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    Thursday, December 28, 2006
    Title : of cold weather and coughing stints
    Time : 4:58 pm

    Earworm: Dance for Me~~Mary J Blige

    The post i blogged about Australia trip disappeared. So did my desire to blog about it. For now, at least. It'll be up soon!

    It's wet wet wet in Singapore. Perfect weather to be sick. Izzy and Phoe came down to see me today, as Iz had a sprained ankle to be checked and I sama-sama go to YIH for check up as cough and sore throat plague me...

    what I got at UHWC
    1. Seratiopeptidase Tablet 5mg
    enzyme to relieve my sore throat as the good doctor suspects it's viral infection, hence no antibiotics prescribed

    2. Procodin syrup- may cause drowsiness
    ugh. never really liked cough syrup. and i ordered licorice ice cream in Australia. (thats another story altogether)

    3. Trachisan Lozenges (I know this costs $2.00 as written in the medicine glass display)

    total drug cost: $3.20

    later Iz drove us to NTUC Clementi for me to stock up on food. Can't wait for catering service to start again

    what i got
    kaya rolls $0.95
    Myojo chicken abalone instant noodles(packet of 5) $1.50
    Marigold Pink Guava Juice $2.20
    Banana (11.86kg i think) $1.75 <<<(edit)argh.. its actually 1.168kg. mutant bananas!
    total cost: $6.40

    so nice to have people to drive me around =)
    Monday, December 25, 2006
    Title : Of Christmas
    Time : 3:03 pm

    Earworm: Christmas jingles

    "You looked like Christmas morning" Mr Smith to Mrs Smith

    Christmas morning was the waking up in the TV room from quarter-watched Return of the King, the aroma of freshly made French toasts, Sunday crosswords, and of course, gift-unwrapping!

    Mum is totally in love with penguins, I hope Dad likes the Evergreen CD compilation I bought, sis put on her mystical bling and me my dangling purple earrings(dubbed the most convenient gift ever!)

    And I saw this hilarious 12 days of Indian Christmas on Channel V. Enjoy

    I cant make out six --- graduates??
    Sunday, December 03, 2006
    Title : Missing us
    Time : 11:13 pm

    Earworm: Think of Me~~Phantom of the Opera

    When you hear the pattering rain
    And miss our warmth in vain
    Think of me
    But don't be drenched in misery

    When you feel the soothing breeze
    And miss the way, my hair, the wind would tease
    Think of me
    But don't be swept up in melancholy

    When you see couples sharing a tender moment
    And miss the sweet sensation
    Think of me
    But only relish the happy memories
    And wait patiently of our reunion

    I see traces of you around me
    Know that I will be thinking of you
    And missing you too

    Be happy, dear!
    Title : Of the good life
    Time : 9:49 pm

    Earworm: Wind It Up~~Gwen Stefani

    Ah I guess I'll happily pile on weight on holiday.. but then miraculously local mirrors make me look slimmer...yay!
    Left uncle's place before 7am,

    yet got caught in causeway jam for 45 minutes...

    finally the path is clear!

    Was really suffering from sleep deprivation since the day after exams finish just so keen to slack and didn't think of sleeping, oddly enough. and my biological clock seemed to be tuned to 9am!!!

    anyway, by noon, we drove into home sweet home... really excited to see my family again.. and get swept up in the warm happy feeling of being wanted and missed. =)
    Dinner was at Pantai, this new seafood restaurant near Kayu Ara. (6 hr drviving lecture anyone?) And the place is packed to the brim! Their aquariums have some interesting sea creatures.. i'll post them pics later..
    Food was good.. a healthy spread of prawns (one of mine fell to the floor =/), fried tofu+otakotak, assam fish, pork knuckles and lala.. which i darent take much. Ooh.. not forgetting chinese pancake and muachee for dessert.. yum=)

    Today was just going to one utama.. oh little pleasures of getting to drive there.. Bought a top from FOS. not enough time to shop since we went to watch Happy Feet! Now thats a movie worth your buck.. Surrounded by a sea of kids we were.. but we were the only ones laughing at most of the jokes.. seriously, i think its more of an adult movie what with recycling old song medleys(ok there was the odd 'Shake yout Bon Bon'), references to elvis and marilyn monroe, minor sexual innuendos(or was it just my mind =p) and they even managed to add in 'deep' issues like environment friendliness and blind religion.
    The amigo penguins really put those in Madagascar to shame! Their funny lines and antics are aplenty.. ooh and i loved Mrs Astracan(can) also..
    Cute penguins, pleasant songs, quirky characters, exciting chase scenes, amazing graphics and of course--happy tap dancing feet..

    Now excuse me while I go read up on Australia..woohoo =D