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    Friday, May 26, 2006
    Title : Holiday-ay
    Time : 6:04 pm

    Earworm: Rough Landing Holly~~Yellowcard

    actually everyday holiday, but this time family vacation to China--Three Gorges Cruise
    plane leaving at 3am tomorrow. crazy hour.
    fingers crossed no jet lag. and for nice food =)
    back on june 2nd!
    Thursday, May 25, 2006
    Title : Review: X-Men3: The Last Stand
    Time : 10:23 pm

    Earworm: Touch the Sky~~Kanye West

    whoo.. went to watch on the opening day. since my sis bought tix for me, no student card is double the rate at RM12!

    One of the cooler comic book adaptations, X3 didn't fail to entertain. Your typical superhero action movie with cool effects and powers, complete with cheesy lines of course. one of which was..
    jean: you would die for them?
    wolverine: no...not for them...
    me and sis: (both chorus) for you!
    somehow left with the feeling that the movie was too short, although it was around 2 hours long. i think it had to do with lack of character development, perhaps there were too many characters to deal with, so they only chose to focus on jean, wolverine, xavier, magneto and storm. i expected more of the angel worthington but it was a nice touch when he saved his father. i don't see why rogue had to be jealous so easily. kitty is just a girl for heaven's sakes! and the chinese porcupine guy was just plain annoying and disposable. felt sorry for poor mystique tho. more eye candy for the guys.
    loved the final scene where magneto's power showed through.
    but wait. only found out after i left the cinema that there was a final final scene after the credits! wasted...
    spoiler: it's xavier transferring his consciousness to a coma patient btw. i knew he wouldnt disintegrate just like that.
    rating: 3.5/5
    Wednesday, May 24, 2006
    Title : george and georgina
    Time : 12:33 am

    Earworm: Cash Machine~~Hard fi

    For those of you who watch Desperate Housewives, you might understand the above title. and understand too why I hate to be referred as that.
    I've accepted NUS PHARMACY! whew...It's like a huge weight off my shoulders. Talking to LH over the phone on Monday night, suddenly it just clicked. And I made my decision. Screw dentistry. Won't have to look at mouths all my life. Big whoop! Seriously... In a way it really IS a blessing in disguise I guess.
    Drugs, here i come.. muahaha...I'm happy, family is happy. The latter already speculating the number of pharmacists in the extended family and making jokes about opening a family pharmacy.
    now to decide over which halls to go!
    I'm so excited!
    Sunday, May 21, 2006
    Title : NUS silence...broken
    Time : 11:29 pm

    Earworm: Sounds of Silence~~Simon and Garfunkel

    Actually NUS still AP and did not send any letters. Application status STILL processing.. had to check an NTU-NUS joint portal site to find out i am offered....

    ...NUS PHARMACY...

    is that a blessing in disguise?
    if i accept this, i'll automatically get NUS ASEAN
    is pharmacy or biotech at UQ a better choice?
    i need lh's answers to my questions
    No doubt, i'd love to go overseas for the whole new experience, rather than stick to the familiar. what is it--familiarity breeds contempt? no that is not exactly right either. i'd be in the same course as LH.
    still, i'd be going to the UQ pre-departure briefing, have not paid anything yet.
    i knew this time would come, this height of my dilemma. my confidence of getting dentistry was already low. i sort of predicted it would come down to pharmacy vs biotech.
    i don't want to dispense drugs per se. or be in retail. and yet, i don't know whether i'd enjoy labwork. but i'm really interested in drug design, the lofty ambitions of creating some sort of vaccine or another.
    like i mentioned before, i need some anwsers from the horse's mouth. or the horse-rider's.
    Title : Catching up
    Time : 11:23 pm

    Earworm: Modern Way~~Kaiser Chiefs

    On Sat, I rushed home after dance class to bathe and wait for my best friend in primary school to pick me up. She was dropping off another friend of hers. The three of us had a nice time jesting in the car. She wasn't on very good terms with her mum, though she wouldn't say why. I could sense the tension in the house. Her mum used to recognise me on the phone. She said I haven't changed much. Physically that is. But I guess much have changed between me and carlyn.
    I knew she moved to Villa Damansara. But I didn't know that was more than a year ago.
    I knew she just got a dog called Bebe. But I didn't know she was a rottweiler who barks incessantly at people other than her owners.
    I knew she broke up with her boyfriend. But I didn't know when. And I guess our lives were too separated for us to be there for each other.
    I knew I didn't know much about her anymore, and neither she me. But it was still fun catching up and reminiscing about the past.
    I know that with both of us going away to university, we would keep in touch. occasionally. and I feel like i've lost a best friend, that was quite some time ago I realised it. We are still open to each other, but I know that we won't share our deepest dreams and secrets with each other. It happens when you're not in the same social circle anymore.
    But it's still nice to know that we can spend a few hours talking in an empty playground.

    On a happier note, we went Times Square to shop on Sunday. I am her official shopping frenzy inducer. She always seem to manage to find items when I shop with her. =) I saw this magnificent mannequin in a store window. I just had to take a photo of her.

    I have a fetish for masquerade style masks lol
    Lunch was at Johnny's ( i think it's at the fourth floor near the cinema and Starbucks) It was a really good deal! RM10(inclusive of tax) for tom yam soup (chokingly spicy, shiok when served piping hot), thai tea (with a lovely pandan flavour) and my main course was pineapple fried rice (seriously one of, if not the best I've eaten--fragrant rice with generous helping of pineapples) dessert was one scoop of chocolate ice cream...mmm... service was extremely speedy too.. within 5 minutes of ordering, everything was served.
    After lunch, moved on with the shops. pondering whether to get my eyebrows shaped, especially when im so lazy to maintain it. leave it for some other day la. so did she with her hair. we tried on dresses for fun.. damn cheap--rm35! the halter dress I tried was amazing, but didn't come in a colour i liked, except blazing red. i being a penny pincher that day, since i had been out shopping twice within the past week, didnt buy the dress, but good for her she was so taken with her cute pink halter dress with butterfly brooch.
    Was rather tired after the day. shopping is legit exercise girls!
    We should meet up more often! after you quit work yeah...
    Thursday, May 18, 2006
    Title : T shirts and Teabing
    Time : 11:44 pm

    Earworm: Pon De Replay~~Rihanna

    Got this from Jean. the email subject was the best T shirt ever made. cool huh? it reminded me of Angels and Demons-ish ambigrams

    speaking of Dan Brown...

    Review: The Da Vinci Code
    Two words: Overhype kills.
    and having read the book before...usually movies don't do books justice, (unless its the LOTR trilogy which i watched the movies before reading the heavy tome-still ploughing through), this was not the exception. And me having hazy details of the book since i read it quite some time ago, i kept going..*was this in the book?* people who havent read the book will probably be swamped with information and go WTF after the movie, as observed of most teens who exitted the cinema afterwards. my mum fought to keep herself awake. And Robert Langdon was wrongly cast from the word Tom. Why can't we have Hugh Jackman? oh nvm we'll see him in X3. or Harrison Ford for the matter since Langdon's described as the former in tweed in the book. And since I knew the plotline already, it cant be that exciting. tho the albino monk did scare me once. And the character I really loved that was brought to life was.. you guessed it.. Leigh Teabing. He was just so hilarious. And the effects of anagram solving was pretty cool too. Audrey Tatou was a tad wooden, tho i chuckled at the walking on water joke. Supporting cast was just forgettable. Otherwise a summer blockbuster bordering on average. I had a good laugh at the advertisement of Da Vinci Jewellery. so cashing in.
    Rating: 2.5/5
    Wednesday, May 17, 2006
    Title : Cars
    Time : 2:02 am

    Earworm: If I Were You~~Hoobastank

    spotted this Smart car at Mutiara Damansara when we went there for dinner some time ago. ah, reminded me of my
    previous entry
    if u wanna see it, click on the link, click enter then journal of illusions again. a bit troublesome i know.

    but now i have a fetish for the myvi. support msian cars!

    ok ok poor kelisa. i still love you!
    Friday, May 12, 2006
    Title : a moment's silence please...
    Time : 1:03 am

    Earworm: Walk Away~~Franz Ferdinand

    ...for the departure of Chris Daughtry from American Idol. *mourns*

    oh and the other day i saw this malay guy on the lrt that reminded me of chris.
    Wednesday, May 10, 2006
    Title : review: MI:3
    Time : 11:10 pm

    Earworm: When The Lights Go Out~~5ive

    ok, so i went in with low expectations, thats the best way to go to a movie. and whaddya know, i found it wasn't half bad! warning though, for anti-cruise people, this IS all about Tom Cruise. it's a friggin cruise machine. all the supporting characters don't even seem like supporting, they're like extras. Keri Russell had all of what, 20 minutes into the movie and she's dead. Hunt's team of three don't get much screen time either. ooh, what a waste of jonathan rhys meyers. loved the scene where he and ethan hunt pretended to be DHL drivers and shouting italian at each other, tho it's probably garbled italian, like how the translator for Davien spoke unintelligible Cantonese and how Hunt yelled chou4 kai4 (supposed to be zhou3 kai1) at the people on the streets of shanghai. and why the hell is there a MAS logo at a dumping site in Shanghai????
    When I go to an action flick, the first of the summer blockbusters, no less, i expect cool action, hot action, pure action. so it was good, really, though marred by the constant tut-tutting by an auntie behind. and when i watch an action movie, i don't expect to process twists in the plot, because my mind has already settled in no-brainer-soak-in-all-the gadgets- car-chase-and-fight- scenes- galore- mode. so when the baddie was not who we thought it was and the explanation comes, i hate it when this happens, im left blur and grasping at what is going on. well, if u don't have a decent plot you'll be accused of just using billions on special effects and when u DO want to conceive a storyline you get blamed for stepping out of line of a typical action movie. Ok, cant win with this picky reviewer.
    and of course, there's not enough eye candy for the gals. yeah, maggie q is hot, but the red dress with the hole looks like they're trying too hard to make her sizzle.
    and the oh so predictable ending. of course the good guys live!
    but i wonder what will happen if Hunt died and left his wife to struggle in Shanghai. *demented laughter*

    Rating: 3.5/5
    Saturday, May 06, 2006
    Title : scared
    Time : 11:50 pm

    Earworm: Move Along~~The All American Rejects

    I'm a scaredy cat, does that include u too, dear? since we both watched the second half of Thai scareflick Shutter in mute. the thunderstorm outside added to the atmosphere too.we don't understand Thai and subtitles provided anyway, what the heck.

    Quick review:
    It was quite scary, with a decent plot to go too. Though there were times when the screen faded to black and you think Ok that's the end, and the movie continues, so it got a teensy bit draggy towards the end. but the bastard Tun deserved what he got. poor natra. scary looking when she's alive too.

    on another note, there's nothing more like a malaysian team in Thomas Cup to bring out the (pseudo)patriotism in me and my family. and nothing like an inconsistent singles player to bring out the racist sentiments in me. and who likely to be blamed? newcomer who just cant keep pace with 4th ranked in the danish team. scarred for life he is.
    Thursday, May 04, 2006
    Title : Singapore: To and Back
    Time : 11:08 pm

    ah screw that title, long post ahead.

    30th April
    Departed at 9.30am. my poor darling couldnt make it on time to send me off coz of the renowned reliabilty of the KTM.
    Double decker bus does not work well on long journey trips. *looks mournfully at the bright green first coach coincidentally ahead of aeroline on the highway*
    well they fashioned themselves after an airline it seems. so there's airplane standard food and toilet. right, thats why the price is twice as expensive.
    reached around 2.30pm at grand copthorne hotel. spotted a nearby bus stop. need to get to the mrt coz i had the impression that my ezlink card is in debt. a passerby helped me flag down a bus that goes to tiong bahru MRT but i did not have coins to pay the driver. Stupidly, i told him that only to get scolded and murderous mutterings. Luckily, a young man had change for two dollars. gah, crabby SBS drivers. and when i reached the MRT i realised I had $4.01 in my EZLink. the irony. still, that amount won't last long without student fare. found bus 33 that goes to dover. Bus lagged. tired to go out again.

    1st may
    Had lunch at Bugis with Fung, elvina and Jol. Crowds came out in full force on labour day, or no labour day as fung puts it. warning: DO NOT EAT THE SPAGHETTI AT BUGIS FOOD COURT!
    after that SW joined us for a while and we realised jol did not have any suitable clothing for her interview!shocker. Topshop to the rescue!
    went to Summer Tavern with Jol to check out. She's staying over at my uncle's place for two nights.. yay, got company!

    er.. what happened to havoc at Mustafa?

    2nd may
    Back to TJ to see the tutors. But first, a trip to Bedok to buy some cake and Izzati's belated birthday presents.

    was quite taken with a florist's arrangement of two magnificent sunflowers with four roses. too bad when we wanted the sunflowers too it was sold out, so had to settle for another florist. it's fresh in this morning pre soaking in water! doesn't look too wilted rite? btw when she got it the first thing she said was there's a flower in every bit of the centre. ah budding bio tutor!

    bengawan solo for mrs than and ms teo

    taking pics while waiting for her royal majesty to arrive. when jx called her she was still asleep!

    aiyah, cut herself off pula

    back through the gates of TJ, not much change visible to the eyes, just that they painted the doors a cream colour. mrs than in meeting, picked the wrong day! ms teo went to see a student who OD-ed (?!) in hospital so she's not in school yet. so who else to settle for other than F.tong. engaged us, or rather, jx in local politics. me and iz just tried to look interested. and he told me i had a pharmacy face when i said i was going for dentistry. gah! just like how he told iz last year she got cedar face and she was so insulted. TKGS mah.
    saw ms fong, ms de souza all going for class. finally caught mrs than during her lunch break. good to see her again but duty calls.

    while waiting for ms teo to be free, iz played with her new toy from kinder surprise, see that cute fuzzy blue seal in her other hand, thats picked by a cute but not fuzzy girl =p actually we both agreed it resembles JX!

    later its off to parkway--for nostalgic purposes! stopped at the $1 bubble tea stall for some refreshments. they wanted suki sushi tea buffet too but it's half an hour away. iz wanted banquet but it was closed for renovation! stomach really rumbling now, except for jx who was bloated by her choc bubble tea and in turn burst izzati's bubble of having sushi buffet. settled for siam kitchen. its cheap, my crumbling pineapple fried rice is a bit on the bland side tho.

    later at night, supposed to have ex scholar meeting but...

    turnout a bit the sad..
    present: gorilla, me, yh, jol
    absent: fung, yc *both tuition*, sf*ankle injury*, sw*lost wallet* --no fate la
    extra: mobster at the back

    ah well, something wrong with swensen grill but luckily not with their freezer! =p gorilla try to chat up our cute perky malay waitress, same age too, well paragon is just next door.

    hmm.. doesnt that nightie look familiar?

    3rd may
    MDT stands for Maddening, Demoralising Torture, also known as Manual Dexterity Test. sigh. got there with 10 mins to spare, thanks to my uncle's HDB right opposite NUH

    the dentist briefing us was in a jolly jokey mood, giving pointers and asking us to mould a molar and not a mushroom but that didnt put me at ease much. and turns out i have a lot to worry about.
    sat next to fung in the lab, which prob was not a good idea, since she was so darn good at bending wires. and so was the rest of the ppl in the lab! i know its not wise to look around but i cant help it! especially when i suck at pliers and decided to use my bare hands. then fingers feeling raw so left the other piece of wire til the end. started on the blue plasticine, im gonna make a bluetooth, yay! get it? blue mush more like it. then got into the hack-the-cylinder-into-a-cube task. and got another dentist pointing out to me my cutting technique is wrong. but i don't care bout the right way... time is running out!!!!damn that guy who finished half hour before time's up. smartass! my rounded cube is so chipped. and im so screwed.

    Miserable Dirty Task

    and i bent my specs while sleeping, how am i supposed to turn up for interview with askew specs? this is so not my lucky day.
    i deserve a good meal at Coffee Club, Takashimaya. and my specs were rectified slightly there. *cheers up a bit*

    i applaud jx for finishing most of her disgusting smelling cheese mushroom crepe, and phoe for eating the biggest dish when she had the most filling lunch lol.

    4th may
    010203040506---while ppl were partying away, i was...
    but such a fuzzy warm feeling to wake up in the morning with a message that said 'I Love You' from someone special.

    how's my interview outfit.. hair cannoot make it!

    10.20am. thats my interview time. team B. chatted to a guy and a girl who went before me. that ex RJCian girl just reminded me of fung. that chatty nature and saying random things like oh look at the yellow leaf outside to take our minds off the impending interview.
    11.00am. there's the bell for my turn. what a delay. the interview was, both surprisingly and yet not all that surprisingly, about me. was kinda expecting some other questions like politics(?) general knowledge from what other interviewees told me. anyhoo.. don't think i was that outstanding, tho i managed to make them laugh with my quote of dentists are like carpenters. and somehow they found the inept malaysian transport system amusing too.
    that said, at least someone praised my shoes. she was another ex rjcian, taken aback that i bought it from Nose. yeah thats it. not feet.

    gee whiz, do i sound like kellie pickler or wat? at least have good shoes.

    before leaving sg, had lunch at o brien's with dear teresa.not that great to be adventurous. houmous tastes waaay odd. too salty. guilt free meals huh?

    ooh, first coach have their own water bottle now!

    hey i have to find some way to entertain myself on the bus k!