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    Wednesday, November 30, 2005
    Title : Club Momo
    Time : 4:53 am

    Earworm: Champagne Supernova~~Oasis

    Ladies nite
    12am: climbed the back gate. off we were to club momo at central mall. not cinderellas, us.
    the smoky interior made my eyes dry. had my lens drop at hand tho. yh and sf got gin tonic for us. preferred whisky coke. took a few sips of yh's sweet bourbon. im a lousy alcohol drinker. momo life was smaller than i imagined. danced along to some songs. the band Bad For Boys played not long after. yh in a dilemma coz she ignored the guitarist's greetings...twice! familiar tracks like My Sacrifice, I Hate Myself For Loving You, Summer of 69...hmm..somehow cant remember much of what they played for their 3rd set. yh had some unwanted attention but luckily we managed to drag her away. dancing near the stage during the 4th set. they played some AC/DC, Def Leppard, Greenday, Oasis...I Love Rock and Roll. rock on, andy! had quite a fun time, cant believe the club spun spice up your life by the spice girls tho. and i was dancing along to it!
    Tuesday, November 29, 2005
    Title : Shopping frenzy
    Time : 9:52 pm

    Earworm: Can I Have It Like That~~Pharrell feat. Gwen Stefani

    26 nov
    7.30am bus. had a lil hiccup when we couldn't find kl and thought the bus was due to depart at 7am. but come 7.30, all was well, everyone ready to go!
    jam at the highway before immigration. didnt get onto the north south highway til past nine. couldnt sleep much due to explosions courtesy of Pearl Harbour playing. sf slept the whole way thru tho. another case of early bird doesnt get the worm. ck and brit's bus left at 8am yet they arrived 10 mins earlier. had lunch (rather exorbitant for a mamak stall- came up to RM52 for 6 girls) behind bangsar lrt station. mel and ys staying over at my place whereas sf and yh shacked up at kl's. hit the shops in one utama at 4pm. mel was first to try an oriental looking purple coloured piece. looks nice but cutting a bit odd in the middle. kl tried on a good many embellished dresses in salabianca. found a lovely brown and green one but comes with an ugly granny overcoat that probably made the price RM100 extra. eclipse had a lot of nice dresses but none my size. ys tried on a resplendent black sequinned one but price was sky high. not much haul except for cheap 3 for RM10 earrings at tribal spirit. dinner was at chilli's bar. first time there. liked the platter. wasnt all up for the nachos though.

    27 nov
    lot 10. pestered mel to try on the dress i liked in eclipse, just to see how it looks like on a real person, not the mannequin. turns out she loved the velvet dress. first girl to find her prom wear!
    saw zang toi's shop but too intimidated by designer wear to actually step inside.

    sungei wang plaza.
    more affordable choices. tried on a dark red one shouldered top at tangs but too long for me, a bit loose although its XS. KL was next to buy, a sexy black full length gown from Seduction. she picked out a dress for me at zenza. it was deep red with thin vertical stripes and black scarf like material sewn on to the straps. wasn't over the moon about the dress tho it fits perfectly. so continued walking. lunch was at kim gary. very indulgent. rich french toasts, cheese baked rice, chicken, snow mountain, fried rice. yh bought a white one which was half price. indian princess! ys and i found ours at Feel, both black, mine was a bit plain so need more accessories to glam it up. so now we focus all our attention on sf, who eventually got a deep purple one at redrummurder. notice the palindrome in that label? yes, mission for prom dress accomplished...not quite yet.. still left with accessories and shoes galore. sf was first to get a silver pair of shoes from nose. so ends the shopping trip with kfc

    28th nov
    yh and sf headed back to the small red dot today. kl to tired to join us. so we met up with lh, ck and brit at one utama yet again! had lunch first at dave's deli. liked my gourmet meatballs. then split up, let the guys do their own shopping for grad nite. ys found a nice pair of shoes from vincci, i fell in love with silver ones on the promotional poster in the store. too bad its sold out. tried to find similar ones but settled for a white and silver one at nose. we also stopped by the maybelline counter to buy foundation, concealer and mascara. the guys did their shopping at soda and zara. went home to have dinner.. mm.. home cooked food... had tofu, duck and fish. watched movies at night. big fish. loved it more the 2nd time watching. mel was sniffing at the end. followed with cold mountain. bloody, quite powerful movie about atrocities of war tho its also ultimately a love story. just coz movies are meant to turn out this way, inman(jude law) could survive so many gunshots and mishaps on his ardous trek to cold mountain but cant get killed anyway when reunited with Ada Monroe(nicole kidman). ruby thewes(renee zellwegger) was a right spitfire character. yes, she deserved her best supporting actress oscar for this role. rating: 3.5/5

    29th nov
    time to go back to good ol' singapore (ha!) sorry didnt spend too much time with my sis who's having her spm.. dinner at mcd with other gals but cheekily refused to let fc know what we bought. =p
    Friday, November 25, 2005
    Title : Final hurdle!
    Time : 9:32 pm

    Earworm: Hold on~~Good Charlotte

    yup i have to keep on humming that song to myself in the final week of A Levels.. no point giving up now.. must persevere no matter how the tedium strikes me!

    21 nov
    Bio paper 3
    no asexual reproduction, control of flowering and fruit ripening at all! well, at least the essay was not bad tho i was hazy about functions of the placenta.

    22 nov
    Math S
    stupid mistake. an aSS of a paper. had a dripping tap behind me with irking snorts and sniffles. nerves about to snap. dunno why ppl say its more do-able then the prelims one.
    ah well, at least now i can look forward to HARRY POTTER and the GOBLET OF FIRE
    our show is at 2.35pm. meanwhile, when we're having lunch, jol and sf on a job hunt whereas kl and yh in a job interview for event promoters. fingers crossed for em!
    one of the first times we're early for the show.. kl filled us in on what their job was about, the interviewer dished out enticing nuggets like being affiliated to coffee bean, tcc...so far so good.
    saw the chronicles of narnia trailer again. apparently its out on dec 8th in msia.. only showing on 22nd in singapore. yeah, malaysia boleh to beat the pirates!
    Image hosted by Photobucket.com
    would have liked to see a bit more of quidditch but the twins were hilarious. they made more appearance this time but at the expense of other characters like dobby, winky and S.P.E.W. but no big loss, not entirely fond of house elves. there was also no rita skeeter's animagus nor krum calling hermione "herm-own-ninny". not a glimpse of the veelas either just some ridiculous beauxbatons entrance. obviously to squeeze 734 brilliant pages (yes, its my fave of the series!) into a mere 157 minutes is not easy. i heard before that they actually considered filming two movies, and release them in the same year, like matrix. as expected, having reread the book this june, i would have nitpicking to do for deviation from the book like a rather overly dramatic wild dragon chase that wrecked some parts of Hogwarts (but guess it makes for standard cinematic experience), the disgusting flicking of the tongue like a snake of barty jr. and also the ruthless unsporting behaviour of harry and cedric in the final rush for the triwizard cup. also didnt picture the students headbanging! that said, enjoyed all scenes of the twins esp them being rejected coz of the age line and growing beards, ron's despair over his dress robes, moody turning malfoy into a ferret, the battle between voldemort and harry (priori incantatum), still felt the strangle of tears when cedric died. (girls all over swooning over a lost cutie) Though may be confusing to non readers, its still filled with amazing imagery, amusing moments and developing characters. i need a second viewing! rating: 4/5

    24 nov
    last day for most science students except for those foolhardy enough to take S papers. even so for the poor souls taking econs and bio S. had to suffer thru the weekend.
    Bio 1
    some hard questions. calculated about 10 repeated questions so not that bad. went back to hostel to watch 40 year old virgin. wasn't as funny as i thought it would be but still drew some chuckles. wasnt as dirty as ck warned it would be though showed some porn. sweet at times, somehow the line when andy said all this while he wonders whether there's something wrong with him but actually he realised he's been waiting for her sounds a little contrived. maybe its just me. random quote from the movie: you know how i know you're gay? coz u listen to coldplay.. ye-oouchh!
    class dinner at night in changi airport. swensen's terminal 2. made jx and joe wait for half an hour for me, so sorry! they refused to be treated ice-cream (sorta) had chicken teriyaki, lovely tho a bit oily. made space for desserts: topless 5-- lime sherbet(jx's pick--enough lime already =) didnt let her have yam lol), cookies and cream(my pick), sticky chewy chocolate(joe's pick..mmm chocolate..), mocha almond fudge(my fave of the 5!) and vanilla lime(flavour of the month). snapped some photos later and my sweet darling walked me home =)

    25 nov
    freedom is impending, albeit a temporary one.
    chem S
    zoomed into one easy organics question. can only do half of the other questions. too little time left.
    A Levels is officially O.V.E.RRRRRRRRRR!!!!
    our fates are sealed. its time now to let our hair down, kick back and relax!
    katong laksa for dinner.
    going back KL tomorrow. woohoo!
    Friday, November 18, 2005
    Title : the three day itch
    Time : 8:01 pm

    Earworm: Hung Up~~Madonna

    15 nov
    itchy bitchy bug bites
    drive me up the wall
    then came the scratches
    no rest for me at all...

    what started out as red dots soon blossomed into swelling bumps that will make a bullfrog proud. robbed me of my sleep before chem paper 2 as i tried to tear my fingernails away from digging into the red angry skin.
    Luckily went to see doctor later, his cream worked wonders! i feel indebted. ah well, he had my 5 dollars.
    btw, paper 2 was manageable, if one had read the notes, which i hadnt, that's why i was kicking myself over it. lesson not learnt after paper 3. still overdosed on confidence for chem. but that was not apparent today before paper 1 when i suddenly freaked out, realising its the last chance to make it for chem. didn't turn out to be as disastrous as i thought.
    in the meantime, econs papers were totally unexpected, essays were a mess and finished ahead of time coz couldnt rack my brains for any facts that i've studied. no time for case study. MCQ.. someone from another class spotted 8 repeated questions!
    today the hall erupted in cheers after the PCEM combi are done with their A levels. horror week for them but rewarded with early relief. bah, don't have to rub it in to the struggling bio students.

    trivia for the day: classical music makes a better brew for soya sauce (rock music not recommended) more on links between music and food
    Thursday, November 17, 2005
    Title : no toilet breaks for you!
    Time : 8:27 pm

    this is an image of a sad life where efficiency is key to productivity in the office.

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com
    Friday, November 11, 2005
    Title : One week down
    Time : 10:26 pm

    Earworm: Sitting, Waiting, Wishing~~Jack Johnson

    Nov 8th: The start of a new doom
    Bio 2-- essays were unexpected, don't expect to score well in them. but the structured questions were not so bad
    Math 2-- ok, careless mistakes spotted, realisation came only after the paper

    Nov 9th: Funky chemistry
    Chem 3-- weird, weird, weird, starting from the first question. carelessness from deductive organic question
    amazing race pt 1 at night. later learned paolo family got eliminated, aw.. but couldnt stand the sight of DJ anyway so good riddance.

    Nov 10th: counting chickens before their eggs hatched
    a bit confident bout math, didnt practise that much. turned out harder than expected

    Nov 11th: generally, not well done
    GP 1--did the essay: How far do magazines and television programmes aimed at young people in Singapore have a positive effect? simply threw in weak arguments like increase in promiscuity for balance.. argh!
    actually read up on sports but only on the cheating and unsporting behaviour aspect so couldnt do the question on whether hosting major sporting events have more benefits or losses.
    GP 2-- where's the other passage? oh, there's only one.. didn't get what the AQ was asking for

    so ends the first week of torture. watched Fight Club at night to unwind. seem like a modern day satire of consumerism, didn't really catch some dialogue, especially brad pitt's lines but liked most of the wittiness. think it'll take me quite some time to understand the whole movie, sometimes im just used to watching movies that don't require much thinking that when it comes to it i cant really catch up. worth another watch some other day. wonder how it would've been like if i didnt read the book and learnt that edward norton and brad pitt's character were one and the same--tyler durden. the visuals were good though, especially how they depicted his apartment as an IKEA catalogue. what you own end up owning you.. kudos to the soundtrack too.
    Friday, November 04, 2005
    Title : SuperKool
    Time : 10:03 pm

    Earworm: Sweet Child O' Mine~~Guns N' Roses

    4 more days to A levels and we're going out to Esplanade on a Friday night to catch Rafe? super...kool! hahahaha... it's a gig put together by SuperMario of Power98 fm together with his fellow countrymen Bad for Boys from Phillipines.
    since the mother-daughter missed dinner, we went to Makansutra to grab a bite... and missed the opening song of Rafe! it was the song we were there for.. Perfect Day.. ah well, enjoyed Everything, their first single. they handed the stage over to Mario who kicked things off with Nickelback's Photograph. Other songs they performed included Des'ree's You Gotta Be, and i quite enjoyed the duet between lead singer Madonna and Mario, just found out the song is called The Hurt by A Side. Jol perked up considerably when they played an oldie-- When I see you smile by Bad English, was amused by keyboardist Joe's emotive performance and how he taps his foot to the music. Another singer Red totally has this cool, chill out vibe and he could really change his voice to suit the songs like he could do an Adam Levine while belting out This Love and then a gruff version of Paul McCoy in Bring Me To Life. The climax was definitely Sweet Child O' Mine where Andy the lead guitarist really shone. his fingers, man! I was completely blown away and stand impressed. They finished with a medley of My Sacrifice and some other songs i cant remember.
    YH was so pumped up she wanted to stay for the 2nd slot which starts at 8.45pm. we all agreed to stay and jol and mar went around searching for Rafe's lead singer which Jol gushed about him being oh-so-cute. YH commended Madonna for her performance, and she encouraged her to go for Club Momo where they'll be playing for a year and wednesday's Ladies' Night! haha.. now she can say she shoke hands with Madonna!
    Pretty soon, Rafe came on again with Perfect Day. loved the wa-wa pedal Robin used to make the um, wa-wa effect. the Bad for Boys slot was shorter, they sang Everything I do for the oldie section and Mario sang one of his songs from the album. after jol pointed out not so discreetly that his ahem, member was huge, me and yh got distracted whenever he came on stage. haiyo..
    was anticipating the grand finale of sweet child o' mine and Andy didnt let us down. im in awe.... loved the solo sections of the members. must mention marc on bass too... brings back memories of me playing bass. haha...
    after that, mar and jol went on search for awi rafael again but ended up with jol taking picture with Red (not Brown) and i went to buy Rafe's EP. the band was just right behind me and i waved for mar and jol to come over. they asked Robin for a picture and Jordan the drummer came up too and asked for their names, nice friendly people, Yh offered to take the picture and i squeezed in last second. later jol was mouthing off bout her earlier "crush's" attitude tho but appeased by Red handsomeness... (?) while Mar couldnt stop squealing about Robin's cuteness.
    Thursday, November 03, 2005
    Title : Beautiful night
    Time : 10:13 pm

    Earworm: You're Beautiful~~James Blunt

    in commemoration of our 2nd month anniversary... we went out for dinner at Olio in Suntec, it was rather pricey, food was like the gourmet kind.. mmm.. don't think i really appreciate that kind of food, my slipper lobster linguini had a too creamy sauce which could really give one a feeling of too much of a good thing. his lamb grill came out to be two satay worth of lamb pieces, another small chunk and three sausages with fine grains which we couldn't make out what it was but he reckoned it was what made the dish so expensive. well, the ambience made up for the priciness at least.
    this is his gift to me, Zadie Smith's latest, On Beauty, I have restained myself from tearing off the shrinkwrap in view of the impending A Levels. oh, and for a dash of romance, he surprised me with a single red rose, beautiful and fragrant.