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    Friday, April 29, 2005
    Title : The day after SYF
    Time : 9:53 pm

    Earworm: Chariot~~Gavin Degraw

    anticipating Kent's treat... turned out he only had $15 to spare! hmmm.... apparently in the excitement yesterday we didn't hear him saying only $3 per person... ah well. in the end we went to Yoshinoya in Parkway Parade and he owed meiqi $10 bwahaha... a treat is still a treat.
    Later we milled around MPH, til they had to go and i met up with the 16/04 girls who were killing time before the scholars' interaction programme.
    7.00pm>> buffet time! food was not bad, chicken wings, mee, curry puff, some dessert. but after the feeding most people quickly made a run for it. doh. coz the juniors actually planned some games for us. we were amused for a while, like the pass the bottle game got to sabo KL and FC, former had to ask a PRC scholar to feed her! and FC to ask one of the sports people to take off his shirt for a while. as the night wore on, we were itching to go back so made our grand escape or rather slipped past the mentors unnoticed. since we saw one bus 12 past before we made it out to the gate, we decided to walk to the back gate but whaddya know, 2 more bus 12 sped past us while we're walking and we had to run after 196 which was more in our reach. so the chasing after bus experiences continue...
    Thursday, April 28, 2005
    Title : GOLD WITH HONOURS!!!
    Time : 10:42 am

    Earworm: The Day that I Die ~~Good Charlotte
    Currently reading: The Phantom Of the Opera~~ Gaston Leroux

    let me say that again: TJC guitar ensemble achieved GOLD WITH HONOURS!

    ok rewind a little to the long prac on tues, 2nd last time mr. liaow is conducting. somehow everyone doesn't seem into it, which is a bit worrying, the two pieces were one huge mess when we started playing. largely contributed by fatigue. towards 8pm, we improved slightly before wrapping up for the day.
    on wednesday, we tried to psych ourselves up for the big day tomorrow. our playing was much better after some rest. and we were let off early at 5.30pm not before some words of encouragement. it's like the final hurdle. we've worked so hard to be here.. all that. as prez kee meng put it>> keep 2 Cs in mind-- Consistency and Calmness

    28th APRIL, THURS, GUITAR SYF 2005
    a day i will remember for the rest of my life...
    in the morn, heard that mar burnt her tie during ironing...aaaahhhhh!!!!!!! how she salvaged it will be explained later...
    went straight to mozart room to deposit our belongings after assembly.
    after that it was practise in the recital room. kent trying to get all of us to express ourselves. year ones and year twos pointing out our mistakes. trying hard to smile but feel awkward doing it.

    9.45am. moved towards the audi. passed our friend's classrooms. saw fung's class--everyone seem to be sleeping while mr. goh is in front of the lab =p turns out there's year one FM lecture so had to shift back to recital room and wait for mr. liaow. everyone seems tense and rushing thru the pieces and he had to keep telling us to relax.
    after he left it was off to the audi for technical run-through. at this point, felt as if we over-practised. our fingers need some rest. released for lunch at 12pm.

    1pm. back at the recital room waiting for makeup to be done by gina and see teng. saw the sample of makeup on see teng and most of the girls were horrified. shocking blue eyeshadow and blood red lips. definitely overdone! luckily she toned down... but just a little. maybe she's right about makeup not showing up on stage so have to slather on more. i understand that. but just scary looking at ourselves in the mirror. oh and mar tried to get her tie fashioned in a way that will cover up the burnt mark but the tie would be too short for her. in the end gina helped her with a safety pin and somehow made the white part less visible. phew!
    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    while waiting for the bus, kee meng made another speech about how the teachers are already very proud of us. now added on to make it 3 Cs-- consistency, calmness and confidence.
    in the canteen, we were a funny sight, singing the tune of the dance of the yao people.
    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    lost track of what time we arrived at the Singapore Conference Hall since we weren't allowed watches and all our handphones are kept with the helpers. saw how the other schools costumes compared to our waiter outfits with bright blue ties. The RJC guitar team looked fantastic. guys in all black with gold tie. and girls looking resplendent in long black gowns and gold strings knotted around their necks. min joo made a passing comment: i feel so butch now. lol... but is it very practical to wear gowns i wonder, since we sorta have to wedge the guitar into position between our legs, hence the long black pants.
    had a quick tuning in the foyer then proceeded to another tuning room where mr. liaow burst in and had a quick final run-through. by this time feeling much tensed. siang kee very jittery and need cold jokes to distract her. in a flash we were waiting in line to go on stage already. so after 4 months of intensive training, long and hard hours of practises, eating dinner at 9pm, sore fingers after practising, lugging special guitars back, it's come down to this moment in time.
    and we're given to cue to go onstage!

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com
    this arrangement is actually for some other day's performance.
    hard to walk with the music stands so near the chairs so i guess our angles we're supposed to hold the guitars at were all messed up. nearly missed the cue to set down the foot stools and felt the chairs were not really spaced out properly. my left arm was like touching jia en's sleeve.

    The dance of yao people started off quite softly. hesitated whether it was too soft or what but daren't play louder coz remembered what mr. liaow said about it's not about hearing yourself but playing as a whole. then we jumped right into the allegro and with a superb clash of cymbals by our percussionist which shocked the crowd i believe. midway thru the song heard tinkles of laughter but had to focus on the conductor. rushing quite a bit as we neared the finale but he was rushing along with us. i thought besame mucho was ok, except the bongo beats were not exactly co-ordinated with our playing but most others thought it was very messy and quite negative about the piece. admittedly it may not be our best playing but still...
    all too soon it ended. we rose to much applause. huge sighs of relief all round. now we sat back and listened to the harp ensembles while waiting for the results.
    all of us were holding hands as we waited with bated breaths. since we were the last to perform and the results were announced according to order, the anticipation was almost too much to bear. the first few had a lot of silvers, with VJ getting gold, but after the interval a lot of gold winners. 6 in total. and now its down to TJC---- GOLD...WITH HONOURS. everyone of us just started jumping up and down and screaming!! we were all in hysterics, hugging each other. i felt tears at the corner of eyes! the announcer had to remind us not to leave out the two harp ensembles who havent heard their standing yet hehe.
    so it was all worth it. our hard labour produced the fruits we so coveted. not only are we the ONLY JC to get it we were also the FIRST IN HISTORY since this is the first year they introduced the gold with honours system. cannot describe the adrenaline rush we had the whole club was absolutely brimming with mad energy that had us shouting the TJ cheer and all other schools following suit with their own cheers. on the bus back to school we were screaming three cheers for helpers, kee meng, yu ting, kent (hahaha thanks for the treat!), ming xiu.... singing the TJ anthem on top of our voices and chanting gold with honours gold with honours gold with honours once we alighted. the school was quite empty then tho. but we were too happy to care. later mar, pat, brit and me went to swensen's to celebrate our victory.
    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    so here's HUGE THANK YOU to all the well wishers, my classmates, hostelmates, guitar club members and of course the entire SYF team. WE DID IT!!!!!!!!!
    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    Image hosted by Photobucket.comhere's my beloved bass family!
    Monday, April 25, 2005
    Title : mumbo jumbo
    Time : 4:44 pm

    Earworm: Jerk it out ~~ The Caesars
    Currently reading: Sophie's World ~~ Jostein Gaarder

    sigh.. dunno whats happened to my blog skin. exceeded bandwidth.. moved it to my image station account but apparently that doesnt work...not bothered to fix it just yet.

    not gonna organise my thoughts so i'll just type out whatever comes

    TJ sports day- 15/4 definitely most of the crowd who actually turned up were anticipating the cheerleading performances. other than that which was obviously the highlight, the normal track and field events, liked seeing the teachers' relay run. could not believe my eyes when i saw mr. ng sprinting down the track! lolz. there was TKD also but was rather repetitive of last year's performance, they go round kicking blocks of wood. minus the cool senior this time.
    so the cheer: alpha had loadsa stunts.. impressive but seem a little lacking in co-ordination, plus that last cheer was a bit err....
    i thought beta deserved to win but didnt. their dance item was hot and well coordinated. cool stunts too but apparently the flyer fell down a coupla times. so marks off there i suppose. still, thrid place was a pretty bad blow for sf.
    gamma was not as good as last year. didnt leave much impression. delta was just so-so but then they won so i suppose that came out from the good co-ordination part. they didnt really utilise their guys to do stunts tho the guys outnumber girls on the team, which i thought was quite rare. oh and before i forget... COnGRAts to the DANCE SYF team for making it GOLD WITH HONOURS! Ck.. u owe me a pic of you in full SYF costume and makeup =p

    class day 22/04
    ms teo sprang a pleasant surprise on us first period. she finished one question of bio tutorial then called two guys out to 'have a word with them' so we thought they were gonna get reprimanded or the like. but turned out she asked them to bring in a huge rectangular cake! so thoughtful and sweet of her. just like the other week's civics period when she treated the whole class to ice cream! later during lunch we sat around behind audi to have canadian pizza. promises of meeting up every year were made. but a bit doubtful on my part whether i can make the trip or not. ah well, enjoy the companionship of my classmates while it lasts. I've learnt thru the years that friendships can't last forever. unless u really try. or u'll tend to be out of touch for quite some period or time.

    another ramble bout SYF
    ugh-- the long sleeved white shirts we paid $27.50 for was not worth it. material like school uniform and translucent. the cutting for girls sucks. at least the guys look kinda smart in them.
    so gearing ourselves for the real thing on thursday, too bad we're the last JC to perform, hence can't see the other performances. ok speaking of guitar, have to go for prac now.
    Thursday, April 14, 2005
    Title : Just another week in the life of...
    Time : 10:07 am

    Earworm: Do something ~~Britney Spears (ooh i hate that perfect 10 ad)
    Currently reading: Lord of the Flies ~~ William Golding

    just another update....
    last weekend finally met up with my uncle and the rest of his family, two cousins, one in SAJC the other in the Integrated Programme of NJC. (they have this class called arts appreciation that they just watch films/plays..etc! totally cool! and MOE subsidise 60% for ticket price, say for sound of music, if there are enough people going.)
    anyways, i was brought to a place near Beach Road, can't remember the actual street name (starts with a P-) the restaurant is called Yen Com or something. (yi4 qun2 in chinese) It's quite famous for its chicken rice and steamboat apparently. My aunt revealed that she's been going there since she was 10! we found out that the restaurant has been established since 1940. meal was not bad, fragrant rice and steamboat-ed beef. was quite filling after that we milled around Raffles City shopping mall, and ended up in the food court! my aunt said, "we're an eating family" hahaha. i can't survive eating like them. my stomach's about to burst, but still ate dessert, ice longan with chincau and lime juice. lovely.

    other than that, horrid PE on monday, was bathing in my own sweat again. tuesday's group PE was lonely, with only me and Wen (darn Maths S) playing basketball or rather i tried to stay outta the game as much as possible. in the end it was like Beta against Gamma. 15/04 quite scary. they played much like a competitive team, had lotsa sharpshooters too. everybody gelled well together. after math s (with mrs. tag getting so agitated over faking of signatures she lectured us on the lack of conscience of cheating blablabla) guitar at auditorium again. so stuffy. Mr. liaow had a funny exercise in store for us since he accused our brains of not connecting with our fingers thus not playing the dynamics well enough. so the result is.... place your right fingers over your left hand... go on, try it... and ask your right hand to convey sadness or other emotions to your other hand. i felt like laughing so much, but was supposed to be sad...."trust me, do this till SYF, and your performance will improve a lot"
    then the next exercise was to listen to 6 sounds at a time before going to sleep coz he said we were too robotic in playing like we all memorised our own parts and don't listen to each other. i tried later in mar's room but can only pick up 3 haha. too silent.

    yesterday, had the first GP band 1 class. we watched an episode of the West Wing, which i was a bit confounded by, the characters talk like speedtrains and i didn't have much interest in law and politics anyway. feel like im a pseudo-band1 student. don't know much bout general knowledge? how to motivate myself to read more news? maybe i should start posting news of the week here... that's an idea..
    Sunday, April 03, 2005
    Title : April fool!
    Time : 2:06 pm

    Earworm: Confessions ~~ Usher

    before i go into the main topic. i actually got some kind of answer to my question about life science last post. there was this talk on life science during contact time on wed, the lecturer was sorta.. how should i put it... too systematic? she reminded me of a robot or something, spewing out FACTS about FUN... that seems a paradox already. anyways, the main gist of life science is about research, and im not sure whether i would be able to dedicate my whole life confined to a lab, and 'planning my life around my experiments' as quoted from the lecturer. plus u have to be innovative and original to come up with project proposals and gain the adequate funding. but it's like i have this aspiration to find a cure for some disease. so maybe it's for me but i need more info about this field before i totally decide upon it. Life science, i learnt, also can branch into academic, industrial research, forensic science, law, insurance and journalism, in the sense that u need some background of biology to be able to report new developments in the scientific world and not mess up all the terminologies. maybe thats another thing i could consider but i havent been delving too much into writing these days, well except for my blog lah.

    that aside, mar and i have been scheming how to fool brit for some time... we couldnt come up with anything feasible til the day before April Fools' day. the original plan was like this i tell ck to hide brit's shoes while mar tells brit to hide ck's shoes! but brit had to spoil it by saying he was lazy to go school the next day coz he had an MC. but mel came up with the guys hiding each others shoes in a cycle, all those planning and stuff made me miss the 1st episode of OC! but unfortunately the plan didn't work coz they either fell asleep or forgot --d'oh! but coincidentally the 4 guys who were the victims of our scheme all woke up late and arrived at school in a cab! me and yh tried to tease fung about gorilla keeping a picture of her in his wallet but she didnt buy it, instead tricked me and yh by saying EEEEE!! and pointing at the floor which had nothing obviously. my class teased the chem tutor bout a hole in her shirt. my classmate mentioned that april 1 seem to have lost its fun coz we're older, which is kinda sad actually but i still had fun, haha im young at heart!
    at night after guitar prac supposed to go orchard and meet brit and ck for dinner, jol joining us for the movie The Wedding Date later. but i was late and asked them where to meet, when Brit said Lido, i was a bit suspicious coz normally we watch at Cineleisure, and my paranoia increased when i called ck to confirm the meeting place, which was Paragon. was thinking whats there to eat at the super high class shopping mall?? ck insisted yeah and gave me the wrong directions! unintentionally though and i stopped at a bus stop later than the correct one so walked all over and then brit called to tell me we're meeting at Scotts. ahhh! my sense of direction is hopeless and i was scared i'd get lost in the underpass so i just jaywalked or rather jay-ran across the road to tangs plaza. by the time we met up there was no time to eat and by the time jol came the movie started ten mins. to top it all, the movie was a flop. the laughs were few and far between altho i liked the male escort character with all his philosophies, dubbed a Yoda in the movie.
    rating: 1.5/5
    Later at night, brit hid in cl's closet and jumped out at him, resulting in a high pitched scream lol.. ck videoed it but cl deleted it later...too bad

    the next day which was yesterday, brit asked whether wanna go watch movie, between house of fury or miss congeniality 2. and i was like again? he explained it's coz he wanna go away from the hostel as far as possible since the avril lavigne concert was at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, within walking distance, and yet he had nobody to go to the concert with, so being depressed, he needs to spend money, some retail therapy huh. initially lh wanna watch miss congeniality 2 also which i was totally shocked about coz he seldom goes out and he told me that he watched epics, sci-fi, those kinda serious stuff. so i thought, this would be interesting but somehow that didnt work out and he fell asleep so the number dwindled to me, mel and brit going to watch house of fury, that is, if we can get the tickets.
    At lido, surprised to find a short queue but thats coz HOF was sold out, so was ms. congeniality. movie plans cancelled, decided to spend the money on a nice dinner at Marche instead. Outside Marche was Beads etc where mel got totally taken with a crystal necklace and i told her just go ahead and pamper yourself and she was so happy when she bought it. they have some DIY beads too which comes quite cheap and i hope to go there one day and make my own too!
    for dinner, mel had chicken breast, wild mushroom soup and fruit soda while brit had lamb shank and apple juice, i ordered tempura soft shell crab, apple crumble with passion fruit and mango ice cream (too sweet) and washed it down with pineapple lemonade. i think i overstuffed myself, felt quite bloated later. =/
    Went to Gramophone at Paragon, which is a great find coz they're having a clearance sale and i got the Greenday International Superhits cd at $11.95! there were coldplay at $14, norah jones $15 and most of them under $19! i debated over ben jelen's cd which was priced at $9.95 but decided against it coz i only knew one song. but so tempted by goo goo dolls' dizzy up the girl which was $19.95! should ask my sister whether she wants it or not too.
    After that, with little time left til the shops at orchard close, we went to Takashimaya to buy gorilla's bday present, which was a plush monkey pillow! when we brought it back to show the other girls, everyone was cooing over how cuuuutte it was and petting it hahaha.. it'll be a second hand toy by the time it reaches him!