would. LAZY PRESUMPTIOUS ASS! I wonder if she was the same assistant that asked my friend whether she was pregnant after suggesting she should try a dress a size larger.

    Whatever it is, I'm boycotting the store from now on!

    *ok I realised my rant is longer than the initial purpose of this article -_-