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    Monday, April 30, 2007
    Title : At last
    Time : 11:40 pm

    Earworm: Alfie~~Lily Allen

    OMFG. That @#$ song was stuck in my head during my last paper which was a frikkin open book exam.
    ooohh dearry meeeee
    *flips book in search for answers but in vain*
    smoking weeeeeed
    *knocks head to be rid of earworm*
    there's no need to swear

    tres terrible

    When it was done, a sigh of relief was in order. And I messaged my mum to update her.

    "Yr 1 officially over! Cu soon"

    I was a bit stunned by her reply coz I was so caught up in studies that I didnt realise that it's the end of my first year in pharmacy. I guess it's time to reflect on what I've learnt so far in university. Unfortunately I can't say studies have been a learning point for me because the NUS system means when a module is done you can just throw away the notes since each semester tests on a different module all together, even when it's a continuation module like Physiology 2. Perhaps pharmacy core modules would be slightly different and we can build upon the knowledge we've gained earlier, it's quite early to say otherwise.

    As for co-curricular learning, I can't say I've mixed much with pharmacy coursemates, except for the rag performance, mainly they're just hi-bye people since nearly everyone has built their own clique either from orientation, nationalities or places of residence.

    So what have I learnt? The only sphere of my life left is hall.
    I've learnt that some people are just so dedicated to hall life that it's admirable, but even more so for those who can maintain high CAPs. It's easy for me to put off academic work for the hall work i have to do (though it's not that much), procrastination is something I have not learnt to overcome.
    I've learnt how nice it is to have someone to call you for mealtimes, a group of companions to depend on. Maybe 'rediscovered' is the better word for 'learnt' since previous two years in Dunman have given me the pleasure as well. But I've also learnt to let go, for these seemingly close friendships have become tenuous in university. Like one of my friends said, "As long as you know they're there for you when you need them, even if they're not physically there."
    I've learnt how politics can make or break you. I never liked politics, wordly or personal. Perhaps it's good to be aware of what's going on around you, the secrets underlying the seemingly calm stream of life. But it doesn't feel good.
    I'm still learning how to take criticisms well. Dance had coaxed me out of my shell a little, but more is to be learnt. I'm still learning to learn fast. Some people can just get choreography in a snap. The less talented like me will just have to work harder at it.
    Saturday, April 28, 2007
    Title : Frayed
    Time : 4:52 pm

    Earworm: How to Save a Life~~ The Fray

    I'm just hooked on this video, the song was a grower, but the video is just amazing emotional stuff.

    Apparently it's in the OST for Grey's Anatomy. *I thought it sounded familiar but didn't realise it* Currently at episode 20 season 3 of Grey's. I realise how terrible I am at placing people on pedestals and hating them when they fall. when they make human mistakes. I wonder does this translate to my expectations to people in real life?

    Also the title of the song made me think of being in the healthcare industry. I don't know why but since young I had this vehemence against becoming a doctor. Maybe it's because I didn't want to just follow the path set out by my parents, or how everyone expects me to become a doctor. It seems like a shallow reason. But perhaps the deeper part is that I am commitment phobic. And passionless at the time.
    My parents said,
    "You really have to have the passion for medicine otherwise you'll burn out in med school."
    I thought, it's too hard. Now come to think of it, the things you work hard for are really worth it at the end of the day. I'm still searching for my passion, and sometimes you just have to find it in the things you do, you have to learn to have that passion.

    Now come to think of it, I wonder why I didn't choose to study medicine. I think it's the Grey's Anatomy and Physio professors influence

    I'll miss Physio lectures and tutorials.

    But I want to live my life without regrets. Before, I rationalised that doing pharmacy will allow me to be altruistic and yet have a more balanced lifestyle, and this I shall strive towards.
    Title : Visual DNA
    Time : 4:25 pm

    create your own visual style, let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others- orson welles
    Thursday, April 26, 2007
    Title : Insomnia
    Time : 10:22 pm

    Sleepless nights have got me bad
    The only dream I ever had...

    Since Monday I seem to be having insomnia. I never really had trouble with sleeping. It was my sister who was the insomniac. And the somnambulist. Weird combination huh? She used to refrain from sleeping afternoon naps for fear of not being able to sleep at night.

    Monday I was real drained from two papers and fell asleep from 9pm to 1130pm. Then went to bathe and reward myself with an episode of Grey's Anatomy. Or two. =p But lying in bed, I couldn't get myself to sleep. Trying to concentrate on the darkness behind closed lids. But my eyes sprang open. So another episode of Grey's and listless surfing at 4am later, I was still sleepless.

    On Tuesday I was so tired in the morning having screwed up my sleep cycle. When night came, I tried doing physio MCQ to make myself sleepy. It always worked! Not this time. Slept about 430am. I think its a self fulfilling prophecy. When I can't sleep, I think of not being able to sleep, I become scared of not being able to fall asleep, so I can't sleep. Vicious cycle.

    Wednesday. The day before Physio test. I was rushing through my notes but surprisingly my eyes showed no signs of letting up til 23oam. Lying in bed in the darkness, luckily I forced myself to sleep.

    And we sleep all, sleep all day, sleep all, we sleep all day over again
    Tuesday, April 24, 2007
    Title : 2 down
    Time : 12:32 am

    Earworm: SIL sounds

    SC1101E 9am
    bloody hell I didnt have enough time to finish my last essay... boo! I was halfway thru discussing single parenthood when the examiner said stop writing or you'll be considered cheating! I covertly wrote 'cohabitation' and 'family functional, definitions change'. Sigh, I wonder if the marker will get it. And I realised I got the control theory mixed up with conflict theory =( Too much time spent on religion.
    Note: I DID NOT use vis-a-vis in any essays

    Ate at Munchie Monkeys for lunch. Their pasta is overpriced and didn't taste so good. Is Chicken Fettucine supposed to have sour chicken? I don't know what they used to marinate but it's weird. I prefer the Arts Canteen's carbonara, and it's about 3 times cheaper too.

    SSA1201A 5pm
    was really bored from waiting for imminent doom at YIH. hahaha.. Luckily I didnt go back hall or I'd be caught in the raging downpour.
    Surprisingly time management was much better even though I spent 50 minutes on multiracialism. On the contrary, religion wasnt very well developed in this one. I don't know why. but I couldnt come up with more points for the rationalisation of religion.
    Note: I DID NOT use vis-a-vis in my essays. Ah well, so much for sounding pretentious.

    It was a relief to have finished two papers. Looking back, I'm glad I took sociology modules as it helped broadened my mind to what's going on around the world. (or what went on since I am still not in the habit of reading current news) I learnt how social structures can impose constraints on the individual and sociology is all about learning beyond the individual. I learnt how the highly trumpeted ideals of meritocracy have a hidden flaw in them. I have a slightly better understanding of Singapore society, although I was a bit sick of reading the unintended consequences of multiracialism, CMIO, pro/antinatal policies and the like.
    Oh and I learnt a new metaphor in one of my readings: The Scylla of McWorld and the Charybdis of Jihad. Sounds deep right? What's more, it's a greek analogy. I love greek myths.
    Saturday, April 21, 2007
    Title : Mugging (trying)
    Time : 4:46 pm

    The day seems to have passed quickly and the Internet had been an unhealthy addiction. No wonder my nerd score is so low
    I am nerdier than 40% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!
    Title : Readings readings and more readings
    Time : 12:36 pm

    Earworm: Home~~Chris Daughtry

    I'm tired of seeing the word vis-a-vis in my sociology and singapore studies readings. I swear, nearly every article I've come across has that word in it! It sounds oh so pretentious. Whatever, I might just use it for my essays.
    I feel a bit like a headless chicken swimming in an enourmous wave of information now. Looking at economist.com and yawningbread.org for relevant articles especially the latter for singapore context since the lecturer mentioned about using own examples. I hope I can be clear minded during the exams enough to write lucidly about what I've read so far. Right now, it's like a mish-mash of concepts and examples. I hope it doesnt come out like verbal diarrhoea.

    I had physical diarrhoea this morning too. Diarrhoea: when osmotically active solutes don't get reabsorbed from the colonic/intestinal lumen and hence retain water, leading to increased motility. hey, just applying what I learnt! Somehow I think learning about the Gastrointestinal Tract gives me diarrhoea tendencies. Like when I was studying for the CA last time. Yikes.
    Title : Bitchin'
    Time : 3:44 am

    Bitch ate cheesy fries in the library. What the hell? Offensive.
    Wednesday, April 18, 2007
    Title : Wish it were Sunday
    Time : 11:33 pm

    Earworm: Manic Monday~~ Bangles

    Bugis, Sunday

    Mission make Terence broke

    But first I have the mission of waking people up first, 3 of them mind you =p

    The Hans were already on their way (I always thought they'd make a cute couple haha)

    In the end we settled at Siam Kitchen before LH and Wendy died of hunger. (McD....cone....)

    Buffet lunch: $14.90++ ($2 for free-flow ice lemon tea)

    It was a 14 course meal. The items looked small enough but surprisingly we lasted only 2 rounds. wimps! Noteworthy items: Lemongrass chicken wing, Thai fishcake, Mutton, Chicken Satay and Green Curry. Pics with CK who whipped out his camera phone to the dismay of Terence who owns a dSLR

    Photocomm members who turned up: 8 (only mah)

    Total bill $158.00 *Thanks Terence!*

    Mission find kimono top

    Ooh I hate the throng of Bugis Street.

    Luckily I had Joc with me. She really knows how to navigate her way around. Unfortunately the shop I wanted to zero in on was CLOSED! So we had to search for a new kinda top. We scoured the stalls in an S-shape fashion and even went to the top but somehow the fashion changed into executive wear! There were so many satin collared shirts on sale. Finally found a wraparound top which was quite hard to put on (to the amusement of Amanda)

    Mission buy cake

    Settled by LH who bought a Crystal Jade fruit cake! Yum! Came with a price though.

    Ce-Le-Brate! Monday
    Wanted to bash Dina for not wanting to come back. Or only coz she had to return Terence his batteries! *sniff*
    Anyway, for her birthday card..idea by me. Done by Photoshop Wonderwoman Yen
    Witness the transformation

    Spot the difference! haha
    There's 4 in case you can't find =p

    Happy birthday Dina!
    Wednesday, April 11, 2007
    Title : Violin virtuoso
    Time : 8:33 pm

    here's to you sis! One day... =p
    Title : Of being judgmental
    Time : 7:09 pm

    Earworm: Blind~~Lifehouse

    Supper revealed a particularly scandalous piece of gossip

    And I wonder how its like to be the one whose sordid details people chatter and whisper about

    Idle gossip gives you allowance to judge people. You think "How can so-and-so do this???Ohmygawd!"

    Some people say, who am I to judge, right? Judgement Day is when you get judged, not the other way round.

    But I think it's inevitable when it comes to judging others. Everyone has a perception of 'the other'. It just comes down to character whether that inherent perception affects your attitude and treatment of others.

    That was why I found it quite admirable that they were laughing and talking during dinner, just a day after what happened. She was wronged, it was cleared up, whether it left a permanent stain on his character in her perception, I don't know. But she did not show it in her interaction with him. And attitude towards others extend beyond face to face communication with the said other. She did not backstab him. That is quite remarkable character.

    Sometimes I find myself too judgmental, and I try to pull back. When I do, when I let others in, I find myself pleasantly surprised at the outcome.
    Saturday, April 07, 2007
    Title : Food, glorious food
    Time : 7:57 pm

    Earworm: Oliver !The Musical

    Seems like word about good food spreads around fast.
    So on Friday I went to Botak Jones with Jol, LH, CK, Jon and Karthik. *sorry if I didn't call anyone else, originally supposed to meet Jol only hehe*

    CK warned there will be a long line during dinner time, and he wasn't kidding! Jol, as expected, was late =p she reached at 8pm, we probably got a proper table like 15 minutes after that coz the place is freaking packed. Some more its in a kopitiam, reminded me of the chilli crab I ate at Ang Mo Kio

    And tummies rumbled as we sipped our drinks and chatted. The menu did warn us that good food takes quite some time to prepare. *rumble* *grumble*

    Ah but when it arrived...

    Medium well steak. Mmm.. nice.. just the right tenderness. And Im not normally a big fan of steak.

    We ordered 2 plates of this. It was really divine too. I found the chips ok only though.. too much spices.

    I wasn't that excited over the Cajun chicken. It tasted like the chips. Which was an insane amount.

    The Rosemary lamb came last. It didn't have a strong taste, but I thought the beef tasted better. Oh and I love the fish and chips!

    So there was my short and sweet review.

    This is what I call scary! Or pro-myocardial infarction hahaha

    Images from www.botakjones.com
    Wednesday, April 04, 2007
    Title : =DDD
    Time : 11:00 pm

    Earworm: Snow~~SH choir


    I hope it's not a fluke shot. Though I have some part of my mind telling me that =)

    Oh and I got A- for my Singapore Studies Research assignment. so happy for that too =)

    But of course, can't slack off... must.persevere.til.the.FINALS!

    6 sociology essays to be written on the same day. Whoa. 3 for each of the aforementioned modules.

    Oh and today someone complimented my top looks nice =) every girl is a bimbo at heart

    And I *might* be Photocomm chair. Have to clarify.

    Happiness for darling too. His SWC chair generously treated his committee members to Tony Roma's. WoW!
    Monday, April 02, 2007
    Title : on the first day of april...
    Time : 12:53 am

    Earworm: Steal My Sunshine~~Len

    Yay I didn't get april fooled!!!

    wait... aside from that little prompt to check my email at 1 or 2am by cheeks.. but i was already online so it was ok =p

    Ok i suppose with age, April's Fool holds less meaning already... Ah i still remember one elaborate planning during Dunman which DID NOT work out coz stupid guys cant wake up early.

    But still CK and I were 'childish' enough to play a prank on dear gmas =p

    Well you never know, it may be true one day heheheh