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    Tuesday, September 26, 2006
    Title : Of good ol Msia
    Time : 2:15 am

    Earworm: Crazy~~Gnarls Barkley

    Welcome back to dirty toilets and reckless drivers!(JJK 1369) Good ol' Malaysia.
    Was on the way to meet Meihua in Carrefour (for some reason her mum didnt allow her to leave within a certain radius from home), when I had a vision of my wallet's contents. My P license didnt figure in the mental image. The brief search for the elusive license during a traffic jam. The disbelieving search in the car park. The confirmatory search by MH, that it is indeed absent from my wallet. Now what's the chance of bumping into a police. Luckily for me, today was million to none. My reversing skills have also deteriorated to a stage that left paint peel marks on my sideview mirror. Aiks!

    At home, Grandma is giving me preferential treatment that leaves my sister in a huff. I'll share the food, really I will~! =)
    Sunday, September 24, 2006
    Title : Of fleeting breaks
    Time : 12:05 am

    Earworm: Would You Be Happier~~The Corrs

    woohoo~~mid term break is here.... or is it???

    let's review the first half of the first semester tsunami
    Anatomy AY1104-
    I quite like the practical sessions actually. Help me remember my facts better. And i think the formalin soaked cadavers smell like sausage rolls. Thanks to my comment , Teah will never look at them (as in sausage rolls) the same way again... fatty tags and omentum look sooo disgusting.. and how the cadavers eyeball you.
    Workload for the break: CA on 5 Oct! 15 MCQs in an hour. Easy? THINK again!

    Physicochemical Principles of Drug Action PR1101-
    What a mouthful! Shall be referred to as PPDA from now on.
    I can follow lectures reasonably well. Organic Chem is not that detestable. The lecturer's pretty good too. Though he likes to refer to drugs as humans. Married to Pharmacy, he is.
    Workload for the break: Practical test on 3 Oct. pre-test was manageable. Revise!

    Physical Pharmacy PR1102-
    Struggling the most with this. Boring subject, perfect for insomniacs.
    Workload for the break: Lab reports...trying hard not to plagiarise...heheh. READ UP EVERYTHING!

    Physiology PY1105-
    I find this module quite interesting actually. the only downside is that Neuromuscular lectures are cancelled and rescheduled to like 2 weeks before the break! so i had two weeks of free Physio timeslots but of course those naturally weren't used for revising Physio...
    Workload for the break: Photocopy Guyton =p CA on 5 Oct...just before AY1104! MCQs

    Introduction to Cultural Studies GEK1046-
    the scope is just so wide. Myths, Ideology, Comics, Movies, Mumbo jumbo, hodgepodge of abstract concepts that seem repetitive. the lecturers are interesting no doubt but the gist is hardly graspable.
    Workload for the break: Find info for blog-group project.

    Thanking my lucky stars for actually getting my top three choices.
    Voluntary Corp
    under marketing dept. supposed to look for sponsors. first event- children's day around october.

    Hall Publication
    Writer, covering SNDCC, Night Cycling, SP, HAC Games Day, 15 misc articles (150-250 words) on anything!(jee... i'll be my blog's namesake!) submission before 1st semester

    Photo Committee and Dance
    no meeting yet

    GENUS-Guitar Ensemble NUS
    resigned due to lack of time. I'll miss playing bass though...

    And guess what? Im going back Malaysia for the break for 5 days.
    Sunday, September 17, 2006
    Title : Of rollercoaster emotions
    Time : 10:56 pm

    Earworm: Well That Was Easy~~Franz Ferdinand

    Rejection email list: my name was not present. I tried to suppress the faint fluttering of hope within.
    Gingerly asked Ck on MSN about the impending blow.
    Which turned out to be a euphoric blast!

    ~dance, dance, we're falling apart to half time~

    now go study!
    Saturday, September 16, 2006
    Title : Of old friends
    Time : 10:31 am

    Earworm: Life Is Like A Boat~~Bleach OST

    Listening to this song made me reminisce of days with Dunman people, my roommate especially. I miss her.

    I suppose she's constantly busy with her projects, or thinking of what she should wear during Thursdays.

    I wish she would just ask about me every once in a while when i see her online, instead of merely answering my queries.

    It's one of my constant laments that everyone's too busy for each other. I miss late night chats with YR too, maybe I should be the one going over to NTU instead of her to Sheares. At least yesterday SF came over during supper and said hi. There's another busy gal. I'm still missing lunch dates with Iz, YY and KY.
    Perhaps the reason Im pining after old friends is because of my inability to make new ones. But the pining should not continue lest I am seen as ungrateful for newfound company. Old friends are a not too distant memory, one day memory will catch up with reality.
    Title : Of croc power and patience
    Time : 10:04 am

    Earworm: Hey Jude~~The Beatles

    Patience seems to be a virtue lacking in my nature.
    Both my buaya and buayee are not missing anymore!!! and in the weird universe of uncanny coincidences, my 'fallen angel' printed lyrics from More Than Words for me.
    ~~take a sad song and make it better~~

    Speaking of patience, I think mine was rather eroded when I was coaxed into eyebrow threading by an overenthusiastic beautician. its not that the shape wasn't nice. it was just excruciating rips of fine hair every few seconds. I thought I knew what I was in for, having the virgin trip to Little India before.
    And she has this habit of saying 'Ok' which by normal human conversational standards would mean, 'Im done' but then came yet another flinching flick of her mighty thread. I have to say she did a commendable job, just that the left seems a tad thinner. but thats just nitpicking for a $5 job, no?
    However, due to my rock bottom threshold of pain, I experienced another near fainting experience, not unlike the time after I pierced my ears and seeing my sister get hers done, rather unsuccessfully, since she was constantly overcome with giggles. hence resulting in piercing at the same place twice just to get it through.
    This time, after I was suitably groomed and tortured, my vision swam in the faltering light as darkness threatened to close in. I succumbed to black as my lids fluttered shut. Pespiration, palpitations, the pressing bile in my throat.
    How the hell am I going to get through childbirth?
    Friday, September 15, 2006
    Title : of lows
    Time : 10:26 pm

    Earworm: Boulevard of Broken Dreams~~Greenday

    Gravity rules. What ascending expectations will just plummet on you with full force. Within a day, I've gone from total carefreeness to heartbreak. Drama much? Making mountains out of a molehill? Perhaps I just see things through a magnifying glass. No rose tinted ones for me.
    And funny how I am the only one who seems to scroll through MSN looking for old friends to chat with. And funny how I needed to talk to someone I nudged nearly everyone on my list. And funny how some friends just continued chatting with me without realising I put a weeping face at the end of my nick.
    Jon, you are the first who cared. and Brit for asking. Thanks.
    My buaya is MIA. so is my black underwear.
    But gratitude for small gestures like Stan and Ed who gave personalised roses to everyone. and darling for the massage.
    lalalala...trying to be happy... change song to Electrico...
    Thursday, September 14, 2006
    Title : of happi-happi-happiness!!!
    Time : 8:37 pm

    Earworm: Batucada~~DJ Dero

    Relaxation seems like a hard thing to come by lately. But today just felt so refreshing...after the 1st ever Continual Assessment of PR1101- Physicochemical Principles of Drug Action, that is. Whew~~ AND I have a long weekend to top it off, since there's NO physio tutorial tomorrow. (all postponed til later though, but heck, instant gratification)

    I just listed all my choices for hall committees.. mulling over the art of balancing.
    voluntary corps- organising community service type events
    photo comm- self explanatory
    hall publications- writing for yearbook and newsletter
    *I wrote them a brief poem,but they told me they preferred prose*

    Bodies milling
    Searching for that elusive sense of belonging
    Questions answered
    Doubts clarified
    A step closer to achieving your dream
    Like multihued ice cream
    Pick and match your flavours
    Sleep over your indecisiveness

    -ok, i came up with that within 10 minutes- experience of comm fair

    sheares link- organising hall activities and maintaining contact with alumni
    sheares production marketing and publicity
    dance audition on tues-- results out by friday!
    cast audition for fun =) but can't commit =(
    results for other comms out by monday!
    and the opening of buaya week tonight. yeah i know, why buaya right... apparently bua is a slang for flirting with people. but the buaya is like no link... sounds like a cheekopek-ish term


    I feel light
    Rays of setting sunshine
    As dusk turns to night
    Time is finally mine
    Free to spend, to waste
    But gaining emotional respite
    Here's to the night!
    Thursday, September 07, 2006
    Title : of dinners
    Time : 10:08 pm

    Earworm: This Never Happened Before~~Paul McCartney

    The anniversary dinner

    We went to check out this new(?) restaurant in Citylink

    New York New York!

    I fell in love with its decor

    -somehow new york itself just seems like epitome of coolness-

    and obsessed about taking pictures of its menu

    but alas the first impressions were not lived up to

    *shocked* where's the hot latino???
    my latino chicken escalope was not bad. just not extraordinary. and dunno whats latino about it =/

    darling is all hungry and ready to tuck in!

    -but his barbequed ribs were hard to dissect. can hardly get any meat off. i'd recommend cafe cartel's any day.

    service is quite poor i should say, they didnt serve us plain water unlike all the other tables. twice a waiter got the wrong order to us. once during dinner he came with a dish and another waitress while we were eating dessert. do we look like such pigs??
    for dessert we ordered 'Super Chocolate Strawberry Sundae' even that took more than 20mins to prepare. longer than the time it took for our dinner to be served! when we wanted to cancel the head waiter told us his colleague is doing it. less than a min only. half a min left! and it took another 5 mins at least. yeah.

    but they gave us green apple flavoured cotton candy after dessert! now we look like sweet tooth fairies. saw random tables getting the treat. i suspect its to make up for service that is not up to scratch. =/

    pity, i wanted to like the place.

    decor: 9/10
    ambience: 8/10
    food: 6/10
    service: 4/10

    we weren't all that impressed. food is the most important factor in an eatery, service comes second. he's trying to show the menacing ah beng face. ooh the pink shirt brings out the red of your eyes =p get well soon!

    was a bit down that we didnt get to revisit ECP, the place where it all started. time--if only we had extra hours on our anniversary... but as darling said, there's still 11 months more to celebrate =) yay.

    the earlier dinner we had in hall.
    organised by SNDCC --Sheares National Day Celebration Committee
    oddly enough their celebration fell on the day of Merdeka day. *We sang Negaraku and spoke Malay at midnight!*

    the obligatory senior date

    the real date haha

    nice glossy shirt =)

    argh the tan lines!!!

    classic elegance. l-r(me, nga, sandra, flora)

    sweetness~~ junior guy gave senior girl (date) a bunch of flowers and designed a pillow for her... awwww...

    girls at the dinner table

    after dinner there were some performances, which i felt was more of a satire of singapore really..like there was this skit of a tour guide and a tourist, and the tourist auntie was asking why merlion looks like its vomitting.. cant remember the tour guide's answer but later she asked the significance of the merlion (historical, folklore..etc) and the reply was... its created by STB (singapore tourism board)!
    and they oohed over geylang's preeetty lights

    later they had guys twirling pink umbrellas (trying hard to keep a dead serious face at the same time) ala NS discipline of twirling air rifles. i liked it haha.


    Sunday, September 03, 2006
    Title : One year, baby!
    Time : 3:39 pm

    Earworm: Unbreakable~~Alicia Keys

    Happy anniversary darling!
    -hope your conjunctivitis gets better soon~ =/
    looking forward to a lovely dinner later..
    and i still haven't gotten your present.. arghh!! i'll give u a belated one K??

    have been so behind everything else also
    supposed to be reading notes and yet.... ripping songs from ourtunes lol
    tutorials... havent prepared for next week and havent consolidate last's
    guitar... so terrible at side reading! the instructor was so eccentric tho, i think he's italian? he says tutti(?)...means everyone play together... the ensemble sounds lovely. coz i just gave up on trying to catch up and sat back to listen. but didnt relax exactly coz i have neck and back ache caused by my posture in guitar i think. =/
    and i realise that i enjoy stoning in a hot shower( to think i used to laugh at lh for liking that =p) but im still lazy to get into one in the first place. so its hard to get in, hard to get out too. but once the hot water hits...mmmm.....
    went to sign up for a starhub plan today. at last min only realised there's no free idd calls... =( wat a careless girl! well there's always windows live messenger i suppose. and at least i get free all day incoming... still feel cheated. and my cousin says the starhub guy looks like austin powers lol...
    speaking of carelessness, i think im so not cut out to be a research scientist
    carelessness #1 basic dresscode: left my labcoat in the locker area (duh!) after the first lab session! and didnt realise til the next session when i have to pack my bag
    carelessness #2 did not close the cork of the separating funnel so when benzoic acid is filled in, it started leaking out
    carelessness #3 did not add in phenolphtalein so kept titrating with NaOH and wondering when the solution will EVER turn pink!
    and many more to come in the future.

    sorry to my block for not joining road relay... but anniversary more important!