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    spontaneous applause.
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    Saturday, April 29, 2006
    Title : contemplate
    Time : 1:40 pm

    selfish needs
    led to thoughtless deeds
    against the tears that come so easily
    stabbing against the back of my eyelids
    like the pain stabbing at my shrivelled heart
    I want to make things right, tell me how
    but I can't undo the hurtful words I said
    did remorse come too late
    alone now,
    I contemplate
    Friday, April 28, 2006
    Title : Booked!!
    Time : 2:32 pm

    Earworm: Crash~~Gwen Stefani

    please give a round of applause to the procrastinator! and after that you can throw clocks and calendars at her.
    Bus : Hello, First Coach
    Procrastinator: Hi, I'd like to book a ticket for may 1st to singapore
    Bus : I'm sorry miss, all fully booked for 1st and 2nd
    Procrastinator: Um, how bout 30th April?
    Bus : Only 6.30pm left

    Great. I'll be stranded when arriving at midnight with MRT and buses stopped services.
    Taking a shot with Aeroline- somehow online booking not working so I have to go down to their office tomorrow. Dai sei
    Thursday, April 27, 2006
    Title : watching Idol again...
    Time : 10:55 pm

    Earworm: The Way We Were~~Barbara Streisand

    Paula, I think you need a straitjacket, Once again, Americans have proven themselves crude and uncultured, cutting off Simon's comment halfway. And Paula just shut the hell up, your comments are worth nothing and stop trying to steal other people's limelight by saying 'We Love You, AMERICA loooooves you!' over more constructive criticism however mixed with unnecessary harshness as it sometimes is.

    Anyway, Katherine was great as usual. She looked so drop dead gorgeous too! Apology well deserved.
    Elliot, I just don't see the special factor in you dawg.
    Kellie, better than last week, anything would be better actually, but boring except for one falsetto.
    Taylor, aight.
    Paris, frumpy and her voice was too deep for a song like this. My guitar song too... *memory..*
    Chris, I *heart* him! his version of 'Have You Really Loved A Woman' was so swoonworthy. and the spanish guitars were plus points too.
    Wednesday, April 26, 2006
    Title : Bloody day
    Time : 11:27 pm

    Earworm: My Bloody Valentine~~Good Charlotte

    Deep breath thru the surgical mask. Im about to witness the breaking of an 18 year old guy's jaw. But not just yet. The patient was just wheeled in, and getting hooked up to drips and cathethers and pulse monitors. And he's shivering. I wonder if it's just from the cold. But not for long after mum put him to sleep. Extraction of two wisdom teeth first. The oral surgeon was kind enough to explain the areas of specialisation of dentistry, procedures to me and also the benefits of taking up dentistry in NUS (recognition bla bla).
    Since the surgery was a long and arduous process, mum took me around other operating theatres. Live brain, cyst removal, prostate surgery on display. Yes, all blood, guts and gore. No pic to illustrate my experiences. Just imagine. It's not all that bad actually. Waves of nausea didn't overwhelm me. But no, no medicine for me. Most of my mum's colleagues said it's a smart decision. That is IF i get thru the interview for NUS. So far haven't gotten my plasticine to practise with yet.
    Back to the oral surgery, the container storing the blood was filling up fast now.
    DR: Being a dentist is like being a carpenter. Don't need brains one.
    He proceeds to drill thru the patient's gums and chisel off bone to break the jaw. OUCH!
    Maxillofacial surgery-- not a specialisation for me.
    On the other hand, another doctor said: Go into orthodontics, there's where the money is!
    Tuesday, April 25, 2006
    Title : you know there's something wrong when...
    Time : 5:02 pm

    you see an ad in the newspaper for a new reality programme for the reading of the Al-Quran. This is like the ultimate ridicule after the onslaught of Mawi craze inspired reality tv like Resume untuk Mawi, and some name Mawi's house contest. What is with Malaysian TV producers??? or should I take away the last four letters of Malaysian? coz it's quite obvious who the target audience is.
    Or maybe it's my bad. my hasty judgment Maybe they're trying to squeeze those creative juices to come up with something original unlike carbon copies of Western reality TV. Fear Factor, Malaysian Idol anyone?
    Sunday, April 23, 2006
    Title : PJ/KL scholars outing
    Time : 11:37 pm

    Earworm: TJ anthem --seriously

    Ok a bit the lazy to blog about this so go read at
    Jon's blog. pics are there! or for a different view see Brit's blog. Lunch at Secret Recipe with sillee antics that would put all other ASEAN scholars to shame. Go ask Jon for the link. or someone please upload it to YouTube. it's a bitch to download! Another video-worthy moment is the butchering of the TJ anthem. Ok it's not that hard on the ears actually. Yay, TJCians will be proud of us!
    Saturday, April 22, 2006
    Title : in light of the F1 season...
    Time : 11:22 pm


    blame meihua
    Friday, April 21, 2006
    Title : American idiots
    Time : 11:04 pm

    Earworm: The Way You Look Tonight~~Rod Stewart

    Argh DOWN WITH TAYLOR!!!! Has he even been in the bottom three??? His horrible rendition of country roads during the country week should have sealed his ticket home but noooo.. the American voters wanna see more of his 'lame cabaret' sans magic, mr. cowell. And I fell asleep during his performance on the Great American Songbook week, no surprises there
    Another undeserving one who hasn't been in the bottom three is blond, and i DO mean blond Kellie Pickler. ooh.. totally out of tune Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered..Play the cute card all the time, grating on my nerves..ALWAYS apologise to Simon..

    Right, Ace didn't deserve to go based on his performance, which was one of his strongest, [mum the ace fan said its coz of his hair LOL] but too bad he had all the previous weeks mediocre performances piled up onto him already.
    and why oh why is Paris in bottom three again??? racial discrimination!

    rant over.

    P.s Katherine is so lovely..... i have McPheever.. not really, i just have a fever. Really.
    Wednesday, April 19, 2006
    Title : Review: Lucky Number Slevin
    Time : 11:14 pm

    Earworm: Free Loop~~Daniel Powter

    Ok so I missed the first 5 minutes of the show but I still don't really get why they needed to kill Max's family. "To be made an example" was the reason cited, mob culture? Ok, unfamiliar territory for me. The movie was reasonably fast paced with some witty dialogue, although Josh Hartnett's wisecracks is a little too much. and not a Bond fan to appreciate the playful banter between him and Lucy Liu about who's the best Bond. A case of mistaken identity, and Slevin is caught between a dangerous game played by rival crimelords. I saw who Slevin really was a mile away, but the ending was pretty good still. One more thing, I don't understand why when a film is rated 18 above, there will still be censored bits. In particular I noticed a sex scene (I surmised as much from later dialogue) was entirely cut out. And I hear news that gory deaths in slasher flicks say Final Destination 3 were untouched in their full bloody glory. There IS more tolerance towards violence here than sex. Oh i forgot, love is in the process of being banned in the country. Read
    Marina Mahathir's Musings.

    Oh and when I was driving home, got horned at for not switching on headlights. *knocks self on the head*
    Tuesday, April 18, 2006
    Title : Define indecency
    Time : 12:43 pm

    The Star Online > Nation
    Tuesday April 18, 2006
    Stop spying, urges Ong
    LUMUT: Local authorities should stop sending their enforcement officers to spy on courting couples, unless there are excessive indecent acts such as stripping.
    Housing and Local Government Minister Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting said the local authorities also should not have their own interpretations on what constituted indecent acts.
    "We don't want local authorities to have their own interpretations and arrest couples who are seen holding hands or putting hands on each other's shoulders.
    "That is not your priority. If a person is found naked in public areas, then they can do something about it, as such an act is intolerable and seriously immoral," he said.
    Ong was addressing the issue of whether hugging and kissing constituted indecent behaviour at the National Municipal Council Conference held at Swiss-Garden Resort and Spa Damai Laut here yesterday.
    He said the matter was of grave concern to the public and the Government.
    If local authorities were to interpret the park bylaws differently, it would send the wrong message to the outside world, he said.
    "Some may say that they cannot have couples holding hands or husband and wife hugging each other.
    "If a council head backs such unpopular acts, then you become controversial," he added.
    The Housing and Local Government Ministry, Ong said, would discuss the definition with other agencies such as the Tourism Ministry and the Women, Family and Community Development Ministry before submitting it to the Cabinet for decision, after which it will further be endorsed by the National Council of Local Governments.
    On April 4, the Federal Court ruled that the KL City Hall had the authority to enact bylaws to prosecute people for indecent public behaviour.
    The Federal Court made this decision when hearing the appeal by two university students who challenged the power of local authorities to enact such bylaws under the Local Government Act 1976 after they were summoned for allegedly behaving indecently at the KLCC Park in 2003.
    However, the court also ruled that it would be up to the magistrate hearing the case to decide if hugging and kissing constituted indecent behaviour.
    The case is still pending.
    Following the Federal Court ruling, several parties including the Bar Council and the Human Rights Commission of Malaysia (Suhakam) wanted the authorities to come up with a clear definition of indecency if there was to be legislation on it.

    As usual, this trivial pursuit on morality laws will make us the laughing stock of the world. Now why don't they look at Panjang for example? There are other more pressing matters to attend to!
    Monday, April 17, 2006
    Title : scam alert
    Time : 2:30 am

    Earworm: Work It~~Missy Elliot

    Ok there I was innocently/naively looking for a job. I even looked at The Sun, and chanced upon a part time home typist job. now Im not even looking for big bucks to earn, just looking for something to fill my time up, so i emailed hk99@pd.jaring.my and got this identical email as seen in this site http://www.flimflam.com/MLM.htm
    Sounds too good to be true, and got my spidey sense tingling, to borrow a phrase from the webslinger, so checked on the Internet and found this forum

    "I am victim of this scam. u have to pay RM380 (USD100) and he promises to give some training and materials to start the job but its a whole big scam. The email database he provides is not valid. Every email you send to the addresses listed in the database is returned invalid.

    He will not entertain you on the phone, especially if you ask about money or payment. He will say he can't hear you but he could hear you very well when you introduce yourself earlier in the call.

    Bottomline is DO NOT JOIN THIS SCAM. You will lose the money. I lost it, so I want to warn others who might get taken in by his convincing email.

    I am quite angry at this piece of **** called Dr LIM HENG KIAP as he cheated me out of RM380. Anyway, its a lesson learnt.

    So whatever you do, PLEASE STAY AWAY From DR LIM HENG KIAP. He is a fraud and cheat."

    yep, US$100 deposit involved.
    felt a bit stupid for actually emailing the spin doctor in the first place.(two weeks ago) like all the other ads in The Sun aren't a bit dubious..eg: easyincome2u.com, earn $1000/week, get rich quick schemes

    But now he's advertising in The Star! which to me seem a bit more credible but I guess they don't really check since the advertising money's there. anyhow, watch out for this scam.
    Wednesday, April 12, 2006
    Title : Genting
    Time : 11:53 pm

    Earworm: Dare~~Gorillaz

    started out bright and early, hopped on the musty 8am bus.

    yay i like this pic taken on the genting skyway

    ooh we're not in genting anymore.

    first ride, the spinner, tot this was an artsy shot. [er, maybe if u take away the marry brown sign, just mars the whole pic!] wanted to take pics when we were swinging *sugar we're goin down swingin'* but argh getting dizzy...and scared camera will slip off and crash into oblivion.

    he looks like such a hyper lil kid on the toboggan =p

    on the cyclone. WHOO! self-proclaimed M'sia's first roller coaster

    min height is 153cm. the malay lady at the counter actually asked me to ukur tinggi, which i honestly couldnt make out what she was saying at first so i was like huh-ing away, and i wasn't aware it was 153cm! then she said tak pe la. walao, wondering why got height restriction then lh said so legs can reach the pedals. then i was praying mine can touch or not so maluating. then there was this bengish guy in front typin his name on the computerised form, his name was TAN ENG...GOOI omg.. long lost bro.
    ok see how my legs are stretched out totally, unlike others who had to bend their legs.

    thats me the thrill seeker, facing forward, far left. with the arms thrown out. Space shot was real fun, milder, less dizzying version of reverse bungee

    after this it started to drizzle so the Corkscrew had to close off when we were lining up.

    but still got to ride on it after

    posing in the vintage car while waiting for rain to stop.

    darling is too lazy to go look for bathroom.

    act cute in lifejacket

    bumper boat full speed ahead!

    got kinda wet on the flume ride. eek. soggy jeans are NOT comfortable.

    down the cable car, cutting it a bit close..reached around 5.35pm.. missed the 5.30pm bus.. dang! for once msian drivers are on time.. luckily got space on the 6.00pm bus. reached KL sentral before 7pm.. got a bit bus-sick so not really hungry. ate at ayamas in the end. made a scary observation that the patrons there are a bit chubby/plus-sized. =/

    Monday, April 10, 2006
    Title : cheap thrill
    Time : 11:52 am

    Earworm: Be Yourself~~Audioslave

    Warning: watch only if you're totally bored

    Cheap thrill over fizzling dental solution to get rid of plaque on my retainer. Hope no one mistakes it for sirap bandung. Non-drinkable!

    This is a sign i need to get a job. Can't get no tuiton job since going off in three months time! and i just spent 10 minutes on the phone with a tuition agency giving my details.
    Friday, April 07, 2006
    Title : What has the world come to??
    Time : 2:48 pm

    Earworm: Geek in the Pink~~Jason Mraz

    taken from Yahoo! News..

    Indian director hopes to cast Paris Hilton as Mother Teresa
    Mon Apr 3, 9:56 AM ET

    An Indian movie director said he hopes to persuade Paris Hilton to play the role of Nobel laureate and prospective Catholic Saint, Mother Teresa, in an upcoming film.
    "Her features resemble Mother Teresa," director T. Rajeevnath told AFP from the southwestern coastal state of Kerala.
    The filmmaker said Hilton is on his shortlist after a computer-generated image showed a close facial match between the hotel heiress and the Albanian-born nun.
    Mother Teresa, who died in 1997, worked among the poor in the teeming slums of Kolkata, formerly Calcutta, with the Missionaries of Charity. She was beatified by Pope John Paul in 2003, a significant step on the road to sainthood in the Catholic church.
    "A meeting with Paris Hilton is scheduled for the end of April," Rajeevnath said.
    The 54-year-old director is well-known in India for his Malayalam-language films, including "Janani" (Mother) -- the story of seven nuns who care for an abandoned baby, which won a national award.
    Hilton's prior movie experience includes appearing in a home-made sex video made by a former boyfriend that appeared on the Internet, and parts in several Hollywood B-films.
    The blond socialite, who is often the focus of US celebrity gossip columns, also starred in the US reality television show "The Simple Life".

    Do u see the resemblance???

    oh please, anyone but that bimbo...

    That's ,like, so hot
    Thursday, April 06, 2006
    Title : I've learnt that...
    Time : 3:06 pm

    ...fans don't necessarily chop off your fingers. as demonstrated by 1.72m Kev when he stretched in my study room. Heard a dull thunk and expected myself to be splattered by blood as a severed finger flung across the room. OK, being too melodramatic. It's just damn painful. As my sister said, this is a house for short people, so all those taller than 1.7m, beware...