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    Wednesday, July 25, 2007
    Title : Hell's Kitchen
    Time : 1:55 am

    I just recently started watching this reality TV series (I think its quite an old show though, 2005) which features Brit foul mouthed chef Gordon Ramsay to select an apprentice to be given his/her own restaurant. Just to see what abject humiliation participants are willing to subject themselves to. So far, 3 episodes after, he's shut down his restaurant 3 times! lol. i wonder how come it takes so long for the contestants to prepare meals though. let's see, 3 hours and the Blue team, with 5 people, came up with 7 dishes whereas the red team fared better, with 4 people since an idiot walked out on them, with 15 dishes. Oh my, but still, that averaged 5 dishes an hour. No wonder the previous episode the patrons sick of waiting go order pizza! LOL! It's a real side splitter this one, especially with comments like:
    Chef: Why isn't the water boiling? Did you top it up with cold water?
    Wendy: Yes. I thought cold water will boil faster than hot water.
    OMG Please don't throw the face of Chinese! Luckily she's fired.
    Sunday, July 22, 2007
    Title : The final tome
    Time : 11:59 pm

    Seeing that it was the last book of the heptology (?), it sparked a bout of previously dormant mania to go to The Curve Damansara at 4.30am. We had armed ourselves with the knowledge that the carpark was 24 hrs and that the mall will open at 6.45am. So now we wait.

    Our main purpose was to try to get one of the 7 free copies of The Deathly Hallows given away by The Sun. But alas, there were already 3 groups of people totalling 15 fans ahead of us at that unearthly hour. One wonders how long they had been waiting.

    So near yet so far.
    We had to deal with a sadistic security guard who probably just loved being in the position that he was IN the mall and the rest of us were stuck outside.
    And we eyed the people who came later than us but were crowded in front of the entrance already. There were 3 partitions, and the effing guard said he will only open the middle one. We were at the side. But we had already lost hope, there's the backup plan of Tesco's opposite anyway.
    When 6.45am came, and the shutters went up, people crawled under it and started running to Borders, which was still closed of course, since the book goes on sale at 7.01am

    The snaking line outside Borders pre 7am. There was this boy in a stroller, who was missing his left foot, standing in front of the bookstore too, he's featured in today's(Sunday) paper. An 'uncle' was trying to help him get ahead of the line but the former was told off by some people in the queue already. This auntie who was talking to us said, "the poor boy" and we nodded, yeah but said it was rather unfair to use handicap to get in front of the line, then she agreed with us, and went to pull the uncle away rather vehemently, which shocked us a little. We thought the uncle was related to the boy at first but turned out he just wanted to help, and the auntie was probably his wife, admonishing, "Dont bother". She sure changed her mind fast though, after we voiced our opinion.
    Having said that, I suppose it was unfair for him in the sense that people started charging before the shutters went fully up (which was what the security guard told us as the signal to head to Borders), since he can't possibly crouch through the shutters with his stroller.

    When Borders opened, their manager was shouting that the line formed was for purchase of book and the Sun contest was at the Information Counter, that inspired another mad stampede for it, especially people out of the line. My first reaction? I took the photo above, instead of rushing with the others. My mum laughed when I told her this and said I had the journalist instinct. Hah!

    What was disheartening was that there was absolutely no person to organise the lines and everything, and my heart went out to those who were rightfully in front of the mall entrance first, but were nowhere near the head of the line. However, a group of three brothers who were ahead of us managed to get 2 copies of the free book given out by The Sun. Selfish, eh.
    There was also this Malay man who shouted at the bookstore people for allowing the mad rush to happen, like "THIS IS THE KIND OF PUBLICITY YOU WANT FOR YOUR STORE IS IT?? I WANT TO COMPLAIN TO YOUR MANAGER" which ironically he was probably shouting at the manager herself.
    I was rather pleased at this man, but I suppose like Dharsh said, it was near impossible to organise mad kiasu people, since ropes were little barrier to them.

    Our consolation prize at Tesco's. I bought the kiddie cover one coz I thought it looked nice and colourful. =) Notice that the first four books, Harry's scar was skewed more to the left of his forehead but since the movie was the opposite, this book was more to his right instead. Then of course, there was the boycott by MPH, Popular and Times which I think is just silly, because they were against the price cut by Tesco's and Carrefour to Rm69.90 while they were selling it at RM109.90. C'mon, in UK it went as low as 5 pounds! I was rather surprised that inside the cover of the book the retail price was printed as 17.99 pounds though.

    So as of 9.50pm 21 July 2007, I finished reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.
    I enjoyed the throwbacks and references to adventures and minor details in previous books, and of course the final showdown, and lamented the deaths of some, but I didn't like the rather cliched ending, just the last chapter actually. That's all I'm going to say. Moment of silence for those who perished.
    Wednesday, July 18, 2007
    Title : triathlon
    Time : 12:40 am

    I jogged, rock climbed and swam in a grand total of three consecutive days!! Hehe good things come in threes.. You didn't think I could do all those in just a day right?? I have rather an addiction to rock climbing now though.
    Tuesday, July 17, 2007
    Title : Fear of electrostaticity
    Time : 4:43 pm

    Ooh I can't believe I forgot to blog about this horrid phobia when I wrote about Vegas. It so gripped me and resulted in paranoid actions around Vegas.
    1. My family members had to open doors for me, coz the handle is often metal.
    2. I used the arm of my jacket which was wrapped around my waist (you CANNOT be wearing sleeves in the Vegas heat!) to open the door.
    3. I was afraid of the locks on toilet doors
    4. I was afraid of opening hotel room doors too.
    5. Once I thought I should be rid of the fear and gingerly stuck a finger out to prod a door handle, AND i have been discharged just like 10 seconds ago then, and bloody hell I got zapped!

    This fear has been evolving since the road trip in Australia.

    And to think I used to be the girl who loved to place her head near a just-switched-off-TV-screen to feel my hair flying up. Or hear the crackle of electrostatic.
    Title : Day 8: San Francisco
    Time : 12:28 pm

    May 31, Thurs

    I've become rather lazy to blog heh

    Nevertheless, I shall persevere til this trip is done!

    San Fran was an amazingly beautiful city. There was just so much to see, and again too little time.

    The weather there was unbearably windy and cold most of the time, as cloudy skies hung over our heads since morning.

    The steep streets of San Fran. It's so recognisable in movies.

    Our first stop was Lombard Street, the world's most crooked street.

    And we walked all the way up... Saw a tram letting off a bunch of old geezers..

    Ah I wanted to go on the tram!

    Whose shoes got strung up there.

    Coming down Lombard Street.

    Trying to be 90 degrees to the street.

    Had a nice breakfast at the cafe below, and got sheperded to the Palace of Fine Arts

    Architecture of Panaman origin. The goddesses are faced inwards, crying for lost sons due to war, and their tears resulted in the lake beyond.

    I love reflections


    Pro dog walker! count them!

    Some of the carvings at Palace of Fine Arts

    It was the famous Golden Gate Bridge next!

    Artist impression of the beautiful scenery.

    The bridge looks senget here

    The skies turned so blue for our visit to Napa Valley

    I love this picture.

    The villa where we didn't have permission to go. But just act like dumb tourists and take pics anyway.

    We went to a less posh place for wine tasting and had sandwiches for lunch.

    Pseudo-arty shot. Nothing to do when people went wine tasting

    Pier 39 was a wonderful wharf, probably a bit of a tourist trap, but there were sooo many shops to see, and there were some buskers around, with the loud yapping of seals... we didn't have the luxury to walk around coz we opted for the cruise.

    I tried to get a shot where the words wasn't on backwards but the winds weren't in my favour

    The sunny skies betrayed the coldness that permeated.

    Pier 39, home to seals!

    These seals dont need a bronzer

    This sign was hilarious!
    We had some fish and chips at one of the shops here. But it wasnt as nice as the one in Hobart. Wrong shop maybe.

    Ice cream + Hot chocolate! YuMmy!

    Fruit stalls with amazingly big juicy looking fruits

    Lovely sweet cherries!

    Huge strawberries! Pity we didn't get to try any.

    Posing with the ship that'll take us near the golden gate bridge

    View of the city from the ship, isn't it charming that the buildings are so squat? It's coz they are often hit by earthquakes hence the buildings are short and wide. The only exception is that white slender tower sticking out there.


    Can't get a shot without so many people in the background. what to do? popular postcard shot

    Looking cool/cold?

    The many pictures of the Bridge combined in one. Note the cloudy skies.

    Alcatraz against sunny skies, what a contrast to Golden Gate Bridge. You can even see San Fran city in the background. What torment it must've been for the prisoners then, so near yet so far!

    I've stopped my obsession with gulls this trip, this was taken by mum
    After the cruise, we opted for the additional tour which would take us to City Hall, some hill to have an aerial view of the city, and to the city of Castro.

    Outside City Hall

    Acting cute

    The one embellished with 24Karat gold

    A monument just outside City Hall, which oddly enough attracted quite a number of hobos, can see one at the bottom right corner of this shot. Didn't dare to take close-up in case a hobo beat me up!

    My sis' expression just look so funny here somewhat. Again, freezing like anything, I could hardly stand 5 mins outside to look at the skyline.

    On the streets of Castro, home to a significant gay population. I dunno why the tour guide was sooo excited over seeing two men kiss and announcing amongst giggles to the passengers who missed it. ah well, guess she hasn't seen brokeback

    Golden Gate bridge at night. Absolutely freezing when I took this picture

    The lesser known sister, Bay Bridge but no less important as it ferries 10,000 motorists across its lanes a day compared to the glamorous Golden Gate Bridge's 3,000.