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    Wednesday, July 19, 2006
    Title : How Brazil lost to France
    Time : 12:18 am

    Earworm: Scars~~Papa Roach

    World cup is over. Im not suffering from any withdrawal symptoms but I found this hilarious

    if the words look small, well its your myopic problem. click on the pic to enlarge but good luck when u click the back button and it goes to the 'enter' page and u have to click on journal of illusions again. the layout is sucky like that and i being the html freshie cant do anything about it coz i love the first page too much to do away with it =)
    Monday, July 17, 2006
    Title : Sleeping beauty
    Time : 1:12 pm

    Earworm: Sleeping Child~~Michael Learns to Rock

    isn't this just a picture of sweetness? *aw...*
    Sunday, July 16, 2006
    Title : Linger...
    Time : 12:34 am

    Earworm: Linger~~Cranberries

    Violence against women is largely believed to be perpetrated by men. The following abuse of a 13 year old was inflicted by older teenage girls.

    I watched the singaporean girls violence video two days ago. and til now the cruelty and sadistic nature of it lingers in my mind. as i viewed the kicking, slapping, stripping unfolding before my eyes, i somehow felt like i was the victim, humiliation prickling at my every pore, screaming inside but not daring to let a single word out except barely audible whimpers. i wanted to close the window. but morbid fixation took over and i endured throughout the 4-5 minutes of it. what a sick world it has become. and i felt afraid.

    according to this article, the police would not take action if the girl did not lodge a police report. i wonder what happened to the victim. i pray for her safety, however physically and psychologically damaged she would have been now.
    Saturday, July 15, 2006
    Title : Review: Captain Jack is Back
    Time : 10:50 pm

    Earworm: Fallen~~Franz Ferdinand

    ...but not as crazy bout the 2nd instalment: Peti Lelaki Mati (Dead Man's Chest) as i was about the Curse of the Black Pearl. Hence with high expectations come equal disappointment.
    No doubt, Captain Jack Sparrow has his hilarious moments, though some others were a bit contrived and uncalled for--like the Paprika spray. but the cannibal island was good man, laugh out loud moments aplenty, especially with the boney Zorb-esque trap too. Another flaw in the movie is that it seemed to run on laughs, a bit running on empty with the flimsy plot. Don't get me wrong, laughter is good, but I expected a greater level of entertainment, that I could get totally absorbed into the movie, already towards the end i was feeling a slight drag. and being a sequel, it had been inflicted with the middle child syndrome, ending with a cliffhanger(albeit a cool one), i did long for Davy Jones to be done with. He was a rather good villain i have to say, felt a bit sorry for him, cruelty begets cruelty, though his ugliness and sliminess repulsed me.
    Once again, Will has rather dumb brash lines or maybe im saying this coz im no longer obsessed over Orlando Bloom lol. ok, i only remember one good line he had--which was when he countered Davy Jones during the liars' dice game.
    And Elizabeth, oh you betrayer--though some would argue she kissed jack to chain him to the mast, i think she had her cake and ate it too.. kiss her secret fantasy, and did the right thing by sacrificing him too. the intention was there what with the wonky compass. will and elizabeth were meant to be together!!! poor will.. and had to agree to go after Jack in the end. give him a piece of his mind perhaps. with dumb lines again no doubt.
    I would have liked to see more interaction between bootstrap and his son, that would have made DMC less of a-laugh-a-minute and more humanised.

    Rating: 6.5/10

    Superman Returns
    I didnt think much of the movie, it seemed like just another movie to me. also since my expectations were not much, it wasnt as bad as i thought it would be. i gave it a chance. lex was melodramatic, i didnt watch enough of the originals to know whether the character was meant to be. there's nothing really much to say about the movie actually. i just sat through it. Brandon Routh has a slight resemblance to Christopher Reeve. Lois Lane was less of a damsel in distress than say, Mary Jane Parker. James Marsden is once again stuck in the losing side of a love triangle. Superman left his legacy in the world. I wont bother to give it a rating.

    I watched the movie in Bukit Raja, Klang though.

    Klang Bak Kut Teh was really nice! Thanks for the treat SF =) of course i preferred the original, not the dry one.. the soup was really tasty and loved the yau char kwai too.. somehow it tasted so familiar despite me not touching it for a decade perhaps? And i love SF's living room's marble(?) tiles. lol
    Friday, July 14, 2006
    Title : making a statement
    Time : 12:20 am

    Earworm: Basket Case~~Greenday

    My house has maids coming in every fortnight to clean up the place. and today after coming back from sunway pyramid meetup with meihua, sin yi, kai lin and fui chin, this was what my sister and i found in our bedroom....

    all our bottles(used halfway, unopened, neglected...etc) lined up neatly in about...4 rows?

    sis: are they trying to make a statement or what

    both look at bottles and burst out laughing.
    Tuesday, July 11, 2006
    Title : Penang getaway
    Time : 11:36 pm

    Earworm: Sukiyaki~~4pm

    Day 1
    arrived around 3pm at Berjaya Georgetown. the counter people said the rooms will only be ready at 4pm. okayyy.. so we go shop next door at the rather run down one stop shopping centre. still managed to buy two tops there though. the eternal bargain hunter!

    parents went back to hotel first. only to find that the rooms were still not ready at 530pm, and only when they demanded to speak to the duty manager were the room keys produced. and after they checked in, another family knocked on the door saying they were given the rooms too. what rubbish management! Berjaya dah GAGAL!

    finally we settled in and went for a lovely nyonya dinner at nyonya breeze. rather small portions but quite cheap, total bill ran up to around RM115 for 9 people. for that u get two servings of lobak, ubi kayu, pee hu char, kacang botol, chun piah, curry chicken kapitan, sambal prawns, otak-otak, and bubur chacha for dessert.

    and at night slept early to get ready for WORLD CUP FINAL!
    actually i thought it would start at 3am so groggily woke up to a score of 1-1 at 2.32am. was rooting for italy(even though they eliminated germany!) coz imho france knocked portugal out on a dubious penalty. why do they keep getting dubious penalties? ah well the ref missed a legit one for france later on in the match. and i was drifting in and out of sleep so i missed the zidane headbutt too. luckily caught it on replay. and saw the penalties. poor trezeguet. ah well... if onlies...but glad italy won.

    Day 2
    time to hit the shops at prangin mall, but after a hearty brunch of more lorbak, mee jawa, char kuay teow, laksa and po piah.
    after about 6 hours of shopping, we conquered prangin mall!
    haul: 1 pair of white wedges, 1 pair of brown pumps(?), 2 tops, 1 jacket, 1 skirt, 1 scarf
    no more world cup at night

    Day 3
    walked to a nearby hawker for breakfast, their kway teow thng there is really nice, with tasty soup, prawn mee not bad either. had apom and sweet banana pancakes too. penang is such a food haven!
    visited grandma's grave in the morning, then went to gurney plaza.
    sis bought a top from esprit and a cropped jacket from next. i succumbed to a black skirt from F.O.S.
    had lunch at chopper board, i shall refrain from describing what we ate. saw foodloft at the top level and i was just floored by how amazing the decor was. too bad i didnt bring my camera. it was like a high end food court with a breathtaking view of the beach. didn't sneak a peek at the prices though. =p
    left gurney and went to aunt's place in changkat minden for dad to catch some winks. then its rushing home to make it for Desperate Housewives!
    Saturday, July 08, 2006
    Title : cookies
    Time : 4:50 pm

    Earworm: Beautiful disaster~~Kelly Clarkson

    My parents are out of ideas for buah tangan for penang relatives so me and sis decided to put on our baking hats and create some cookies!
    at first sis forgot to separate the flour from the butter so everything(butter,flour,sugar,baking powder) was dumped into the big bowl. and found that cant cream the butter properly coz its too dry. so we had to take out the flour and put in egg yolk to lubricate the mixture. and after adding in the coffee and cornflakes it became too dry again. so milk was a last minute addition. baking is fun. try it yourself!

    Coffee and Cornflake Cookies
    15ml milk(we used Anlene)
    250g self raising flour
    180g butter
    100g castor sugar
    50g crushed cornflakes
    1/2 teaspoon baking powder
    1 tablespoon condensed milk
    1 tablespoon instant coffee granules
    1 egg yolk
    cashew nuts

    1. Cream the butter and sugar till fluffy
    2. Fold in the sifted flour and baking powder
    3. Beat in the egg yolk, condensed milk, milk
    4. Add in coffee granules and crushed cornflakes
    5. Fold ingredients until well combined
    6. Grease baking tray. Shape dough using 2 teaspoons =)
    7. Add half a cashew nut on top of shaped cookie dough. Glaze with egg white

    8. Bake in a preheated 180C oven, for 12-15 minutes depending on size of baking tray

    ta-daa!! about 120 cookies made

    recipe modified from Betty Saw's Cookies Galore
    Friday, July 07, 2006
    Title : genting: scream and shout
    Time : 2:06 am

    Earworm: Talk~~Coldplay

    pre departure at KL sentral, eating KFC.
    took the 3pm bus up to Genting, i never been to first world hotel before so was amazed by the fact have to take number for checking in.. and so many counters!

    played charades at the girls' room after settling down. it was hilarious fun. kl damn pro at forrest gump.

    dinner at pizza hut was such a long wait!

    3 sour faced ladies =p

    guys up to their gay antics

    karthik surprised at being caught

    first night went for the show mysteria. everyone seemed to be yawning thru the show. and sniggered at the moral of the story.

    swing swing swing

    ck act cool sia

    fc being a teapot

    before: cheklee looking ok

    after: cheklee looking like he's dying

    some people don't know how to reverse park still die die must try. haha


    somehow ck always end up with the girly handbags

    group pic! dunno why phang and karthik look so sien

    view from space shot

    still got time to camwhore when the camera was flying up when i was flung downwards. total adrenaline rush

    cant get a good shot of weilim beside me, i tried.

    gorilla entertaining us while waiting for the rest to finish their flume ride

    couple time while hearing yl and fc's shrieks on the flying coaster

    one of the 'kiddie' rides-- the gondola

    motion master was not impressive, but what to expect la. already quite tired. lh falling asleep on one side, brit kept ducking from water spraying directly at him on the other.

    played cards in the guys room to keep awake til world cup semifinals germany vs italy began. was a rather boring 90 mins so fell asleep at extra time, only to be awoken by the first italian goal. nooo!! if they had gone into penalties germany would have had a surefire win. then the germans went on all out attack and italians counter attacked with a goal in the 121st minute. whistle should have blown but lose by 1 or 2 goals doesnt matter. they're not in the finals =(

    pic with the girls before we left genting

    i want more pics! you guys better send me the other shots, i've done my job!