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    Thursday, November 30, 2006
    Title : Of the final spurt
    Time : 9:28 am

    Earworm: The Distance~~Evan and Jaron

    Today's my last paper....wheee... and the venue's less than 5 mins walk away...

    *I invoke the power of Sheares Hall*

    I shall wear my Sheares windbreaker. Superstitious much? Hey she provides the roof over my head. Why shouldn't she protect me from the threat of PPDA? =p

    It's not really been a marathon. I have one of the shortest exam periods and I'm grateful for that. But count the studying hours and it HAS been a marathon.
    The plodding pace when you feel that time is on your side,
    the panicked state when you realise you've fallen behind,
    the temporary relief when you pass yet another station
    the sustenance of momentum

    Which I really need now... for my final sprint to the finish.

    ^and then you realise the repetition is with you for the rest of your academic year. But we live by routines and repetition. It's the sense of familiarity that comforts us.

    Do I sound out of it when I said exams are comforting?

    Well, let's just say it's part and parcel of being in an educational institution. It's a certain predictability. Like why one bothers watching rom coms when we all know there'll be a happy ending? It's how we get to the ending. It's a stage of learning. And our abilities get tested.

    I'm really thankful physio was reformatted to be in MCQ form, where one has time to think how to apply what we learnt instead of cramping our hands regurgitating essays. Think about it, in real life, will you still need to write essays to survive? No, it's the choices you make. Therefore, all tests should be in MCQ. bwahahaha!


    Stamina, eh, stamina!
    Tuesday, November 28, 2006
    Title : Of random pictures
    Time : 4:11 pm

    Earworm: Single~~Natasha Bedingfield

    Pimples+dark rings+flab = physical effect of mugging
    Ok maybe mugging can't be blamed for the flab part. Oh oh bushy eyebrows then!

    Solitary confinement at the Medical Library
    Ooh~ a pretty butterfly.. thats the shape of the grey matter in the spinal cord. *GEEK!*
    Anyway anatomy is over. So is physical pharmacy. WOOT! it was the bane of my life! But it didn't stop me from watching So You Think You Can Dance 2 yesterday night.. my addiction... Now I need just need someone to tape it for me when Im away from Singapore. Any takers? =D
    Benji and Donyelle managed to make me laugh til I cried. Again. Their dance was just so touching!

    Donyelle & Benji - Viennese Waltz

    And she was dancing with a broken toe! A right soldier, that one. Ooh and skinny Benji.. i was being evil when I thought she didn't break anything of his. =p Seriously, I love them both!

    Speaking of toes, poor darling with his blackened toe from Hockey

    Anyhow, EVERYONE deserves some kind of happiness. I know this is random. But I have this handphone pouch to remind me everyday. Another random quote: Why is a handphone called a handphone? Don't you need a hand to pick up ALL phones?~JWP

    Happiness can be in the form of your favourite drink

    Or thinking you look decent and start camwhoring. =.=

    Ok, when you take pretty pictures *noble budding photographer*

    Or remember happy memories. Random. Don't laugh. I'm sure most of us miss the familiarity of Parkway.

    Saturday, November 25, 2006
    Title : Of premature slacking
    Time : 9:53 pm

    Earworm: Happy Endings~~All American Rejects

    2 down! 3 to go!

    I didn't mind two exams in a day when I chose my GEM. Yesterday, my former blockhead was complaining that 2 in a day will be damn tiring. If one had 3 *heaven forbid* one can actually apply for special request citing tiredness! o_O
    anyway... she was right. I was DRAINED.
    Anatomy LFY questions were killer! Gawd..
    And brainless! sobs
    I made up names of skeletal muscles. Haih I'm not an anatomist yet.

    Please please let me at least have a D!
    first image chosen to be analysed

    and i never watched a single episode of that. my points all over the place.

    2nd series of images: Tiger beer advertisements shot by Erwin Olaf.

    Looks interesting..Click on the images to enlarge. Magnify the hidden dangers surrounding the 'femme fatale'. Too bad I dunno how to link much to my notes. I went and crapped that tiger is a symbol for reality. gah. never mind!

    went to check out erwin olaf. he has some interesting ads. I use 'interesting' because I dont have any better words to describe them. To the untrained unartistic eye, I cant comment much.
    Notice his ads have this vivid yet surreal feel to them and are full of symbolism. Go check him out

    Now I feel compelled to slack! I had a damn exhausting day ok! yeah tell that to the examiners.

    Thursday, November 23, 2006
    Title : Of boredom induced syiokness
    Time : 9:17 pm

    Earworm: High~~Lighthouse Family

    There's nothing more satisfying than punching things.

    The force.

    The gratifying crunch.

    Punching holes, that is.

    The art of perforation.
    The cheap thrill of everyday banality.

    I just punched holes in the male reproductive system.
    Wednesday, November 22, 2006
    Title : Of believing in self
    Time : 2:54 pm

    Earworm: Believing~~The Calling

    I'm one (wo)man to make a difference
    I'm one soul all persistence
    In a dark world, just trying to make things right
    Choices we weren't given
    Any heroes, and our decision Is to stand up and fight for ourselves

    To be free
    Is all we want to be
    When everything seems so far out of reach
    But I know, no matter where we go
    I'll never stop believing in me

    Woke up bent and broken
    Just to find that fate has spoken
    And I call out I call out for change
    For every moment that remains
    For every sinking stone to find its place
    Long before they're washed away


    We've been waiting for too long
    We've been giving in to wrong
    And we've been broken to pieces one by one

    We're gonna know
    We're gonna know
    When the moment comes


    The lyrics seem to echo the state I'm in now.
    Impending ... Looming ... Awaiting ... Against time

    Raindrops flew to greet me
    But I shut them out
    Shut out their moist glory
    And wonder why I can't see the clouds
    Tuesday, November 21, 2006
    Title : Of little comfort
    Time : 7:44 pm

    Earworm: Sidewalks~~Story of the Year

    B/B+ for GEK project! A faint moonbeam shining through the gentle cascade of raindrops.
    I'm satisfied.
    If only my stomach ache and non-fever can go away too
    Sunday, November 12, 2006
    Title : Of a fetish
    Time : 10:08 pm

    Earworm: Dreaming in Red~~The Calling

    fetish (n): excessive or irrational devotion to some activity

    it's sucking away my time
    why do i allow it to
    i am disgusted over it
    i am curious how people can be fascinated by it
    it becomes the OBscene
    morbid fascination
    it draws me
    Title : Of mild bitterness
    Time : 9:49 pm

    Earworm: If Only~~The Calling

    Leadership is a catch-22 situation for me.
    Perhaps as unfair and naive as it was, I did expect a bit of preference.
    I hoped that my capability would be believed in.
    Maybe my personality doesn't accentuate it.
    I was so ready to commit.
    I understand. You asked me to.
    I understand. On my own too.
    I didn't appreciate though,
    the callousness I was let down with.
    You weren't aware.
    Perhaps it was just pettiness
    But it's not the first rejection.
    Thrice of similar commitments.
    Or the will to.
    But the wallflower blossoms too.
    Friday, November 10, 2006
    Title : Of motherly pampering
    Time : 10:14 pm

    Earworm: Safe in a Crazy World~~Corrine May

    I can't believe I woke up at 11.15am when I'm supposed to meet my mum in an hour's time in Marina Square!! Hopped onto bus 10 but had FC's nintendo to keep me company hoho.
    I made it in the end, at 12.40pm, after taking the long way through the underpass and Citylink and manoeuvering my way through the unfriendly maps of Marina Square.
    There she was, happy to see me as usual, and I her. =) But only for a brief lunch outing. She'd be going back later in the afternoon.
    She modelled her Singapore shawls for me. Extravagance. Lovely nonetheless.
    Coffee Club! I was famished. And wrongly ordered Iced Chocolate (rich like melted choc!) along with Slipper Lobster Linguini
    She complained about her white hair. Her hairstylist asked her if she highlighted it on purpose.
    My mum told me she didnt want to be like Indira Gandhi. I blankly looked at her and asked if there's any relation to the other Gandhi.
    After lunch we went around Marina Square and Suntec. She paid for my two new tops. =)I looked for discount signs ok!
    She revealed news about my sister. And I felt distant for not knowing. I gave her the penguin in a black bag. So she didnt have to fret about it being noticed during conference.

    and my sister won RM2000 for coming in 3rd place in a Sudoku competition. Holy mother of logic puzzles!!
    and her sms to my mum was-- a bit disappointed only got 3rd. but its 2k and trophy plus bragging rights(!!!)

    I feel a bit bad going back so early in December. I do miss my family.
    Thursday, November 09, 2006
    Title : Of parking
    Time : 7:44 pm

    Earworm: Night Drive~~The All American Rejects

    Cheeks sent me this. Test your parking skills HERE

    the first time i got perfect was 38.4s! So not achievable in real life lol...
    after lots of crashes and bangs trying to better my score. i ended up with a 30.2
    addictive... i miss my car!!!
    *ooh update @7.50pm>>17.0!*
    *another update @7.56pm>>if you meet the requirements you get to do front parking, but i got stuck at the part where you have to do front parking AND avoid a dog =P)
    my mum has been here since monday and i haven't gotten to see her! monday was my fault coz i said i wanted to study for today's test. tuesday she went out with her colleagues instead of me so we're even there. but tonight she has a banquet.. so not even anymore... and i only get to see her on friday for lunch! then she'll be going back. =( maybe its better. we're both busy so I don't feel obliged to go out with her if I have work. And at least she has her hands full with what to do. What with treats to No Signboard and Jumbo and catching up with friends around the world. Sounds fun.
    Tuesday, November 07, 2006
    Title : In tandem
    Time : 4:29 pm

    Earworm: Friday Night~~The Darkness

    The theme for this year's nite cycling: Go tandem

    looks like two orang cacat doesn't it? lol.. some more the shirt design is lacking the handlebar, unlike the banner in comm hall.

    haha we're both SINGLE!

    event delayed way past midnight since there was delay in transporting the tandem bikes.. one lorry can only take 8 bikes and they've been transporting since 4pm then the jam caught on. goodness!

    Wobbling around before the real gruelling event starts.

    props to the only girl-girl team in our group: Dina and Sandra!

    was quite a while before me and lh could find a bike that didnt have broken gear, non working brakes, unsynchronised pedals. And one with correct height of seats too!

    my camera's not very good. i tried to take the road while at the back of the tandem. since I don't have any control over the direction. It's just like hands free cycling. except when I have to grip it hard during unstable push off. The real challenge of tandem is regaining the momentum once you stop. and let me guarantee you, with speeding cabs zooming around at night, u better stop at every red light! The traffic is still there even throughout the wee hours of the night. Does the city never sleep?

    me and our bike. 1st pit stop at Labrador National Park. It's next to the sea. Can see distant lights of the port from here.

    nah we didnt visit underwater world

    one of my supposedly artistic shots of the streetlamp. i love the diffused glow though.

    After that was a challenging cycle upslope and through clarke quay. (my muscles are lactating! thats a Ms Ng joke)

    We passed Momo! This is a sucky pic i know. Around there me and lh with ian and joy got separated from the other group and actually we overshot where we were supposed to turn in. poor ic zibin had to zip around here and there to make sure everyone was there.

    Next destination: The Flies' Eyes. Durian. Whatever.
    obligatory group pic against the famous city skyline. which is taken by photocomm member so not with me obviously.
    i tried to take my own masterpiece using yen's camera. too far too little.

    the famous but expensive(but of course) restaurant

    am i the only one who is sad coz we're in such an unglam state?

    im one of those vagabonds sleeping by the river.
    by this time lh was very tired and irritable already. sorry dear that you have to do most of the work in front. sometimes the pedal gets ahead of me, and i end up being the backseat driver(or rather cyclist)

    by this time, lotsa ppl craving for food also. Geylang is where we'll get it.

    sigh another super unglam pic. had mee sua. wasn't the best i had but it'll do. their soya bean not bad.(for a non soya bean lover) or maybe i was thirsty. they had interesting looking fried carrot cake with egg. i wanted some yow char kuai but guess there was already enough oil on my face for ME to become the yow char lui.

    we also paid a visit to the singapore indoor stadium where i seem to feel more at home with the east. my group guessed the supper item prices correctly so won a S$15 voucher to be shared among 22 people. yayness. =/

    posed with yen and her super flirty partner at the bridge.

    then it was all the way to ECP! felt a slight stab of nostalgia when we cycled past DHSH. ouch my precious butt. by then me and lh had to half stand for every bump we came across.

    at long last, we reached! circa 7am.

    ah thats the little bend of tanjung(?) where our love began. =)

    i love how the sky looks so blue in the background.

    i'll leave you with 2 parting shots.though i realise shooting against the bright rays made the whole pic look dark. it still looks nice to me otherwise. i love reflections and sunrise.
    Monday, November 06, 2006
    Title : Of dance
    Time : 9:42 pm

    Earworm: Mas Que Nada~~Sergio Mendes

    Just finished watching So You Think You Can Dance 2 even though I should be studying. I can't help it. The show's addictive! And inspiring.
    Like I don't know why but my tear ducts were just stimulated after hearing Nigel's comment about Donyelle. She and Benji danced the Chacha which I thought was great, but not deserving of a standing ovation. I can't find the video on youtube! But anyways, Nigel was commenting on how Donyelle mentioned about weight problem, but that night up on stage, she was just so comfortable with her weight that she was the sexiest dancer ever. I have no idea why this moved me so much. I just felt so happy for her. Perhaps it's because I have put on weight recently and liking less and less of my appearance. Of course I won't use this as an excuse to say oh it's ok to get fat and slack off exercise. That's a whole other story.
    Main thing is I just wanted to write about how uplifting that felt. =)
    Friday, November 03, 2006
    Title : in retrospect
    Time : 8:21 pm

    Earworm: You and Me~~Lifehouse

    I do not know when the retro wave hit me, but I started enjoying music by Beach Boys, Beatles, The Who, Bee Gees even! I am so not up to date with current music, I don't even know what's on the top of the charts anymore. Believe me, I used to follow the Billboard religiously. Maybe this retro-ness reveals my inner desire to hold on to things past. My wistful gaze back at wonderful memories. My mind replaying events gone by, instead of foreseeing upcoming ones. My insistance in maintaining old bridges of friendships, that perhaps it traps me in a comfort zone instead of opening up to new ones. My falling back on relationships established in lieu of venturing to form new bonds. New bonds are there, but they are unstable. But if we continue to share, like how electrons are shared to form strong covalent bonds, I'm sure bonds will be stabilised. Geez. I'm going off on a tangent here...

    Or maybe my newfound fondness for old songs is just that it gives me a pleasant albeit a tugging yearning for days gone by. The happiness-tinged Beach Boys songs somehow induce me to relate carefreeness with old times, which is true in a way. And paradoxically, the happy songs will make me sad sometimes, but just an iota of pensiveness.

    Argh... I never knew there will be a day when I listen to songs I used to scoff at my parents for liking!

    In another reminiscence, today is our 14th-month anniversary(thats a contradiction by itself) 14th monthary then,

    and we are going to celebrate it by going for night cycling! Hopefully we'll survive the night and end up in ECP... where it all began =)
    Wednesday, November 01, 2006
    Title : Of scares
    Time : 9:01 pm

    Earworm: Scared~~A1

    When I first heard of Halloween's being discussed as a block event when I foolishly went for block comm interview, I thought "Wow, do we get to dress up and go trick or treating?" Always been a childish fantasy of mine...

    Then it turned out Block A and Block B are just turning part of the hall into a spookfest.

    I didnt help out due to lack of time. But they did a fantastic job! Especially those at the mirror area and the seminar room. Too bad I didnt bring my camera. Probably would've stunned a few ghoulies with the flash. I went with Nga and her guy friend. They screened Ju-On while we waited to be let in. And me the typical scaredy cat was already squeezing my ears shut then.

    Then came our turn. There were bodies strewn all over the mirror area. Their faces were painted white with blood, and blood was also smeared across the mirror, I can't remember what was written. I couldnt find CK either. Though he said we were looking at him. hmm.. unrecognisable? There was this girl with a real creepy stare and Nga went over to admire the work done. Til she cant stare anymore, I guess she had to blink, hence she curled up on the sofa and hid her face! =p The most eerie part of the room is because of the disturbing music of child like voices playing in the background, courtesy of Niths. and also the pathway is long, so you never know which of the corpses are going to suddenly grab you.
    Seminar room was worse because it was pitch dark. A ghost which we already identified still kept coming to grab us. and another girl kept smothering me with a soft toy, shrieking 'take away my baby!' aahhh... and somehow they didnt bother bout the guy much.

    when we finally disentangled from them, we were told to go to block A. It had the potential to be scary, especially since they could put ppl on the rooftop to lunge at you. But I guess it wasn't that scary coz the ghosts were the people we knew. The lift down to block B was plunged in darkness too. But the two girls inside didnt pull it off that successfully. Maybe because there was a guy before who probs came back to hall that used the lift. The white strips of plastic bags hanging down had blood streaked on them too. I was at the back so I kept looking behind and spotted a guy with white paint coming at us.. but I kept saying 'Hey there's a guy behind there' and i guess he thought it was not worth it to scare us anymore.. then ritchell burst out at us and locked us in the bathroom. Where Camy was being all shrieky and saying give me back my baby... Ok... after that we went to the block B lounge where I realised one TV was removed. Read this to find out why. I was quite spooked in the afternoon when I read the blog entry.
    We stayed in the lounge too long until the giy who's supposed to scare us under the table asked us to move along quicker coz there's another group coming...

    Next we were told to go to level 7 and a half. sounds harry potter-ish doesn't it? Platform 9 and 3/4 hehe. We had to light joss sticks there but there was someone who grabbed Nga from under the altar so I was freaked. And someone yelling for us to go away, to which the guy (i think his name is Alex) responded 'ok ok very fast one' while lighting his joss stick. But my hands were shaking as I lit mine and I couldn't stick it on properly so I just threw it there. Oh and yen was the one screaming her lungs out in the background. Poor girl had to do it all night. Then we went around to see if there's anymore but Sean the ghost came to tell us it's dangerous there so better not venture. So ends Halloween.

    At night I was a bit scared coz I was picturing the Ju-On boy standing at my bedside. *shivers*