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    Thursday, June 16, 2005
    Title : Genting
    Time : 10:22 am

    Earworm: The Anthem~~ Good Charlotte
    Currently reading: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire~~J.K. Rowling

    11 jun
    drove up to Genting after lunch. nauseating journey up the winding roads. *pukes*
    saw a derelict building where we're supposed to stay. paint peeling, sign says Amber __urt. The letters C, O missing. ok... but room not so bad, at least got rather new CD player which my sis was tempted to steal.
    drove to First world Plaza after that. opened the window to let the cool mountain air in. shopped at BUMcity there. finally got the sling bag i wanted from tropicana life!

    12 jun
    had queasy stomach after breakfast. guess we'll have to give the outdoor theme park a miss. jol called to say she's homesick. poor girl. next thing i knew, she was at the bus stop waiting to go home the next day she called!!! back to genting, watched mr. and mrs. smith instead. highly entertaining movie. just got some loopholes like why the bad guys never wear bullet proof vests. as usual, the heroes can always dodge bullets so easily. also why do the assassins just blow up the Smiths' house? aren't they supposed to be covert? like the neighbours won't realise. but i'll give it a 3.5/5
    after the movie, wanted to try the new ride Flying Coaster but raining heavily outside. so milled around First world with the rest of the crowd who poured in from outside. tried to climb the rock wall there. failed to reach the top but quite fun anyways. i wanna go rockclimbing again! went for lunch at Only Mee. overpriced and not tasty. eek seaweed in my fishball noodles. soon the rain and mist cleared. paid RM10 per person for Flying Coaster. me and sis hanging there coz dunno why the machine stopped for a while. smelly ride. closed my eyes and screamed the whole way. turned upside down two times. was not as bad as expected. but got onto firm land groggily.
    walking into first world plaza again, suddenly saw a policeman waving at me to get out of the way. walking directly towards me was Tun Mahathir himself! excitedly i told my sis beside me but momentarily she couldnt see him coz he was blocked by a pillar. grinning stupidly, we waved at him and he waved back. haha.. my parents doesnt look too impressed and sis chided dad for not taking picture while she had my camera phone in her hand too. lol. he was heading towards where we came from so we wildly speculated that he's going on Flying Coaster. hahaha. Soon, was time for Oliver! which starts at 5.30pm. the kids were cute and talented. loved the original songs from the movie Food, glorious food, Where is love, Consider Yourself, You've gotta pick a pocket or two, I'll do anything. the new songs they added in didnt really register coz not familar with it. but still lovely nonetheless. trivia: Fagin is played by Ralph Jackman, brother of Hugh Jackman.
    when we got into the car after the musical, some bloody vandal stole dad's windscreen wipers! horrible.. it was drizzling some more, so he had to squint thru the thickening fog and rain. careful drving got us home safely.
    Thursday, June 09, 2005
    Title : updates...GOOD CHARLOTTE WOOOO!!!!
    Time : 10:15 pm

    Earworm: We Believe~~ Good Charlotte
    Currently reading: Flowers in the Attic ~~V.C. Andrews

    3 jun
    rushing for the LRT before door closed. sis said 'we can make it!' and made a dash for it. i was right behind her but the two doors slammed right into my shoulders. yeoowwch! doors bounced open and slid close again. dang, should have used my bag to wedge the door open not my body! now commuters staring at me like im some kinda idiot. met up with ex-roomie meihua in pyramid. oh and ck to pass him the maths tys [mugger!] she just finished her AS exams and got her face smashed into a birthday cake so went home to clean up, running a lil late. handed her a peeeenk plush bolster as her prezzie when she came. then we hit the shops! me bought tops, skirt and a Radioactive bag. couldnt find any shoes tho. and still want a sling bag. materialistic me. dinner was at stonegrill, this time with sis in tow. was scared of percikan minyak, cut my chicken piece at arms length! i need a spacesuit in the kitchen. after dinner, said our goodbyes. she's going to NZ for the hols!

    4 jun
    penang. sort of compensation for dad missing his aunt's bday celebration next week coz we've got tickets for Oliver! in Genting. whole extended family expected to be there including s'porean uncle and family. dad feeling a bit hometown-sick i guess. more shopping done at prangin and gurney plaza. had lovely dinner at chilili corner, nyonya restaurant. tom yam soup, sweet and sour tofu, green curry, kacang botol.. didnt order its specialty which is fish tho. the owner regaled us with tales of fishing and pointed out the pics of him with goodness knows how heavy fish that he caught. showed us an extension of the restaurant which had a whole menacing set of shark teeth hanging at the door. still sharp. apparently a shark has 30,000 teeth in its lifetime coz they keep falling off and growing back.

    6 jun
    OMGOMGOMG GOOD CHARLOTTE going to singapore on the 12th july! 8pm. tix at $69!!!!

    7 jun
    cock-a-doodle-do. thats what dad said when i asked him to crow like a rooster. mum wouldnt be tricked when i told her i don't know how a rooster crows like! anyways was mentally preparing myself to enter this call-in competition to win Rooster's self titled album. started calling sony/bmg at 6pm. surprisingly got thru round 6.04pm crowed stupidly with sis laughing in the corner but small price to pay coz i got the album! amazed at efficiency of sony-bmg coz got the cd two days later by poslaju. come get some!
    Wednesday, June 01, 2005
    Title : Home sweet home
    Time : 11:41 pm

    Earworm: coming home now~~ Boyzone

    totally cant concentrate during econs lecture! arrived late, plonked into the seat saved by my fren, and just stoned =p thinking bout GOING HOME --thats right not to the darned HOSTEL. ok, still have econs tut later and have to finish packing my stuff but STILL... anyways, lunch was at Banquet (fancy name but nah, just an air-conned(?)=p -conditioned food court in Parkway) econs tutorial was full of giggling among the girls. somehow we just couldnt settle down, busy discussing episodes of O.C. and comparing mrs. than to evil character julie cooper lolz. the EYES! mrs. than prettier tho ^.^ before 4pm, we're let free! called on SF to check whether she got her bus ticket yet. she sounded terrible, was in a clinic. met her at Novena Square with ck. she was thinking of bunking with me tonight but turned out her parents could fetch her. funnily didnt sleep at all during the whole trip. either ck a successful keep-awake companion (no caffeine needed!) or its coz of the irritating movies they were screening. first was XXX2 the next level. screen flashing with explosions, gunfire, violence. The next was some Steven Seagal vehicle with MORE violence. noise pollution. reached bangsar about 11.15pm. ck's family already there so he left first. met SF's mum later, she stayed with me til my family came =) home sweet home.