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    Tuesday, May 22, 2007
    Title : The List
    Time : 12:19 am

    1. California!
    2. Summer blockbusters...arrr!
    3. Harry Potter and other novels
    4. Cross stitching
    5. Cooking (hah!)
    6. Subang Jaya 10km run
    7. islandtripislandtripislandtrip
    8. Sales! *shoes-2 pairs and counting =p*
    9. Get togethers- people come back from overseas!
    10. Desperate Housewives, Ugly Betty, Heroes
    Monday, May 21, 2007
    Title : Island in the Sun
    Time : 2:49 pm

    I want an island trip!
    Saturday, May 19, 2007
    Title : Sorry no cure
    Time : 8:53 pm

    Headline of The Star today: MPs say sorry

    Nine days after they made their “bocor (leak)” remarks that led to an uproar among women’s groups, the two Members of Parliament finally made a formal apology to all Malaysian women.

    Read the full article

    I was disgusted when I first heard that McPs reared their ugly heads yet again but a wonky router prevented me from blogging about it.

    Now reading their statements, I feel even more repulsed when the two MPs try to add on a smoke screen by saying the opposition are playing up on the issue and that they were reacting to provocation by the opposition.

    "I don't deny that some of us do use disrespectful or crude words to counter the Opposition's arguments, especially when it touches on the Government's credibility"- Jasin MP

    Well, it IS a fact that there are godknowshowmany leaks in the Parliament now. And what? they plan to use RM22million just for checking on the leaks?? One can only surmise how much actual renovations will cost.

    Then both of them try to negate their actions by listing out instances where they help/support womens groups. That's just hypocrisy man. It's as if they're fishing for sympathy points.

    McP statements

    Sometimes it's just so disheartening to read the papers. The last time I came back home, I remembered the uproar caused by some bonehead filming up a journalist's skirt and another McP blaming it on the woman's dressing.
    As for the bocor issue, few days ago they even refused to apologise, the damage has been done. They have sent out the message that it is okay to verbally assault and belittle women, who cares if the person is of opposition or not. Now, I agree with the opposition MP that the apology just sounds forced. Did they need to take nine freaking days to take action? In fact, I foresee this will just be a vicious cycle, unless some severe punishment is meted out to these McPs, how can they just mouth off and expect an apology will be sufficient? It's like... swearing in church then asking God to forgive your sins? I don't know, I suck at analogies.
    Sunday, May 13, 2007
    Title : Mother's Day
    Time : 3:40 pm

    Earworm: Grace Kelly~~ Mika

    our plan for Mother's Day this year was to bake a cake, a depart from the usual cookies. Originally we intended to import the baking utensils and kitchenware to our house courtesy of my sister's friend Calyn, but what the heck the latter said it was better we do it in their house instead. So fabricated excuse to mum, out we drove to our first cake-baking experience!

    We asked her to choose a simple recipe- Chocolate Moist Cake, when we arrived, already Calyn and her mum was taking charge of the situation. Me and sis felt like too much cooks only... =/ I helped like 10% of sieving the flour, cocoa powder, baking powder and sodium bicarbonate, 10% coz i spilt the powders all over and Calyn had to take over instead. heh.

    This whisking machine (?) is such a cool contraption, you just pour everything in there, butter, eggs, the sieved stuff above, bit by bit though, to enhance uniform smoothness (what a pharm prac term!)
    and voila u have cake batter! (no pic)

    These are ingredients for the chocolate moist, corn starch, cocoa powder, evaporated milk, castor sugar, vanilla essence, water, egg yolks (though we forgot to add them til later)

    Heating the chocolate moist over a steamer. Butter to be added in when the mixture turns thick. Mmmm...

    Leftover from the whisking machine. Lick it!

    The rising cake batter

    Kinda cracked on top, when we took it out there were two holes in the bottom, the pros couldn't figure out what was wrong... **

    Oooh, the chocolate moist

    **... we salvaged it to become a quarter of a cake, some slices stacked on top of each other, it's kinda rich anyway so this serving is alright. The leftovers were either eaten by us or given to Kev for ready made mother's day gift. Hah!
    Title : Gaming
    Time : 4:48 am

    O-M-G.. i just spent like the last five hours straight playing Fairygodmother Tycoon! and that's not counting the hours i played in the afternoon... The time is now 4.49am. Good night!
    Friday, May 11, 2007
    Title : Heatwave
    Time : 5:22 pm

    It's so bloody hawwwwwttt in KL right now....

    The water should be poured onto my car, along with soap =p
    Title : Virgin drive to Hartamas
    Time : 4:50 pm

    Earworm: Sweet Escape~~Gwen Stefani feat kelefeh Akon

    Ok, the main drive for the drive (bad pun intended) was to take advantage of the sale at Cats Whiskers! muahahah...
    50% off tops, dresses, bags, shoes, accessories
    60% off bottoms
    I don't know how long this will last though, but only half the shop was in discount. Managed to get a turqoise tube dress for RM49.50! it had a little rent at the hem but i liked it too much and it was quite a steal.. i have to stop this urge of buying dresses! I have like, 7 now.. there, that didn't sound too bad right.. I wanted to buy this gold bag which was probably going at around RM35 after discount? But my sis said it was too big for me.. They normally are.

    Surprisingly for a posh place like Hartamas, you'd expect the roads to be well paved right. No, it was dusty and full of pot holes. I guess sorta like how you'd expect the Parliament not to have water leakage problems, how can my own home be built better than the Parliament???

    Oddly enough, there were no parking meters there either, but with common double parking, it's probably better to go into those RM3.00 per entry parking areas, which was rather dingy looking too. Before getting down there was no jaga kereta people in sight but when we got back, there was this nicely dressed macha asking for money. Ah well, there goes our free parking.

    Later we went to explore plaza damas where i didn't drive close enough to the parking ticket machine, and the guard there was blur and didnt help me press, so i had to open the car door to get it, and this impatient bastard behind me honked at me. As if the weather wasn't enough to send my blood boiling.

    Hartamas shopping centre was quite deserted but managed to get a pair of flats for RM15, and they had delightful little stalls selling accessories. My sis got a lovely hairclip for RM19, jealous of long hair.. but then i saw Pink's hairstyle on American Idol yesterday and I wondered if I should get one like that. hahaha

    It was a smooth journey back. Pat on the back for exploring Hartamas and braving the haphazad traffic!

    yay, loot!
    Sunday, May 06, 2007
    Title : Face Trading
    Time : 4:43 pm

    face/off? =p
    picture captured at Dawson's Place, Queensway
    Wednesday, May 02, 2007
    Title : Morbid thoughts
    Time : 10:59 pm

    Earworm: yi lu shun feng

    I don't know why sometimes I think of morbid what-ifs
    Like what if the mrt comes and i got stuck on the rails
    what if the truck hurtling along me on the highway lost control and smashed into my car
    what if i got struck by lightning
    what if flammable liquid tanks just blew up beside me
    what if the plane crashes
    what if the roller coaster derailed or flung me high into the air
    Of course, such sentiments have not stopped me from taking MRTs, exerting my driving privileges, having an umbrella open during a storm, walking past tanks every week to my SS lecture, going on overseas trips and visiting theme parks, thank goodness. Imagine what it's like to live with a phobia of everything potentially fatal.
    Rather, such thoughts probably resonate in other people, the core essence being 'If I die, will I be missed?'
    What will my funeral be like? What would people say about me? Would my eulogies be sincere? How will people remember me by? Will people even remember??
    I suppose it's a humbling thought on how I should treat others.
    Title : packing blues
    Time : 9:43 pm

    I'm supposed to pack but look at my job description in the sidebar
    Tuesday, May 01, 2007
    Title : Movin Out
    Time : 12:14 pm

    Tis the season when the hall looks like a dumping ground