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    Sunday, March 27, 2005
    Title : Good Friday weekend
    Time : 1:15 pm

    Earworm: Standing still ~~ Jewel
    Currently reading: Brave New World ~~ Aldous Huxley

    went to watch the Eye 10 on Friday, no relation to The eye 1 or 2, in case you've been wondering where u've been and missed 3,4,5...9 hahaha
    quite a long queue of people at Lido, brit, jol, mar, mel and i were waiting in line as well. thats when mar spotted Siow (oh no! for brit coz siow asked him to go watch movie with him but he declined coz of *ahem* certain reasons unmentionable =p), along with the juniors. so brit was trying to keep outta sight but still was seen coz mar had to ask a favour from them since they're ahead of the popcorn queue lol! we were sitting in the same row as them some more, just separated by one aisle.
    Eye 10 was definitely more enjoyable then Boogeyman (can't believe i watched 2 horror movies in 2 weeks!) It's more comedy-horror than plain scare fest like the latter and the atmosphere was way better. Kudos to a good cinema audience who screamed and laughed at the appropriate times. Rating: 3.5/5

    on Sat, yet another trip to NUS. The bus was impatiently waiting for us at 7.30am! when we reached the lecture theatre, we found out that the talk was scheduled at 9am instead, so stupidly we were the first JC there. (had to wear uniforms)
    the talk was mainly promoting NUS and NTU this time also. and the MOE officers were there to clarify some doubts about the ASEAN undergraduate scholarship.. seems like they only award 60 per intake! gosh, thats tough competition there... not that i'm compelled to stay in singapore. would love to go overseas, thing is, im clueless over what to study. recently all the career fairs and exhibitions seem to crop up like cendawan lepas hujan (sprouting like mushrooms after the rain). there was this Brightsparks talk during mass civics last Wednesday in school. which reminds me that i have not checked my account since then. the brightsparks portal is something like a collection of all the data required to further education. it has info on entry requirements, scholarships, modules... etc. geez i sound like an advert.
    ok, i've ruled out engineering since i don't take physics, law since i can't talk, and the arts since i have no creative genes. life sciences is what i say when people ask questions or when my mum presses on about career options. but what exactly is it about? it's a whole wide range of disciplines that have to be further narrowed down... ah what the heck, just concentrate on studies and think about this later. i just hope later won't be too late.
    Sunday, March 20, 2005
    Title : End of March hols
    Time : 9:04 pm

    Earworm: Sometimes you can't make it on your own~~ U2
    Still reading: The Picture of Dorian Gray~~ Oscar Wilde

    Things have been looking up during 2nd half of March hols... went out nearly everyday that resulted in the neglection of my bloggie...

    Thurs 17/3
    Out on a mission to get Zebra's present as her bday is tomorrow. yh, fung, mar and me went to far east to look for something suitable. the initial plan was to get her anything zebra related... maybe wallet or soft toy or... black and white bra?? hahaha but we don't know her size... realised that 77th street is on nearly every floor of far east plaza. then we decided to get her a necklace but don't really know her taste... argh... this is getting hopeless! surprisingly quite a lot of shops were still closed... or maybe it's coz we were there quite early since mar had library duty later.
    Gave up searching in Far East and headed to Takashimaya instead. Found a toy zebra from Kalm's (actually it looked more like a horse with some stripes =p) and thought of getting Seaweed's present(a pillow in the shape of a cat's face) at the same time. Plus we threw in a wastepaper basket for them to share since they're fellow room mates after all.
    Mission accomplished! off to Delifrance for lunch. I was quite sickened by my chicken mayo croissant and so were the others by their potato gratin. not to say it wasn't nice tho.. maybe just too much of a good thing.
    Mar decided the heck with library duty, go visit her parents in Chinatown instead... you go girl! haha.. screw library! yh had to go off to CGH for her appointment. left me n fungus who met up with the gay partners for Boogeyman in Plaza Singapura.
    Movie was sucky with non-existent plot. plus a couple of girls sitting the row behind us cant keep their bloody mouths shut. had to talk on top of their voices for every scene and shriek their lungs out at every sudden movement in the movie... one guy commented 'eh you're scaring me more than the movie lah!' but me and fung were covering our ears and eyes most of the time. (Brit: lousy and useless la u all) In one scene where the main character visited his mother's coffin, we anticipated that something bad was gonna happen.. even CK closed his eyes hahaha! Later brit was so happy bout the movie say it's damn fun but fungus scared to sleep at night! had to make sure that mar was gonna be back in the room and not staying with her parents.

    Fri 18/3
    Mar told me that fungus was so scared by the movie that she didn't dare to sleep with her head near the closet (lol!)... but when she lay near the study table she could see the bathroom door with its door slightly ajar and glowing with the bathroom light. she was so disturbed by it that she went to slam the door shut and ended up sleeping with her head near the closet!

    Later at night, went to meet yh at ECP, persuaded Mel to go, she initially wanted to stay in and do tutorials...hahaha my powers of persuasion are getting stronger! so it was mel n yh on bikes and brit, ck and me blading. we had difficulty going over humps... so pathetic.. had to rely on yh to pull me over some or else i lose my momentum and roll backwards! brit lost his footing trying to go up a hump and had to be helped up my Mel! ck seems to be doing quite well other than occasional times when he went too fast and flung his arms out to regain his balance. haha..
    Blading can be pretty tiring work... at about 10.15pm, we decided to head back towards the rental shack. since discovering that i can blade faster and more confidently if i held on to yh while she cycled, i was lazy and just relied on her to pull me along on the way back. that is, til i went past a metal drainhole and suddenly felt my right blade was imbalanced. it had only 3 wheels! the others backtracked to help me look for it while i stood helplessly rooted to the spot. it was after a while that i realised the wheel was stuck somewhere at the back of the blade with the stopper thingy... gah im bad at describing! with a lil prying, the wheel fell out. so the hunt was stopped. again, depended on yh for driving force, til i went a tad too fast and lost my balance, pulling her down with me with a mighty CRASH! ok ok that was exaggerated... we fell but no injuries were sustained... oh except for yh's flip-flops.. haha she had to walk barefoot later on. sorry! i'll buy a new pair for you.. can't stand the flourescent ones you're wearing now hehe

    Sat 19/3
    YAY! mum n sis coming down to see me today! they arrived round lunch hour and my uncle took me to the bus station to meet them. after lunch at tiong bahru hawker centre, we checked into duxton hotel in tanjong pagar.
    during the evening we went to chinatown but then decided that there was nothing much to see so i wheedled my way to ask them to eat at The Coffee Club, since they wanted to eat there last year when they came but too many people. me can take advantage of mum being here to eat nice food =)
    thought it was a posh place but apparently not really since there were some people inside dressed in denim shorts. my mum ordered garlic prawns with linguini which was not bad but i preferred mine which was slipper lobster(dunno y it's called that) with linguini. my sis had country pie which had mushroom and mashed potato inside and was covered with a layer of cheese. but didnt understand how mum can call for italian again, since she went to Italy the last weekend and celebrated her wedding anniversary (15/3) with italian food.. we also shared some bruschetta which was garlic bread with sundried tomatoes and salmon.. my first time eating salmon! yeah being the gastronomer (is that the correct word?) i am. maybe the slices were too big coz it tasted like i was putting seawater into my mouth!
    dropped by kinokuniya later. bought sophie's world... saw a whole lotta other books that i wanna read... like
    Rule of four-- Ian Caldwell -- sounds like dan brown material
    Milan Kundera
    Catch 22-- Joseph Heller
    Of fish and bicycles
    Life of Pi-- Yann Martel
    Lovely Bones-- Alice Sebone
    can't recall the rest.. sigh.. so many books so little time!
    watched American Beauty at night. Kevin Spacey was good in there. can see why it was so award-winning.

    Sun 20/3
    Took them to Borders today. At lunch wanted to eat at noodle house but it was quite hidden from view so we went into NYDC instead... sinful food they serve... esp. the desserts! we had pizza and baked rice, the chocolate cake was amazingly rich with oreo cookies! after browsing at HMV, had to send them off and go back to the hostel... the next time i'll see them will prolly be in june.. can't wait for the hols! school reopens the next day...
    Wednesday, March 16, 2005
    Title : SYF pieces in my head
    Time : 7:29 pm

    Earworm: Somebody told me ~~ The Killers
    Currently reading: The Picture of Dorian Gray~~ Oscar Wilde

    BAH! Bloody computer! innocently pressed publish post and it went to cannot find server!
    okay okay calm down.. just have to waste more time retyping it that's ALL..

    quite tired after a looong day in school.. had guitar practise from 8am-4pm.. kinda like the hours of a working day.. how's about a 9 to 5 job huh? but at least today's prac was different than the rest coz our instructor, mr. liaow had us close our eyes and play both pieces.. funny that.. i had to suppress my laughter.. he was going around saying 'you! i'm looking at you and i can see your eyes! close your eyes!' but it was nigh impossible to jump from 2nd to 7th or 9th fret so i risked a peep once in a while =p
    then for besame mucho he wanted us to carry on a conversation while playing.. coz the fingers must move by nature even with distraction.. we made a valiant attempt.. we started and ended on time.. but in between.. hehe.. let's not say anything. but at least i think everyone had fun.
    After practise however, my fingers were feeling pretty assaulted.. still had prac for concert pieces from 2pm-4pm.. after lunch break, my fingers on my left hand really can't take it anymore. but our group slacked away since the chief instructor was busy with the juniors... =p shhh...
    Nearly half the hols had slipped away... hadn't had the chance to go out shopping or watch movie yet.. sigh.. selene! why are you sooo busy... well went swimming yesterday... a break from the monotony of being cooped up in the hostel.. and played a never ending game of uno in the evening.. just watch tv lah.. what else can we do.. American Idol 4 later at 8.30pm... finally i'll get to watch the performances instead of just the results show... and amazing race at 10! can't believe i've missed like 2 or 3 episodes...
    Saturday, March 12, 2005
    Title : NUS open house
    Time : 9:42 pm

    Earworm: Rich Girl~~ Gwen Stefani feat. Eve
    Currently reading: The Face~~ Dan Koontz

    Too hot the eye of heaven shines... Sonnet 18, William Shakespeare

    duped into waking up at 7.00am to leave on the transport provided for us to National University of Singapore (NUS). I say duped because i expected us to be dropped off at the exhibition centre or the talks they had in the multi-purpose halls and leave us be. But nooo.. we scholars have special treatment since we had a pre-programme all lined up for us... first was a talk by the Dean of Office Admissions.. made faculty sound like a bad word =/ was rather general, didnt shed much light on uni life, neither did the mountaineers... too diplomatic lah they all.. like when one guy asked whats one bad thing bout NUS coz every organisation must have its weaknesses right? and the mountaineer just said lack of time.. like thats specific to NUS alone.. we all want time lah! so scared to reveal some bad points for what? not like got NUS spies planted in the auditorium.. well got scholarship officers tho..
    Later when spirits were still semi high, we visited the residential halls, had more refreshments and goodie bags. one girl who lived in sheares hall --one of the newer additions to NUS hence the fresh coat of paint and better facilities-- babbled on bout how we should really experience living in a hall coz its like a close knit family, can go out together for suppers..yadda, yadda, yadda... tempted to tell her, yeah, we know, but that would be rude wouldnt it? =p.. she didnt let me get a word in anyway.
    Got on and off the bus, toured around the sprawling campus. Upon reaching Prince George's Park Residential hall, moods start to get grouchy as the quote above begins to apply here. This is not helped by the inefficiency of the tour guide leading us to many a wrong turn and wrong lift.. haih, we were already complaining bout the humidity and when is this all gonna END???
    when we finally finished touring, the guide suddenly remembered that she forgot (rather paradoxical phrase) to show us the gym and cheerfully asked whether we wanna see it.. and we vehemently denied... shaking our heads, no, no, NO! Lili added helpfully that gyms are more or less similar so we don't need to see em.
    Tour guide: (unfazed) Oh, then do u have any questions?
    FC: yeah, like when can we go back?
    so the whole morning was a waste of time.. seems like they wanna brainwash us to stay so much that they overlooked the important thing, which is the courses they offer and the requirements innit?
    After we were transported to the multi-purpose sports hall, went round the exhibition area collecting brochures, i signed up for a dentistry job shadowing, dunno whether they'll contact me later or what. had lunch near the food stalls and decided to head back since there was an hour left til the medicine talk and we had nothing else to do. got rather tired of the place. as mar put it, 'the good thing bout this is that im more convinced not to stay here for Uni'... cue: always look on the bright side of life!
    the sun got us all hot and bothered as we waited for the bus, but NUS open house attendees were all packed like sardines in the bus. managed to get on one which was not suffocating and made our way to the mrt station. got back to the room, peeled off my sticky garments, bathed and slept the rest of the afternoon away.
    Friday, March 11, 2005
    Title : Temasek Idol
    Time : 12:32 am

    Earworm: Daughters ~~ John Mayer
    Currently reading: Five People You Meet in Heaven~~ Mitch Albom

    Happy 19th Birthday Mar!
    12.01am>> my room was set as the meeting place by fungus b4 entering her room to celebrate Mar's bday. She was sleeping so soundly...
    12.10am>> Zebra, Sf, Seaweed were already in my room but so tired, start to doze off, while waiting for fungus to finish bathing so we can take the cake in...
    12.27am>> Finally, we all crowded into her room and saw the birthday girl lying face down on her bed... one, two, three (softly) happy birthday to you... *she cannot hear lah* *how to wake her up* (louder) Happy Birthday to you... *mar starts to stir* happy birthday to you *awake now* Happy birthday to mar... happy birthday to you.. She sits up in her bed and managed a rather bleary-eyed smile, but perked up at the smell of the coffee cake.. she got coffee and coffee-flavoured sweets for presents.. coffee addict sia... and also pink bimbo stuff! hahaha.. furry lips and pillow radio that actually works... get a screwdriver first, ya!

    Later in the evening...
    6.40pm rushed to pack up after guitar so can make it for Temasek Idol! it generated quite a buzz since the entrance was jam-packed with people and the seats were filling up fast...

    7.00pm>> still no sign of starting.. waiting for the VIPs (ie teachers) to fill up the empty seats reserved for them in the center block

    7.15pm>> the audition footage started running. soon after, Weng's band (some queer name like King Abdul's discount camels, or so i heard) kicked off the show. The first song rocked, they had the sound of an american punk band... this was followed by Mr. Bala's rap performance in Gangster's Paradise which got the crowd cheering like mad... he got the rapper attitood down pat, aight.
    After some rather tiresome oldest-tricks-in-the-book-lemme-hear-you-scream-tactics, the competition finally got rolling. The first performers in the group category was a band called-get this- FCFN-- for college for nation, the school's motto, d'oh! not bad rendition of she will be loved (at least the singer reached the high notes) and was laughing at the band jumping on stage during boulevard of broken dreams. trying to get the rocker cool hahaha
    whoa then group2, chillaz was totally funky. sherry can sing man, but the juniors were rather shrieky at some points and the song did drag in the end, but the harmonies were great and fab outfits...loved the hats!
    up next was this boyband wannabes (5 sig fig) who sang totally out of timing. Needless to say, they got lambasted by the judges. "Congratulations, you've wasted 10 minutes of my life" was one insult and "You should be named 5 insig fig" was another. Boo!

    The competition heated up with Charm, a troupe of year one dancers. They had smashing choreography and synchronised perfectly with their lithe bodies. Unfortunately, TI might've been the wrong platform for them although they got the crowd in an uproar.
    G5: a duo with attitude problem but did a rather good impersonation of Jay Chou.
    G6: Little chicken (what was up with the name?!!) I seriously think they were just put thru the finals for amusement. complete with tambourine, guitar and shaker, sang two cheesy chinese songs which got the audience bursting with laughter.
    G7: D7. SC clowns and beatbox/breakdancer Charles. had lotsa energy and highly entertaining. Comic relief of the night
    G8: Choir group Making Fudge. wonderful harmonies (which is rather expected), cute original song. bo la sa kao pua which translates into 5 for $3.50.. talking bout eggs. hahaha.. well they had their cake and ate it too, since they were crowned winners of the group category.

    As for the soloists...
    S1: Fairly good rendition of I turn to you by Christina. she could hit the high notes but normal voice otherwise.
    S2: Ooohh... my favourite! A guy singing "Something Stupid" accompanied by guitar. *swoon swoon* lovely rich voice.. imagine if someone is serenading you like that... so romantic... haha... he got chibix gushing.. so dreamy... and melted mar and cf's hearts =p
    S3: Mariah carey copycat.
    S4: Good pianist with When I Fall In Love. Too bad her mike keep getting lower and lower and distorted her voice, until 3/4 into the song an AV member adjusted the mike then only her voice was projected loud and clear
    S5: Pleasant voice but Angels was wrong song for him. especially after making a sappy speech in the middle of the song, lost the momentum to sing and can't reach the high parts
    S6: sincere singer, but voice fell short. esp when singing can you feel the love tonight
    S7: Iz-- who the class is rooting for but not strong enough stage presence. well, it's an improvement from last year tho.. at least you were in the top group.
    S8: Last year's winner- charles. with his heartfelt composition and guitar playing. later did some pretty good impersonation of Perfect 98.7fm. Undeniably talented, but should've let someone else have the chance of winning TI. Impressed enough of the audience to be the winner for the 2nd consecutive time, tho.

    Before the results were announced, Silversound, last year's school band were fillers. Had a rather toned down image.. sang 'You and I both', 'Don't look back in anger' and 'When you say nothing at all'.
    Ok, altho i already revealed the results I'll say it again. CoNgRaTs to Making Fudge and Charles for being the cream of the crop!
    Thursday, March 10, 2005
    Title : one season over..
    Time : 3:23 pm

    Currently reading: Angels and Demons ~~ Dan Brown
    Earworm: This I Promise You -- N*stink

    Finally i've come out of my nearly three months hiatus.. winter's almost over isnt it? haha.. not that there was a winter to start with.. singapore is hazy hazy hazy.. i suppose not as bad as tanah tumpahnya darahku (thats malaysia to u) which has so much forest fires...

    ok how on earth do i start blogging when there's so much happening over 3 months.. knowing my short memory span, most details would've been pretty much forgotten.. d'oh..
    so main events:
    jan- new year's eve: went out to celebrate SF's birthday also in orchard. played with foam spray, had to protect my roomy from getting squashed by the crowd.. poor girl broke her arm the same day as the tsunami tragedy.
    asean bbq-- hmm met my buddy there, pretty nice fella, just dun get to talk to each other much

    feb- guitar SYF selection- damn stress k, played over and over again the piece besame mucho (which a junior tells me means kiss me a lot =p) coz the chief instructor (CI) cant decide who to pick... in the end, phew got in anyway. but my friend didnt... at first, so she took it quite hard and was crying.. but a coupla weeks later she was under probation and yay, she's in! so since then have been having stressful mr. liaow (the conductor) sessions. oh and for the main piece Dance of Yao people.. weird title.. it's actually a chinese orchestra piece... there's only like 2 of us playing bass.. the bass guitar is like bigger than me... =/
    CNY- get to go back msia yay... saw my frens.. carmen, who's going to australia.. hope to hear from ya soon.. ym, your experience so traumatic... treasured my astro.. now its gone and i dun even have time to watch tv!

    fast forward to the present...
    how come i got so much free time that i actually could start blogging again? all thanks to double periods of Malay! since we got back our results on Friday, no more lessons.. whoop-de-doo... but waiting for PE to start... March hols due to start in two days time... but not much of a break for me as i have to go back to school for GUITAR... man i love SYF. Record practice time of 8am-4pm on Monday! (have i mentioned that monday is my favourite day of the week? *suppressed snort*)
    Oh and this deserves a special mention
    presenting to you... > Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events

    fantastic movie! full of magical moments, interspersed with humorous scenes, it doesnt cease to amaze! i totally recommend this movie.