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    Friday, September 10, 2004
    Title : Pig Out!
    Time : 7:22 am

    Earworm: Bubblin' ~~ Blue

    Happy Birthday Selene!

    She was already hooked on the Net when me and yh found her this morning to give her the prezzie--a blue cushion- we bought the other day. She greeted us with shrieks of delight =) You're very much welcome... Yeah, you're 18 now, girl! Asked her about her plans for the day and she smilingly said her classmates are taking her out for lunch. So, great, that leaves dinner free. Z will be the planner for the evening---she suggested seoul garden --an all-you-can-eat BBQ zone in Bugis.
    So, come lunch she was eating in the hostel. (???) When confronted, she told us that she's going out with her friends for an early dinner instead...what??? how bout your poor hostel mates? Haha where do we fit into your social calendar? Ah well, she said maybe supper then.

    Later in the afternoon....
    Z furiously Smsing people to join in the celebration....getting calls now and then from bday gal that the 'early' dinner turned out to be a reservation in Swensen's at 7.30pm. By then Z went quite ballistic... What?! I'm gonna kill your classmates!

    Leaving for Seoul Garden...
    her prince chickened out and ate in the hostel instead. turns out that zero guys are going save for K, who's already there searching for a present, together with Mel and KL. So there's eight of us in total. Bday gal joining us later after her class celebration, by then she was giddy with joy after the sweet stunts her friends pulled on her at NTUC. =) you deserve it.

    Stuffing our faces...
    Korean BBQ is essentially a buffet where you cook your food by either boiling them in tomyam/chicken soup or, well, bbq them. But the fire was a tad too strong and we ended up charring a lot of our food. blech. There was a huge variety of chicken and beef, fish, and all those fishpaste products, lobak, veg, mee, whatever else you can think off. Also cooked fishballs, pizza, ice kacang, free flow of drinks, ice-cream....urgh I'm quite sickened thinking about my stomach that night again. When the night was drawing to a close, we were all feeling bloated, swearing off food for days. That will teach us a lesson for being so greedy!
    Sunday, September 05, 2004
    Title : hostel nite
    Time : 11:05 am

    Earworm: Hey Ya~~Outkast

    Who the hell came up with that idea?

    Misinformed about PE getting cancelled on Friday, last period. hate getting sweaty. even tho it's just a mild game of Captain's Ball. I touched the ball like a total of 5 times in the game. Yay for me. If not I let the ball slip out of my butter fingers. Ball games are not my forte at all, unless it involves a harmless ping pong ball...ah now you're talking!
    Anyway after playing in the burning evening sun, time to head back for hostel dinner at 5.30pm. shuttling back together with me was Z (on the hostel prom com) and brit. Z was practically dozing off from fatigue of staying up til 3am to finish her tutorial. Singapore has this effect on you =/ Brit meanwhile was fussing (again) about formal wear required at the dinner table which was held at the glamorous location of the hostel canteen aka jail cell. me gettin messages from my adamant room mate who had her mind made up of skipping the confounded event.
    So..sorry Z looks like McDs is more inviting than hostel food.

    Saw Jol on her way to her uncle's house in Johor. struggling with two big bags of luggage. Packed all her notes inside. Ha! let's see how much mugging she can do back home. *Sniff* I sacrificed my hols to stay caged in the hostel for swotting. Sent her off in 158....then we waited, for brit's room mate LH. also for mine YH. suey ended up joining us too. coz we were stupidly waiting at the bus stop for all to see we're skipping the hostel function.
    So we trooped to McDs...CK joining us later after his PE.

    After that, somehow something made me go for the hostel dance.

    Who the hell came up with this idea?

    The hall was huge. perhaps emphasised by the sad fact of the little people who filled it. Some of us JCians just stood stiffly in our uniforms, not bothered to dress up for this do. in contrast, the sec school students were dressed to the nines, banging their head and shaking their hips to the music. At least some of us were having fun. Ah, well, they must not get out often.

    So the night sucked. Only amusing part was seeing the look on A's face when he was summoned onstage as a hostel king nominee. and also KL for queen! you go, girl!

    Thursday, September 02, 2004
    Title : MERDEKA!
    Time : 6:27 am

    Earworm: Why Can't I? ~~Liz Phair

    Yesterday was Malaysia's national day...so you have all the hostel mates wishing each other Selamat Hari Merdeka. (Happy National Day) which I'm sure if we were all in Malaysia, it's an unprecedented greeting. Like one said, we're in a kiasu land which we must keep our Malaysian spirit alive haha.
    Before this day there were plans to go to the Malaysian High Commission. Coincidentally, August 31st was Teacher's Day celebration in school as we have a holiday commemorating the said day on 1st Sept. So we were released early from school. Somehow watching a movie won out going to the MHC. Haha, where has nationalism gone?
    The choice of movie was 13 going on 30, starring Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo. Me and Jol decided on either 4.45pm or 5.15 pm coz we had to wait for the 2nd intakers to finish their remedial classes...poor things.
    So Jol, YH and me headed down to Orchard at about 3.30pm. Took us about half an hour to reach Cineleisure. only to find that it was full house and the next movie was 9.00pm! So we hot-footed down to Shaw House for the alternative of 5.15pm. But alas, there were only four dispersed seats left when we need 5 so the next best option was 7.15pm.
    Meanwhile, brit and CK arrived by Mrt, with brit whinging about being in school uniform and Jol rebutting that nobody's gonna look at you anyways. After that, we hung around Far East Plaza, bought a cute cushion for a friend's upcoming birthday. The odd thing is that us girls and the two guys always ended up going separate ways and just meeting up for the movie. hmmm...maybe guys just don't like going shopping with girls. Even though I'm hanging out with two un-girly girls. By that I mean that they are not the type to shop for make-up, killer heels, skimpy tops...etc. Just normal stuff like accessories, sports bag and this designer tee shop with all kinds of obscene messages printed.
    So the movie was quite the enjoyable popcorn fare I expected. The guy in the movie, Matt was just too sweet for words. Wouldn't you want a guy who spends 3 weeks making a doll house for you and still keeping it after 20 years even though you threw it at him in a fit of anger? Loved Jenna's idea for the new design of the magazine. But when things go all wrong in the end, the movie conveniently used fairytale logic to reverse time and made things too simply put right. Maybe I'm just a pessimist at heart, I mean everyone loves happy endings right? Just that why does it show her taking the easy way out and not how she dealt with her problems?

    2 things I learnt today:
    -Neoprints are actually addictive! Had my first copy printed yesterday. The downside is the machine operates entirely in Japanese so we were totally lost at what to do and just randomly clicking at the screen and wound up with an image that took a shot of our legs!
    -Never wear heels when walking on Orchard. Thought I might just have a relaxing time not walking around much in the cinema but then the erratic timing forced me to go lepak. and at the end of the night i can hardly walk without limping. gah do i need more practice or what?