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    Tuesday, January 30, 2007
    Title : Be gone, vermin!
    Time : 10:30 pm

    Earworm: Scars~~Papa ROACH

    AUGGHHHHHHHHH i can't believe i found a cockroach in my room for two consecutive days!
    yesterday, when i saw it, and it was freaking huge, then i freaked out naturally even though i killed one by myself last sem. i had to call LH for help even though he's afraid of cockroaches( i thought flying ones only ma) so he squashed the bug for me.(thanks!=) He blamed it on my room being too dusty and cluttered so cockroach like to hide there. and i was like then the cockroach go into each person's room to look see the conditions la.. whatever it is, i cleaned like mad. first time i mopped my floor in a long time (normally i borrow his vacuum cleaner ok!) and cleared most stuff on the floor except for my guitar, storage box and luggage bags.
    Today afternoon, i even changed my bedsheet and filed away notes lying around.
    after coming back from dance and WHAT DO I SEE?????

    Really cannot tahan! this time it was instant death for the roach. Went to take the bug spray and let it have the full blast. that's right go crawl to my luggage(EEEE...) and die!


    waste my night only doing additional cleaning and clearing of junk, even though they're stowed away in cupboards. and also sealing my door so the dratted insect cannot crawl in. i sure hope they don't fly in from my window. Paranoid already la. I'll have nightmares of cockroach nests!
    Thursday, January 25, 2007
    Title : Of the random
    Time : 7:05 pm

    Earworm: With a Little Help from my Friends~~The Beatles

    Just a random post that doesnt justify a title.
    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
    it's still rainy season in Singapore. that translates to more tendency to sleep in =p
    Went for some more IHG, volleyball was a rather lacklustre match on both sides. but not badminton guys. they rock! First was their win over KR in the semis. Hah take that! The Sea of Orange was particularly agitated over the lack of sportsmanship during IHG swimming. And whaddya know, IN their FACE as we trounced them for both basketball girls and badminton. Badminton semis was an exhilirating one. We edged them out 3-2. Badminton finals was another display of excellence (especially IVP jason...whooo!), although I had to forgo the 2nd doubles for dance. When I rushed back to KR MPSH, they were playing the 3rd set of the doubles. We were leading 2-1 with respect to other matches. Win this set, and we'll take the gold. We were trailing at first, then we caught up, and it was like 15 all, 16 all...til 19 all! So the gan jiong, even though I can't really see the play. And then, we WON!!! Did the hall anthem, which I was all out of coordination =p

    Been told during dance not to look so blur. WTH im born with a blur face!

    $$ issues circulating also. Someone even calculated expenses to prove we needn't collect so much money in the 2nd sem, funny things added in the accounts.. embezzlement?? Haih..

    Secured Hilton sponsorship for cookies for VC CNY event. So im happy about that. Got Holiday Inn to be main sponsor for lunch but details still need to be ironed out. HI graciously got back to me quite fast, which Im sooo thankful for, especially after the Xmas event which I was turned down by so many sponsors. But couldn't help feeling a bit 'but Hilton leh' when their Marketing guy called me. Now wish me luck for finding sponsors to furnish Sunbeam children home.

    Got back last week's Pharmacy Practice lab results. A+ whoop! With a lee-tle help from my senior of course.. =p
    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
    Exhibit A: Acetylsalicylic acid and Caffeine powders

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
    Exhibit B: Charcoal Powder

    We get to keep our medication. Wonder whether they work though.
    Made Diazepam 5mg capsules and Charcoal 75mg capsules today. Filling the capsules to weigh 200mg is a killer! Curses! I jammed the head down too much til it cracked, I hit the body to compact the powder til it's dented. Violence is no good for filling capsules. And all the black charcoal streaks we left. I need to take Diazepam, anxiolytic.
    Title : Of politics
    Time : 6:58 pm

    Earworm: Tearing up my heart~~N'sync

    A poster torn and defaced.
    A calendar ripped from the wall.
    And then there were two.

    Another poster slashed today.
    Retaliation? Set up?
    Childish malice

    Abhor politics of all kind.
    Wednesday, January 17, 2007
    Title : Of scandals
    Time : 8:06 pm

    Earworm: London Bridge~~Fergie

    There were hysterical screams outside. Snatches of accusations hurled at a neighbour. Apparently the tirade of a girlfriend who was cheated on.
    I definitely don't know the circumstances but first thought was that when it's the guy who's two-timing, the 'original' girlfriend will hurl vulgarities on the 'other woman' instead of the guy. I mean, even though the 'other woman' was coming on to your guy, it's up to your guy to resist the seduction isn't it? I suppose that it's easier hating a stranger(if you're lucky) than to hating someone you once loved.
    This incident reminded me of another scandal last month, not naming any names but intoxication can make people get carried away. but playing with fire when they're sober?
    So I'm not going to get off my high horse. How can you ever cheat on someone you love(d)? At least have the decency to break it off first. But then again, is it considered 'cheating' when you start to have feelings for someone else when you're in a relationship, but you keep feelings as that, as a phase that will pass and not act upon your urges.
    Whatever it is, love is not a game. It is a commitment. Does that sound so unromantic? Where's all the lovey-dovey, blissful expressions like love makes one's heart sing, love takes one's breath away, love makes the world go round...
    Love can be all that... if you commit to it... surely you'll have to work at it, compromise being a keyword..
    if you can sail through love effortless, everyday a new romance, a honeymoon, never have any nitty gritty arguments, well, won't everyone wish to be like you?
    Thursday, January 11, 2007
    Title : Of the first week
    Time : 4:53 pm

    Earworm: Grey's Anatomy soundtrack

    The first week of attending lectures has ended for me.
    What I'm doing this sem

    LSM1401- Biochemistry
    Dr Seow seems like a nice guy. It's not that bad. Yet. Oh except for his IT skills

    PR1103- Pharmacy Practice I
    The lecturer is kinda chirpy i had to admit, but i don't know why i keep falling asleep during her lectures! i think it has to do with the 10-12 timeslot. before and after lunch time are the best times for dozing. She sprang(sprung?) a general knowledge quiz about healthcare environment in Singapore which I don't know much about, ah well, always more to learn right? And sorta scared us by saying a typo in labelling medicine can lend us a ZERO in lab report grading. oh, no pressure there!

    Py1106- Physiology II
    AP Lee Chee Wee is obsessed about losing weight! haha.. i don't mind his lectures except he didnt provide slides for the both of them and today when nearly finishing GIT he said he'll upload the slides on IVLE to lecture-wide groans and complaints as we spent probably 20 pages copying notes. Well, i suppose i wouldnt like to take down notes every lecture but really some people need to be weaned off spoonfeeding. and complaining. I was trying my hardest to concentrate and some people just keep whining about how he didn't give us a break (which inwardly i was cursing since i was getting overwhelmed). like it's not enough already to take in the mucins, gastrins, ulcers without having to hear him over the complaints. This is really why I hate some of the pharmacy students. sure, you're smart already so smart that you want to impair other people's concentration. inconsiderate idiots. i don't see why someone at the age of university can't understand something as simple as keeping their mouth shut during lecture.

    SSA1201- Singapore Society
    This is sorta chosen by default as I would probably have preferred to do SSA1202 but it clashed with Sociology of Food-which in the end, i didnt get it coz the min bid point was too freaking high! Anyway I heard from a senior that the lecturer is interesting... well, maybe in a slow, sarcastic manner. we'll see how this progresses. but the forum is showing rapid progress with sociology nuts spewing out essays with 5 paragraphs. Another friend told me SS modules tend to have reams of readings to be done. Good luck to me!

    SC1101E- Making Sense of Society
    LT7A tucked all the way in the far side of Engineering faculty. helped me and teresa discover Olive Cove near there though. Well, the first lecture was kinda slow and the lecturer reminded me of Mr Wil-son from Dennis the Menace. =/ Teresa wasn't very happy about the no 'smoking' (unlike GP) warning from the lecturer though. Dang! And there'll be tons of readings and videos to be viewed in our own 'leisure'. Arts module.

    Now all that's left to do for this week will be balloting for tutorials. which i hope all goes well tomorrow.
    Title : Of TV binging
    Time : 4:44 pm

    Earworm: Chasing Cars~~Snow Patrol

    I did it! Finished Season 1 and 2 of Grey's Anatomy in a week.

    Thursday, January 04, 2007
    Title : Of the New
    Time : 5:21 pm

    Earworm: The Beautiful Letdown~~Switchfoot
    Happy New Year! I'm going to be voting age this year. And I'm not making any new year resolutions.
    Coming back to Singapore means spending money like the Kallang River...
    But anyhow, its the company that matters.. regardless of how much one spends. *pats empty pocket*

    Rainy weather didnt deter us from going out. Although we gave Bugis a miss, Vivocity was our next target for convenience. I had dinner at Kim Gary with Niths and Yen then we caught The Holiday. The seats were not good mind you, luckily the movie proved otherwise. Jack Black was surprisingly convincing as a romantic lead who still retained his comedic streak. Kate Winslet provided the emotional anchor. Jude Law was a charming weepah and Cameron Diaz was bimbotically funny. Nice light hearted show about love and relationships.

    At vivo again with my darling. Had dinner at Jia Xiang Sarawak Kolo Mee Restaurant. Not bad la that place. Tasty food, small portion though.

    the harbourfront xmas tree with lessening teddy bears.

    then there was the photo outing to Arab St where I found out harga seekor kambing for korban hari raya haji was $270. Expensive? I dunno, Photoboss said he wanna keep it as pet =/
    After lugging around the DSLR for hours, felt spent. But had a class dinner at Fish and Co glass house to attend. Bought a skirt from This Fashion while milling around Dhoby Ghaut. Couldn't resist!
    As expected ppl will be late. Dinner order started only at 8pm?? and the predetermined meetup time was 6pm. My Coriander Catch wasn't nice =/ had chopped chinese parsley in it. YQ gave us all vampire friendly stuff in vials. =p

    against backdrop of Jodi Picoult's My Sister's Keeper.

    After that was a movie trip to the new Cathay cinema to catch Blood Diamond. A heart wrenching portrayal of senseless killings and innocent children made gunmen. I liked Jennifer Connely's character though. Leo's didnt do the same for me. I thought Djimon Honsou was a bit overacting? Or was it supposed to be the correct emotions for the show? Blood diamonds and social issues surrounding them are obviously not my expertise so I can't be the judge. I liked the ending (closing line) where not everything is nicely wrapped up.

    The first earthquake which i resisted. I didn't to the second one at Earle Swensens.(more high class versh of Swensen's. Try the sinful mussels for appetisers!)

    New Year's Eve

    Marina Square with YH and Jol. Jol is still the same ole anything can say joker. haha.Lioness! YH is as black as ever.=)

    Waiting for the fireworks that never happened. Ah well. Yh is delighted at the Heineken though =p There's the Swedish Ship at the Promenade that blasted our eardrums off.
    Later at Newton Circus I cannot eat the damn spicy ikan bakar (which I didn't know alluded to stingray til then!)

    Next morning still more eating to come at Red Star Dim Sum restaurant. Lovely char siew pau and prawn stuff. And the egg tarts. Scorchingly brilliant!
    And the get lost at Geylang episode. Idiotic!

    Photo duty at Male Hockey. The sun is not good for my complexion! But (boast) I got some pretty good shots I must say.haha maybe only coz i took perhaps 300 shots. More than enough!

    My dabble with photoshop

    Night movie of the forewarned draggy Death Note 2. Cabs have become our main transport =/ 2 and a half hours of... derisive snorts at Misa and still not amused by L's sweet fetish (but I love the mask) Good ending. At least he died short and sweet.