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    Sunday, July 31, 2005
    Title : Dance
    Time : 9:42 pm

    Earworm: Simple Gifts

    SYF dance closing ceremony in Kallang Theatre, 29 July, 7.30pm
    The event started promptly on time. damn you latecomers! should be banned from entering til interval! first act was beautifully executed by Riverside Secondary School. mix of Balinese and Malay style dance which i thought had some Indian influence as well. Another worthy mention was the tribal dance from River Valley. had some pretty good male dancers. fascinating specimens, male dancers. =p It was a visual feast with elaborate costumes, stage effects, use of props and lithe bodies expressing art. The Malay dances were disappointing tho. not that i expected much. was busy looking out for TJ's turn. An elegant and light hearted dance. kept our eyes peeled for ck hahaha. had a nice finale with cute indian girl singing a sweet song and all the dancers in a lineup on stage. truly a myriad of colours.

    later backstage, delivered a bouquet of three blue roses to ck, looking preeeetty with eyeliner and shimmery pink eyeshadow. made him pose with partner brit, holding the flowers. hahaha. took picture with the young singer. KY looked like she was over the moon.
    somehow lost our way trying to seek McDonalds. mar, are we jinxed to lose our sense of direction around the stadium area? in the end took a bus back to the hostel.

    30 July
    ASEAN nite. very subdued response. less than 10 JC2s went i expect. we went to watch the Island and ate at Ajisen Ramen(overpriced place, nice jellyfish tho) before dropping by the Peninsular Hotel. The Island was reminiscent of the book Brave New World. set in the future, humans are cloned mainly for the purpose of harvesting their organs as the new American Dream is to live forever, young and beautiful. quite a fast paced thriller with explosive action thrown in, typical of Michael Bay. got a bit gruesome and cringeworthy at some parts like nails thru a hand, hook thru flesh...yeah.. only in Hollywood, the cast can get away with mere scratches after a truck slammed into their vehicle and survive a 50 storey fall (Jesus loves you!)
    that said, it was inhumane how they treated clones as just a commodity that can be destroyed at will. had a couple of funny moments, scenes with mcgord (shame he died)
    fave quotes: just because you want a burger, doesnt mean you want to meet the cow
    Q: What is God?
    A: You know when you close your eyes and wish for something really hard...? God is the one who ignores you
    later dropped in at the wrong time as it was couple dancing time. snapped a few pics and hot-footed it within 10 mins!

    31 July
    got the dance DVD from Ck. liked the gold with honours dances. AJ had a quirky use of chairs and balloons tho. found 'mental' dances entertaining like VJ's The chase and HC's depiction of an asylum (does it reflect their situation there? quipped SF) liked SR"s robotic dance despite unflattering outfits. and millenia's Nature's Fury dance. AC's Chariots 2005 was embarrassingly laughable, aerobics in motion hahaha. good stress reliever.
    Thursday, July 21, 2005
    Title : The Half Blood Prince is....
    Time : 10:30 am

    Earworm: 40 kinds of sadness~~Ryan Cabrera

    *but since the book was out on July 16th, this may not be much of a spoiler anyway*
    sped thru the pages. finished within 2 nights, alternating with bio notes at times. sad life of a person sitting for A levels exams this year.

    Didn't feel the title befitted the storyline. The Half Blood Prince revelation was sorta an anticlimax. somehow i always wanted to believe that Snape was actually good. i mean it was so easy to make him the evil character, and i expected Rowling to have more surprises up her sleeve. So even when in Spinner's End, Snape's true colours were revealed, i still stupidly held on to the belief that there must be some loophole, he's just pretending to be on the Dark Lord's side as Bellatrix accused. but no, one simple avada kedavra and dumbledore's gone. quite saddening the way he died and the mournful phoenix lament. but felt like he died for nothing. coz it wasnt a real Horcrux they found so he drank all that weakening poison for nothing. that chapter the cave was one of the gripping parts of the book, i was spooked by the descriptions of pale lifeless bodies in the churning waters and could feel the iciness when Harry jumped into the water.

    another rant is maybe the cropping up of so many romance plots Bill and Fleur, Ginny and Dean, Lavender and Ron, Harry and Ginny, Lupin and Tonks, most likely Ron and Hermione in the 7th book. can't believe its finally gonna end.
    wonder whether its part of growing up, that the books don't seem as magical as before, or is it that the standards have dropped or is it because its all getting darker and more desperate and i have this preconceived stereotype that magical things are supposed to bring happy endings? altho normally i don't like happy endings in a book, i prefer something where the ending is vague, that u can just concoct one yourself.
    all that said, waiting for Goblet of Fire coming on the silver screen end of this year. My fave book of the series, hope i dun get let down.
    Tuesday, July 19, 2005
    Title : bloody lecture
    Time : 7:03 pm

    Earworm: Must Get Out~~Maroon 5
    Currently reading: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

    LT2. Cold. hungry. Clockhands seem to have stopped moving. Maths S lecture going on forever. students getting restless.

    "If you want to go home, you can leave now while those interested stay behind"
    Obviously, no one stalked out of the theatre. Our imprisoner's lips curved into a smile. sadistic.

    Dinner time...
    Canteen stormed by terrorising midgets, on top of hordes of SM2 girls. Braved the mini zoo to get the usual inedibles. Note to self not to be caught in the human jam on a hungry stomach.
    Sunday, July 17, 2005
    Title : Baybeats
    Time : 10:16 pm

    Earworm: I want you~~Electrico

    Baybeats 2005: event at Esplanade waterfront where international indie/alternative bands come together. main motivation for going was to see Singapore band Electrico. headed out after dinner with Mar, Yh and Jol. there was quite a large crowd already, listened to sounds of KLPHQ from Malaysia. only instrumental, no vocals. (maybe for the better after hearing the vocals of Kate of Kale who is distinctively punk) Turns out they're quite a newly formed band, first time performing in Singapore. had some real good beats going on. saw Copeland, duo from US playing acoustic guitars. thought the lead singer sounded like Ben Jelen, but they didnt hold our interest for long. so wandered over to The Arena where fellow countrymen Tempered Mental was playing, fronted by a cool rock chick who could hold a tune and jam on electric guitar at the same time.
    Took some silly pix to kill time. KL came to join us just before Electrico came on. performed about 4 songs, including the breezy Running Away and rawkin' I want You, ended with We're not from the USA, quite aptly written after they heard a Singaporean bought their album from HMV but returned it after finding out they're a local band. prejudiced.
    Love the lead singer's gravelly vocals!
    Friday, July 15, 2005
    Title : Cute..
    Time : 9:13 pm

    Earworm: Drive~~Incubus

    Got this from a forwarded email...
    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    aren't the cars cute? have no idea what brand they are tho. im useless at that. but i think they're made for me and my size. hahaha
    Tuesday, July 12, 2005
    Title : NOISE TO THE WORLD!!!
    Time : 10:27 pm

    Earworm: Battle of Life~~Good Charlotte

    stoked about the concert tonight.. I so didnt wanna go to school. having PE and double math S paper lecture does not maketh me an eager school-goer. Official reason: sick leave. i have the MC to prove it!

    was slightly drizzling when mar, yh and i set out to Singapore Indoor Stadium on foot at 7pm. realised that none of us knew the way but luckily the stadium was in a visible distance. passed a bunch of teens who looked like they were going for the concert, judging by the way they dressed. but we were going in the opposite direction! still, we walked on.. met a dead end with a lot of those construction metal barriers...gah.. hailed a cab, which took a route that passed the same group of teens who were heading in the right direction after all. less than 100m away was the stadium. we felt so stupid.

    snaking line of concert-goers outside the main entrance. noticed 90% wearing black. yes, the three of us too. seems like an unspoken dress code. joined the queue without really knowing where it was leading to. ours was north entrance, figured it was heading towards the correct direction. after half and hour in the queue, which i spotted free standing ticket holders that kinda unsettled me but thought its just my paranoia, yes, we were in the wrong queue! luckily the attendants just directed us to the stairs behind and take a right once we're up. we were met with no frikkin queue. dunno why they were handing out promotional flyers to The Bravery concert. Oddly, no Good Charlotte posters in sight. our bags were frisked, my camera discovered and asked to be deposited. naturally, that order fell on deaf ears since there was nobody checking bags at the actual entrance anyway. but mar surrendered her bag coz it was filled with harmless water bottles and umbrellas. what did they expect us to do? throw those things at GC from where we were sitting, like 50m from the stage? so gonna be dehydrated with all the screaming later.
    turnout wasn't as huge as expected. by the time the lights dimmed there were still empty seats around. read in the news that it was a 4000-strong crowd.

    The concert hall darkened, the crowd was all screams, the atmosphere was set, the instrumental Battle of Life started blasting from the speakers, in the midst of the song, the four GC members entered from stage left.(didnt notice whether the drummer was with them) everyone went wild! they kicked off with The Anthem, after which Joel was all serious and stuff asking the moshers in front to back up, safety first i suppose. Between songs they had some crowd interaction, like saying they should've come to singapore years ago. and Joel praised how Singapore is the cleanest city he's ever seen! um yeah, a bit pathetic that the highest compliment he paid was about cleanliness, and not food/culture/hot girls like what most other bands would say. But Benji did say he wanna move here and to become a PR, he'll have to marry a Singaporean, with shrieks from girls in response. later was mouthing off bout sharing the same bed, sleeping together so 'we might as well have SEX right?'Joel who introcuced the band said and that's my brother the idiot when it came to Benji. HAHAHAHA. went on bout how much they were in love with Singapore and said they wrote a love song for Singapore. It's We Believe...in Singapore.. (-_-)'''
    Benji also said he learnt some 'Singaporean' but didnt really catch what he learnt coz he went on to shout whoooaaa.. Singapore doesnt have a language of their own anyways. unlike artistes who come to Malaysia will muster a 'apa khabar' or 'terima kasih'
    at first we were feeling awkward in bobbing in our seats while people around us were sitting. but what the heck, just stand and rock along with the music! Singing was much improved from what i heard live from them on TV. Benji hit all the high notes in We Believe. And the band totally blew me away. Was enjoying myself so much that jumped over to half of this girls' territory next to me,oops.. YH pumping her hand in the air that her bracelet flew off and socked the guy on the head in front of her. he turned back to give her a glare while massaging his bruised head. hahahaha. but she didnt realise until the song ended. oh, and Daniel Ong was sitting in front of us. YH figured the guy she hit was also some famous person since sitting with daniel and all.when the perfect 10 DJ walked in late, i thought he looked mighty familiar, wearing a Parking Lot Pimp shirt. only later when he left earlier I was staring at him and the group of girls behind us waved to him which he responded so guess it really was him. I wonder did he leave early becos of a group of 3 girls singing/shouting tunelessly to all GC songs behind him? =p Later when Mar played back some recordings on her handphone, only We Believe turned out semi-ok, the rest was overpowered by our enthusiastic hollering.
    GC ended with their 'first hit' Lifestyles. Threw some towels to the crowd, Billy flung some score sheets too. and they were gone. with no encore. concert over in less than 1 1/2 hour... but totally a rawking great experience!

    Song list
    Battle of Life
    The Anthem
    Walk Away
    Girls and Boys
    My Bloody Valentine
    The Young and Hopeless
    The World is Black
    We Believe
    Hold On
    The Chronicles of Life and Death
    Riot Girl
    Festival Song
    I Just Wanna Live
    Lifestyles of the Rich and the Famous

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com
    trying to get a pic of the whole band
    Image hosted by Photobucket.com
    joel down with the moshers
    Image hosted by Photobucket.com
    joel n benji
    Sunday, July 10, 2005
    Title : Fantastic 4
    Time : 9:48 pm

    Earworm: S.O.S~~Good Charlotte

    sat, 9 july
    totally bored during the day.. trying to do tutorials and all those.. get into the mugging mode..coz totally discouraged by JCT results.. no As lah all u ppl expecting me to do well. whatever. my own fault. no use wallowing in self pity.
    anyways plan for the nite was to go out to watch Fantastic Four with jol, brit and ck... haha just like old times.. havent gone out with this bunch of ppl for a long time it seems.. last time it was just 4 of us was prob the crappy like hell 'Wedding date' lol... thought the movie would be corny but just for the sake of going out...
    i was totally wrong about the movie.. it was highly entertaining...or maybe its like my expectations were this low *gestures near the knee* but the movie turned out way better than what i expected... to give it credit, it was real comical too (no pun intended) kinda a laugh out loud movie, definitely a stress buster....and the human torch was HOT, man(pun intended) in a cute cocky kinda way.. oh of course, special effects were great too.. and im sure guys were drooling over jessica alba's cleavage and toned bod. feel sad for the thing tho.. quite sad that it was a blind girl that fell for him.. i mean, maybe being too idealist but it'll be better if he got together with a girl with perfect eyesight and accept him for all his flaws in appearance but he makes up in gentle character (when he's not clobbering ppl of course)
    F4 rating: 4/5
    later went to food court to eat coz jol got craving for laksa. and the guys havent eaten their dinners. they later went to tapao big mac and fries some more... brit's excuse was coz got PE ma.. so can work off fats... ick.. PE on mon!

    Sun, 10 july
    cosfest today.. yh busy sewing her costume, adding final touches to her transformation into a hot sexy mama.... *wolf whistles all round* bareback halter with black pants and curly hair wig (she looks good with the fake hair--lol) selene and cf more conservative with their shinigami outfits tho.. cf got a sword too and selene's hair is totally cute! saw a lot of weird characters at the dome, downtown east, where it was held. got some cool gothic ppl too with white makeup and leather outfits.. and ichigo with orange sheepskin for hair.. what will mar say?hahahaha.. dunno why there was this killer from scream, storm trooper, batman (with controversial nipples) and fantastic 4 minus the thing around. oh and the Predator with sound effects was a hit with the ppl there. got entourage following him wherever he went. best male went to some elvis wannabe and best female to a rather old looking girl cosplaying as someone with red umbrella. dunno much bout anime.. but new experience just being there. went back that time was all ready in the canteen to sing bday song (v belated one) to jol... who exclaim so malu so malu and ran to the sinks there... haha... the look on her face when she got the pink handbag! wahahaha
    Thursday, July 07, 2005
    Title : SYF closing ceremony
    Time : 9:36 pm

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com
    our last time together....~06/07/05~

    morning was straight to recital room after assembly and mr. liaow came from 9plus to 11plus.. after lunch we took a bus to the Singapore Conference Hall again.. at this time, all of us didnt seem to have the energy or spirit for the closing ceremony, quite sad..
    got to see the other performing groups. the handbell girls from SCGS were really cute. liked the indian instrumental group from RGS too. the violinists from NYGS were good too..sounded like pros.. but most impressed by the Chinese Orchestra from Paya Lebar Methodist Girls School. whoa.. their first piece was just so majestic sounding, like getting ready for a battle.
    Even then, after our rehearsal and dinner, just slacked around feeling bored but played silly games to kill time. when our time to perform came at 9pm, no one was in the mood for smiling. guess the high during SYF can't be repeated for the closing ceremony. some more there's this annoying baby that cried during our performance. and since it was after interval, the hall was only half filled. ah well, so ends our last performance.
    Wednesday, July 06, 2005
    Title : JCT OVER...life OVER...er..not really
    Time : 3:09 pm

    life still goes on after the frikking hard exams.. in fact much more life than mugging! but of course..
    GP first day was just reading notes in the morning while the hostel was mainly empty with physics ppl sitting for test in the morning. ok... first hard paper...think i did the wrong essay question
    Bio--argh! muggable but bio facts completely slipped my mind.. some more asexual reproduction which i thought was unimportant came out for one structured question!
    econs-- got one essay ok, but case study was horrible...MCQ not much help either..
    Chem-- ultimate killer!!! blow after blow, this was definitely the worst! at least math at the end of the day was a spirit lifter. plus the fact that its the last paper. went out later with yh, sf and jol to orchard. ate at cafe cartel but their food there real oily. didnt like my fried chicken cutlet, jol didnt enjoy her teriyaki burger which had a layer of oil either.. sf and yh seem to have made the right choice with pork ribs tho..walked around orchard with jol bumping into some old friend or other in every other corner... extensive social circle she has! she left earlier while we were browsing in HMV coz she going home(again!) so did many other msians tho.. coz we have a 5 day break! fri-tues.. mon holiday coz of youth day on sunday and tues coz our school won the Bball competition. cool huh?

    1 july
    bought good charlotte tix from sistic counter at parkway! blew 71 bucks for numbered seats at 2nd last row but near centre block.. the tix sell fast! but anyways.. its GOOD CHARLOTTE.. guess we're not skipping maths S that day to go earlier then. lunch at mos burger.. their food is cute and mini sized, like the kakiage rice burger, apple pie was bite sized.. one of the desserts was ichigo bliss which sent mar wanting to snap a pic of it coz its her fave character from Bleach but the words too small to turn out.
    watched War of the Worlds at Bugis (another isolated cineplex, like in Suntec) with Iz and jx. was laughing at inappropriate moments during the movie.. like when they were being attacked and i was snickering at tom cruise's attempt to display emotion as a loser of a father. special effects quite good.. liked the part when the lasers came out but unbelievable that tom cruise cant duck all of them when everyone around him turned into dust. ah well, hollywood..ending was super lame.. aliens died coz no immunity to bacteria on earth! like, can't they have planned it a million years ago? again, the humans triumphed over supposedly higher intelligent beings.. a bit too easily tho.. they couldve made everyone try to bomb the insides of the aliens.. and the aliens have sorta cute eyes tho.. focussed on america not other part of the world, albeit the title.. i wonder if the book is any better.
    at night went out with selene and yh to look for this tango practice at Brightbox@ singapore history museum around clark quay. the museum was closed tho so only walked around that area.. cool night life there.. noticed there's a pub bigger than the museum (hehe) , which was the size of a few shoplots. saw the reverse bungee jump there. $25 per head for 5 minute thrill.

    2 July
    off to JB! mar, yh, el, fung and i took the smiling bus.. yellow express bus to immigration and walked over to city square. surprised to see a couple of TJ gals in the food court.. like s'porean parents sampai hati to let them go Jb by themselves? what about all the soaring crime rates there? managed to get a pair of sandals there. nothing much else. waited for a shuttle bus to go leisure mall for bowling but bus was 20mins late, some more air con broke down so we were trapped in a sauna, suffocating. gasping for air when we were let off two stops later. bowling was a pleasant experience(for once!) for me coz i got 87 points with two spares.. which was like my highest record, normally my ball seems to be strangely attracted to the gutter and i'll end up with less than 50 points. yh and fung (bowling prez!) scored strikes!
    dinner was 9 girls and 1 guy at some restaurant which had great beggar's chicken..mmm...had fried squid, claypot tauhu and kangkung that was actually still green hahaha..
    left JB at 8 plus but was 11pm by the time we reached the hostel..tired!

    3 July
    went to bugis to shop with sf and kl... sf venting her anger at her msian friends with some major retail therapy.. bought heels, necklace, earrings... i bought my first top from topshop for asean nite i guess.. this year's on 30th july.. theme: zebra out! but us seniors considering wearing black and white just to be rebellious lol.. dun feel like spending too much on this one-off event.. watched ocean's 12 later at night and kl was telling us ghost stories til 4am! a bit scared to look opposite to the male block coz kl said she saw this tall figure standing at the 7th floor one nite.. the creepy thing is, there's no one staying at the top floor!

    4 July
    classmates decided to cycle at ECP.. meeting at 11am.. was unsure whether to go but since weather quite nice that morning, just go exercise la lazy girl! but by the time everyone came it was 12pm.. cycled for two hours, all the way to singapore indoor stadium and back... everyone looked a bit sunburnt.. except for ppl with darker skin.. fell off my bike near the indoor stadium coz the handlebar hit the railing of a bridge. doh! had two ugly bruises on my knees later. went to parkway later to buy cake for wen and headed over to Pebble bay for class pot luck.. there was beehoon, chicken wings, fondue, ordered pizza too. a group of us either jumped or got dunked into the pool, claire bought smirnoff ice which had 40% alcohol and spiked our sprite with it.. she was quite high before the end of the night tho. felt guilty for throwing iz into the pool coz she was holding her handphone and jean's camera in her hand.. they weren't really working later...oopss... played truth or dare for a short while.. wen had to go offer durians to this bunch of angmohs having bbq dinner! later we brought out a cake for her since her bday two days away.. went home soaking wet in the end. fell asleep during Initial D.. fung so gonna kill me =p

    5 July
    last day of break.. went to bugis street to hunt for some cheap buys..but most shops not open.. yh looking for cosplay stuff.. wig and ahem, some intimate wear.. didnt buy anything but sf splurged on a nice top and kl on a necklace which she loved. a lot like love was the movie screening for the nite.. but 45 mins in only we realised it was the wrong side.. we started in the middle of nowhere! but movie was sucky and rather juvenile.. ashton kutcher cant act for nuts! have to go sleep earlier coz have guitar performance the next day
    Friday, July 01, 2005
    Title : non mugging days of June hols
    Time : 2:42 pm

    hostel comp room was left in darkness for like quite a few weeks now..so only chance to blog is in school. end of june hols was meant for mugging... the frustration of memorising..late nights..going crazy hours..caffeine rush for some.. but all that not worth mentioning... just the breaks from the monotony of studying...

    22nd June
    Happy Birthday CK! had such a headache planning what to do, what presents to buy--ask fung! in the end almost all plans fell thru.. just managed to go out for movie Batman Begins with bday boy, yh, jon, charsau, sf skipped the movie tho and was given the responsibility of buying presents.. before the movie started, three of us darted away to look for the Ck underwear shop in Citylink... totally sf's idea to get the thong! obscene obscene... giggling so much in the shop that im sure the salesgirls were looking at us in disdain. Movie was better than expected.. better than all the previous batman installments.. those kinda movies with deeper meaning that was unravelled later.. started off not understanding what was going on with bruce wayne in the middle of jail but that was all explained later.. rachel dawes was not that much of a damsel in distress as expected (like mary jane in spiderman) at least she has her own principles she stands firmly by..so rating i'd give: 3.5/5
    turned out sf thought all the wallets and pencil cases were ugly..in her opinion anyways.. but managed to find a rather decent one in the wallet shop... had to disappear from the group again just before dinner and to get a card too. dinner @ pastamania.. not exactly 'maniacal' about the pasta there tho... the smell of the parmesan cheese..eeew...
    at night the girls managed to ask mr. chan to make announcement for ck to come down.. wanted him to put on a stern booming voice but he didnt.. altho ck admitted he was a tad scared hahaha.. he just asked him to sit and wait in the office (no questions asked!) coz we had to prepare lighting the cake! by the time the guys dawdled downstairs all the candles were like melted stubs already. when mel called mr chan to say let ck go, he went back so quickly that we had to yell to him and start singing the birthday song!

    24th june
    swan lake concert by the royal ballet @ esplanade. bunch of us girls dressed to the nines--everyone was wolf whistling at yh coz she bought a sexy top and she had the figure to fill it out hahahaha.. more commotion when we met a certain someone along the way =p
    dinner at thai express there.. some nice tomyam but didnt enjoy my soft shell crab much.. the sauce was kinda sickening..
    performance started around 8.15pm.. didnt get the first act much coz we didnt get the programme booklet... only after the 2nd act, then i realised after reading the synopsis that its actually like the cartoon swan princess that ive watched countless times when i was younger.. except the cartoon was disneyfied to have a happy ending of course.. the actual version is that the two lovers jumped into the lake and died. lovely dancing.. the 3rd and 4th act more exciting and breathtaking ballet.