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    Saturday, September 20, 2008
    Title : A test, a movie and two clubs
    Time : 4:51 am

    Bleh freaking test..at least it's the last of CAs til after the mid sem break! Whew!

    Watched No Country for Old Men after returning to hall, courtesy of LH.. was the correct movie this time coz I asked him to download There Will Be Blood, thinking that the movie was about a psychopathic killer who goes after this guy who found millions in a desert. Yeap, that was the former and the latter was actually about an oilman and his hatred for competition with some religious themes in the form of an annoying 'false prophet'.

    So No Country started off well enough, with a lot of suspense, and I do love Tommy Lee Jones' lines.. Subtitles are a must, especially with that country drawl.. The killer is just kerrazzyy.. based on earlier reviews I thought he coin toss would come into play more often (like the schizo Two Face in Batman) but I think it was only mentioned twice in the movie. Of course, like most artsy fartsy Oscar nominated movies the ending wasn't a satisfactory one in my book coz I always like to see some kind of penance, especially when the villain isn't all that likeable (didn't have a flaw that would allow me to sympathise with the character)

    Final verdict would be worth a watch, but don't expect any kind of ending

    This was my second time going for Pharm bash, now quad fac rather than tri fac in year one (which I came so late I missed all the dances). It was alright although Zouk had a sucky selection of music after the crowd dispersed. At first some classmates wanted to go Phuture but luckily didn't in the end coz I thought it was so not worth it ($25 for entry to both Phuture and Zouk but we already paid $12 for bash tix) So we went to Double-O instead. Was quite impressed by the club coz there were two sections for dancing and a section with live band (though one on the ground floor like more gangsta/nigga hip hop dunno how else to describe) and the one on the first floor is just jam packed with a lot of people fishing but not in the terence way. Would have liked to stay and listen to some music but with clubbing type people so must club haha.

    And it's soooo nice to have someone drive you home after a hard night's clubbing =))
    Monday, September 08, 2008
    Title : RAWWWRR
    Time : 5:37 pm

    Grr I hate it when people call you like 20 mins before something is to be done and expect you to do it!!!!!!!!!!

    Friday, September 05, 2008
    Title : The Friday Blues
    Time : 9:15 pm

    Today, as it started out, was NOT a good day for me.

    I came in 10 minutes late to a lab that I did not enjoy

    The lab lasted from 9am to 2pm, partly coz of my general ineptitude and the inconsiderate behaviour of certain individuals

    I found out halfway that my menstruation cycle started and it stained my WHITE pants

    After lab I went back to hall, scrubbed my pants, cooked instant noodles and wolfed it down (my stomach was growling that badly), went to hall to check for documents, sent my notes for printing in Science co-op and before I had a chance to lie down, I had to go for exco meeting.

    But when I peered out of the stained windows of the shuttle bus, I caught a glimpse of blue sky, as blue as the amazing expanse in Europe

    and I felt alright again