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    Wednesday, February 28, 2007
    Title : Aussie pix: The flora and fauna series
    Time : 11:35 pm

    More of aus pix. long overdue =)

    The lovely scenery at Seal's Rock

    the reason this is in the flora and fauna series (not the scenery one which i will put up too, like dunno how long after =p) is because there is a gull in there! i was like crazy over gulls..my sis can roll her eyes and testify to that. love it when they're flying.

    a simple still one. this seem to look different from others, like black beak instead of orange

    spot the penguin!

    they're soooooo cute.. at phillip island. too bad can't take pics of the real ones. a bit the voyeuristic looking at them mating though, purring and squealing in the night o_O and i saw one like dormant lying there for quite some time and the mate came (i cant tell which is male/female) but the other one still lay there til the mate going to walkaway only the former made some noise. then both of them recognised each other and had their happy reunion and ahem, got it on.

    obviously this is a picture of millions of pink flamingoes at this cool Earth from Above exhibition by the River Terrace near Federation Square, Melbourne.

    the water at deloraine river was so clear that you can see the duck's feet.

    more duckies at some park near launceston

    love this picture, wanted to catch the ducks in flight but too slow. nonetheless, the glistening water made up for it

    omg the black swan look so evil. look at its red eyes!

    so funny to see them on rooftops

    tasmanian devil so cute right.. not like the crazy tornado creature u see on looney tunes

    spot the real koala lol

    now spot which is the wallaby which is the kangaroo. answer at bottom of post.

    poor caged animals at the zoo.. its conditions not very optimal

    another animal peculiar to australia- the wombat

    i just like taking flowers and plants so much since they're still subjects.

    there's a lot of hardy plants which i can't name while trekking thru cradle mountain. this is one of them. i don't even know whether i tilted the photo to the correct angle it was taken!

    it looks like some horrid insect nest, no?

    a more pleasing to the eye shot of this beautiful, nameless flower. im no botanist

    more glistening water

    there was a dry spell in tasmania, saw a lot of dead trees. not unlike that of Gondor.

    maomao tree

    looks like walnut

    maomao flower. hahaha i make such a bad namegiver.

    finer maomao flower --they look like what i imagine dandelions to be

    yellow flower. so the stating the obvious

    weird shaped trees.. like some science experiment- phototropism

    oh and i love this picture too. the cobwebs look so fine and delicate.

    ans: the top one is the kangaroo, the bottom is the wallaby (can you see its young?) a wallaby is just a smaller sized kangaroo. like its height reaches my waist?
    P.S Photo competition alert! http://www.canon.com.sg/youngphotog/
    1st prize is a dSLR. omg.. so want one!

    Tuesday, February 27, 2007
    Title : of sudden emo-ness
    Time : 11:03 pm

    Earworm: Be With You~~Mary J Blige

    Rose bleeds red

    You extend a rose to me, no words said
    Its blossom a deep bloody red
    Like the scarlet stains on your palm
    Pierced by thorns so prickly
    Yet you gripped them so tightly
    Inviting the stinging harm
    A smiling façade you show
    A surface of calm
    Masking the pain beneath
    The physical pain that was obvious with the blood
    The emotional anguish that I do not know
    I try to loosen your hold
    Try to glimpse into the suffering untold
    But you stood proud and tall
    Determined not to fall
    And the rose remain offered, unspoken
    Albeit not to be taken

    i don't know why (or maybe i do) but feel very emo suddenly (and no, vday went well enough-old news) was looking at my word documents and came across this poem i wrote last december.
    Monday, February 12, 2007
    Title : I missed the Grammys!
    Time : 2:37 pm

    Earworm: Ain't no other man~~Christina Aguilera

    A classmate told me: You'll realise as you get older, you don't watch Grammys anymore. =(

    But I can still read the reports

    I can't believe My Humps won Best Pop Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocal! and Stupid Girls was actually nominated for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance ??? Guess there's some reason not to watch the Grammys. Hah!
    I dunno why Carrie Underwood won Best New Artist. I thought she's won Grammys before?
    List of winners here

    *edit: Oh i just realised-- it was Kelly Clarkson who won something last Grammys.. haha... Invasion of the American Idols*
    Saturday, February 10, 2007
    Title : Aussie pix:The Silly Sisters Series
    Time : 12:50 am

    Earworm: Wild World~~Mr. Big

    An attempt at aus trip photojournal...
    Still havent put up Aus pix and coz blogger is damn laggy and keep losing connection i shall just put up whatever picture i feel like.. lazy to go according to chronological order.

    penguiiiins... can't take pic of the real live one... coz the flash might blind the poor cuties.. so they banned all cameras at Phillip Island.. oh but we managed to catch one at Seals Rock tho..(pic in later series)

    suicidal/murderous sisters
    On the way to Port Author, there's many coves/bays/seaside scenery along the way and unfortunately I cant remember their names anymore =(

    I seriously do not know why we were posing like that
    the trek up Wineglass Bay...approx 2 1/2hours. Was dying on the way up there.. and this ang moh very kindly said "you're nearly there" when we whined and complained about how long more.. ya.. his "nearly there" was like 45mins-1 hour more of trekking.

    This was a very nice bay with a lot of colours.. the seas were a rich blue and the rocks a bright orange.. and a lot of organisms my dad was fascinated with.. there was a lot of HAI DAI AH HAI DAI too!

    Another arm flinging shot. I like shadows

    Sheffield- mural town.. but not as impressive as the tour agents make it out to be.

    Hrm another unexplainable shot-- at the Tesselated Pavement. The crushing seawaves eroded the rocks and along with evaporation and formation of salt crystals, the 'pans and loaves' are formed. pans being the sunken parts and loaves being the protruding areas.. sorta like flattened sulcus and gyrus of the brain lol...

    now this is explanatory.. read the sign

    hah- an act bimbo-girls cant read maps shot.

    my sister's expression is just priceless here =p

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
    Purposely ugly camwhore shot. coz being beautiful is so effortless otherwise. Hah!

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
    Melbourne was windy windy windy!

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
    Inspiration from Smashpop

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
    hehe act cute. i can't remember what this esplanade is called.. gah... they have some artsy fartsy sculptures here and a lot of cafes.. i even saw a guy wearing a TeamSheares jersey here!

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
    along Swanson St- now shopping district road names i remember =p It was damn freezing cold, our last day in Melbourne, but this bench was so ornately pretty i had to take a shot with it.

    writing this post, i realise that i mish my sishter!
    since i went off after form5, i havent been able to be there with her and at first she was kinda distraught that im not around when she needed me. but i guess she learnt to adapt, and with her boyfriend, friends and growing independence, i guess i'm not that great a part of her life anymore. except when i go home and she makes time for me and say all the things we wanna do together.. and sorry we still havent gotten down to lotr marathon. but i really think it will fail coz me and mum will fall asleep! lol...
    mum used to say she's trying her hardest to 'replace' me but she knows she can't succeed and she was at a loss to deal with my sister's moodiness over her academics..but now with her new course, she's acing it fine. another notch for her independence. and she doesnt need to tell me everything anymore. same goes for me.. i suppose we've always had our secrets.. just that when we were younger there were less secrets to keep since secrets accumulate with age. but sometimes when i hear her crying, i wish she would let me know what's bothering her. perhaps its him. and she doesnt want to place more negative bias on him anymore. whatever it is, i wish you happiness. =)
    how did a silly series become an emo post. blame blogger's lame connection.
    Wednesday, February 07, 2007
    Title : Whodunit?
    Time : 7:59 pm

    spot the dancing zombie