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    Friday, June 30, 2006
    Title : S-H-E-A-R-E-S
    Time : 9:05 pm

    Earworm: Mas Que Nada~~Sergio Mendes feat Black Eyed Peas

    ooh the happiness post must have gave me a good omen =)

    i checked my email this morning, FINALLY there was reply from the fella i've been harassing to get me into Sheares. my mum did express reservations on why he would want to even help me thought, but what the hell, thank god for him. but wait, he submitted the appeal and awaiting reply from the OSA. so i wait. i checked the NUS log in site in the mean time. and to my horror, the offer period is no longer valid!!! oh crap!!! if my appeal doesnt come through then i wont be able to stay on campus??? PGP better than nothing..

    4.10pm~~~turned out i didnt have to worry my heart off coz the appeal was successful!!! i was so elated. i washed the kelisa in my spurt of happiness. my sis said i could've washed 5 cars. not that elated la. now i just hope i didnt carve out a trap for myself if he expects me to be super duper active in sheares.

    randomness~~my earworm sounds like another BEP song hey mama, the la la la part at the end.
    Wednesday, June 28, 2006
    Title : Happiness
    Time : 11:33 pm

    In simplicity

    feeling the cool wind caressing my face
    writing an appreciated poem
    eating slices of juicy sunkist oranges
    coasting on free gear down a slope
    listening to California
    capturing a beautiful shot of scenery
    learning a new song
    imagining whimsical shapes in a cloudy sky
    getting the warm and fuzzy feeling from movies

    In vanity

    looking at reflection in the mirror, going ''hey, not bad at all''
    having a flattering picture taken
    finding something thats fits perfectly

    In love

    having a comforting hand to hold
    touching a dear face, tracing its outline
    hugging when the weather's cold and stormy
    breathing in each other's scent
    receiving a shy, rushed peck on the cheek in KL sentral
    saying three simple but meaningful words
    Title : Cheeky birthday and retail therapy
    Time : 2:43 am

    Earworm: Manic Monday~~Bangles

    CK's bday was on the 22nd of June. 20 years, old man!
    msg from brit: for ck's bday meet at the ship 730pm tmr, get your own transport cz v r in a mess

    :dun get me wrong yea dinner is later in the evening

    yes i compute haha

    didnt have a hand in the gift buying this time, rmb last year when i rushed around suntec for ck thong and pencil case. the gift was from sg wang plaza, found by kl and fc, ciggies, 5 sen coins in a music box, not forgettin a "I left my heart at Brokeback in 1963"shirt. how sweet. and jon blew up a mickey float for him coz we were having dinner at the ship. go figure. for better visualisation of ck treating the float as a tutu go see brit, fc or kl's blog.

    at the ship, 7.20pm
    we placed our orders for drinks

    how come not here yet. ordered our main course but asked waiters to hold

    camwhore sianness

    where are they???

    *door open* no it's not them

    *door open* *heads all turn* no they're not here yet
    and so forth for every time the door opens till the moment they arrive, greeted by camera flashes. so celebrity for what

    mmm..my sizzling chicken fillet was scrumptious. worth the wait.

    not much conversation went on, we too busy eating i think.

    btw, seeing some shops at sg wang induced me to make a mental note to come back there again.. which will lead to the retail therapy part

    saw a halter dress at times square some weeks ago for rm35 but didnt buy coz was in bright bright purple. had one in red, but dunno if i could pull off red so didnt buy. went back home thinking bout the dress, next time went back only purple left. eep. saw similar dress at sg wang but in lovely peach with shorter hem. it was a freaking rm 169!!
    happy ending: i found the dress in black this time in petaling st on saturday for rm 34. =)

    retail therapy bug catchin onto lh as we shopped in sg wang on monday. he got three shirts. i managed only a cropped crinkled jacket. i failed the shopaholic test la. and so disappointed esarli shoes don't have my size. mental note to check out outlet at midvalley. haha.

    oh and i think i forgot to blog about my cheque from my shortlived teaching stint finally came in>> yep the mere RM 494.55 of it. haha for 20 days' work. minus 11% for KWSP i think. ah my first paycheck. and stupidly didnt know how to fill in form at BSN. ah well u learn a new thing everyday
    Sunday, June 25, 2006
    Title : Heart to heart and singalongs
    Time : 1:08 pm

    Earworm: Tell Her Tonight~~Franz Ferdinand

    My best friend from secondary school came over for dinner on Saturday. I haven't seen her in so long it seems! She stayed overnight too and we just whiled the hours away chatting. I felt happy, that we didn't need any activities to occupy us, the dance mat lay abandoned, the movies lay untouched and the play station 2 lay forgotten. Just talk, catching up with each other's lives, although peppered with intermittent sms alerts from her *ahem* special someone. I'm so happy for her too. We talked until the night wore on to twilight and fell asleep in the early hours.

    The next morning, I tried to teach her how to play guitar, rusty as my own playing is. My pick fell into the guitar twice! I made a valiant attempt to play 'Torn' while she sang along. but cannot make it. In return, I learnt how to play A Thousand Miles on the keyboard. or rather still struggling. Ah well, practice makes perfect.
    Now with the new printer dad bought, I'm inspired to print tabs from the net again
    some James Blunt
    Hotel California (ambitious sia)
    The Calling
    KT Tunstall
    Don't Bother

    and learn those I kept failing to halfway thru
    More Than Words
    Tears in Heaven
    To Be With You
    Friday, June 23, 2006
    Title : trivial pursuit: accommodation results
    Time : 11:15 pm

    Earworm: A Thousand Miles~~Vanessa Carlton

    I checked the results around quarter past 12 on 23 June. Yeah I am a ganchiong person. And to my disbelief I saw PGP there. shit. Then came LH's call that he got Sheares, and with the knowledge of each additional person getting into the same hall, I felt more crushed every time. I don't know why I have this seemingly illogical need to be in a hall. Maybe it's by warped perception that it is cooler to be in one. and I've heard people say that nerds stay in PGP and just shut themselves up there. I was fretting and fretting and couldn't catch much winks. My parents seem unperturbed when I told them this and just asked me to make the best of it, which naturally made me more upset.
    Early in the morning I was surfing channels on Astro and saw a horrible video by Paris Hilton called Stars are Blind. Dad walked in and asked why I was up so early. And asked about whether I was still disappointed and somehow when he tried to comfort me with his previous experience at UM hostel where 1st year its better to adjust and concentrate on studies than to involve yourself in too much activities. its easier in the 2nd year. It all makes sense and there's no use crying over spilt milk but tears were wasted anyway. And I was a wreck most of the morning. I called up the OSA and the asst manager asked me to appeal to the halls directly so I wrote emails but the chances of appealing seem slim and perhaps I should be grateful that I even got a place. and like my mum pointed out to me, why apply PGP if you were so against it? I suppose herd mentality that most people applied for it as their third choice. And I seriously don't know whether I'll survive in other halls like Temasek which is very sports oriented.

    But still.

    To think that LH didnt want hall life while I was against PGP and results were the other way round.
    Isn't it ironic? (cue to burst out Alanis style)
    Granted, he did offer to change place with me but I don't know how that can be done, probably have gender quota anyway.

    So was feeling miserable most of the day, until a message came from dear Ken Yee at night, she applied for the same choices as me and ended up with PGP as well. It seemed like her words really snapped me out of my self pitying funk. And I cheered up, also thanks to Yi Chin for helping me look at the bright side.

    And the iota of hope of my appeal coming through is still there, but I'm much happier now.
    Saturday, June 17, 2006
    Title : Grey
    Time : 12:46 am

    shades of grey
    a moment of folly
    relationships in jeopardy
    i see more of a looming darkness
    of sorrow
    of uncertain tomorrows
    not to get on any moral high horse
    but have you spared a moment
    to think about the course
    of your actions
    the implications
    the betrayal
    the hurt
    the feeling
    of looking
    into the eyes of a stranger
    what you have done
    i cannot condone
    i cannot accept
    the deception
    though i may not even want to have the knowledge of
    it is not my belief
    i wish of some form of relief
    from the anguish
    the helplessness
    the paralysis
    of speech
    merely the presence
    of a hand to hold
    nothing to say in your defence
    because my words will be lies

    after the raging storm
    you were so calm
    i could not rationalise
    myself with you
    i felt estranged
    from your ideals
    frustrated by your naivete
    or what i perceived as
    maybe you think im the one blinded
    not open minded
    not receptive as
    both share the blame
    when the discovery came
    but blood is thicker
    than water
    and partly of your insinuations
    im left with bitter resentment

    towards you
    its hard to fault you for this
    you have been there through
    the struggles, the pitfalls
    but more and more
    you take her away
    more and more
    you led her astray
    she has her own mind
    i know
    perhaps its true
    she doesnt need any guidance
    brainwashed by your principles
    your defiance
    are you happy now?

    pardon me
    for being biased
    but you have given me reasons
    to detest your imposing presence
    and the turmoil you caused
    the lack of consideration
    well good riddance
    i cant bear the sight of you
    no justification
    none will convince
    maybe time will heal
    but for now
    stay away

    shades of grey
    more of a looming darkness
    Thursday, June 15, 2006
    Title : tagtagtag
    Time : 2:06 am

    Earworm: Dani California~~RHCP

    jeez chun leen, can u be a bit more patient

    Mark your confessions:
    [] I'm afraid of the quiet.
    [*] I am really ticklish.
    [] I'm afraid of the dark.(oh YEAH the darkness lol)
    [] I'm afraid of facing my back to open doors at night
    [] I am homosexual.
    [*] I believe in true love.
    [] I've ran away from home.
    [] I listen to political music.(hmm. does coldplay's politik count?ok being lame)
    [] I collect comic books.
    [] I shut others out when I'm sad.(something's gotta give)
    [*] I stayed out all night. (do sleepovers count?)
    [*] I open up to others easily. (select others)
    [*] I am keeping a secret from the world.
    [*] I watch the news. (only when someone else watching)
    [] I own over 5 rap CDs. (hate rap)
    [*] I love Disney movies.
    [] I am a sucker for green eyes.
    [] I don't kill bugs. (a mosquito!whack!)
    [*] I curse once in awhile.
    [ ] I have (had) "x"s in my screen name.
    [*] I've slipped and fell in public.
    [ ] I've slipped out a "lol" in a real conversation.
    [ ] I love Spam. (you're sick)
    [ ] I bake well. (haha only cookies)
    [ ] I have worn pajamas to class.
    [] I have owned something from Abercrombie.
    [] I have a job. (Profession:Slacker!)
    [] Talked on a phone for 5+ hours. (am i the only sad one with 3 hours tops)
    [ ] I love Dr. Phil. (who?)
    [*] I like someone. (correction:love)
    [*] I am guilty of tYpInG lIkE tHiS. (lOoOoOooOOonNnNggGGgg time ago)
    [*] I am self-conscious.
    [*] I love to laugh.
    [*] I have tried alcohol. (not really for me)
    [] I drink alcohol on a regular basis.
    [] I have tried a cigarette. (never ever!and proud)
    [] I have smoked a pack in one day.
    [] I loved Lord of the Flies. (er my sis' lit book.i rmb the ass-mar part)
    [] I have cough drops when I'm not sick.
    [] I can't swallow pills.
    [*] I have a few scars.
    [*] I've been out of this country.
    [] I can't sleep if there is a spider in the room.
    [*] I love chocolate.

    chun leen im so tired of deleting your lil comments of who hasn't who isn't who doesn't. sadist.
    [ ] I bite my nails.
    [ ] I am not comfortable with being me. (i cant be anyone else, mite as well accept)
    [ ] I play computer games when I'm bored.
    [*] Gotten lost in the city. (even in PJ)
    [] Thought of suicide before.
    [*] Seen a shooting star.
    [] Had a serious surgery.
    [*] Gone out in public in your pajamas.
    [ ] Have kissed a stranger.
    [] Hugged a stranger.
    [ ] Been in a bloody fist fight with someone of the same sex.
    [ ]Been in a fist fight.
    [ ] Been arrested.
    [] Laughed and had some type of beverage come out of your nose.
    [] Pushed all the buttons on an elevator.
    [*] Made out in an elevator.
    [ ] Swore at your parents.
    [*] Kicked a guy where it hurts on purpose.(hah. vicious primary school life)
    [ ] Been skydiving.(i want!!!!)
    [ ] Been bungee jumping. (Reverse bungee!)
    [*] Gotten stiches.(while running and laughing haha)
    [ ] Drank a whole gallon of milk in one hour.(dun like milk, can u see my height?)
    [*] Bitten someone.(my sis is victim to my torture)
    [ ] Been to Niagara Falls.
    [*] Gotten the chicken pox.(10 years ago)
    [ ] Crashed into a car.(into a motorbike la)
    [] Been to Japan.
    [*] Ridden in a taxi.(duh)
    [ ] Shoplifted.
    [ ] Been fired.
    [*] Had feelings for someone who didn't have them back
    [] Stole something from your job.
    [] Gone on a blind date.
    [ ] Had a crush on a teacher/coach.(yikes)
    [ ] Celebrated Mardi Gras in New Orleans.
    [ ] Been to Europe.(ooh disneyland paris)
    [ ] Slept with a co-worker.
    [] Been married.
    [ ] Gotten divorced.
    [*] Saw someone/something dying.(er insects all the time)
    [ ] Driven over 400 miles in one day.
    [ ] Been to Canada.
    [*] Been on a plane.
    [ ] Seen the Rocky Horror Picture Show.
    [ ] Thrown up in a bar.
    [*] Eaten sushi.(not my kinda food)
    [] Been snowboarding.
    [*] Been skiing. (Korea)
    [*] Been ice skating.
    [*] Cried in public.
    [ ] Walked purposely into traffic with your eyes closed.(im not stupid)
    [] Liked someone even though you knew you shouldn't have.
    [*] Thought of someone almost 24/7.
    [*] Hate the world. (the dumbass who started this tag!)

    and now i shall pass the mindless irritant to someone else
    i tag:
    Yi chin (the newbie lol)
    Wednesday, June 14, 2006
    Title : short trip to littlereddot part 2
    Time : 11:56 pm

    Earworm: High~~James Blunt

    Swensens, Parkway Parade, 13 june

    the less shocking present for jx-- a scarf i fell in love with at sox world. i pride myself in spotting nice things =)

    2nd present- the one she needs in australia. bikini babe!

    swensens was actually damn slow in their service. go and fill up that complaint form phoe! the sambal grilled fish not bad la. but taste like nasi lemak somehow. and the dessert of the day leaves a funky bitter aftertaste. yeesh. calamansi sherbet.

    teresa and izzati! u should've been there. ooh look jx got a cute tree atop her head =p

    dinner at pepper lunch with yh and sf. i didnt like my meal that much- guess im a bad cook. you have to mix rice with butter and sauce and grill the beef at the same time. its like stonegrill except i think the latter is nicer. maybe coz im not a fan of butter.

    back to uncle's apartment, in time to see togo score 1st goal against Korea. but Korea came back to beat them 2-1. yay! i bet my ex tour guide is just swelling with pride now, telling his other tour members about how korean footballers sustain their spirit and stamina with ginseng and kimchi.
    Sunday, June 11, 2006
    Title : ex-ex-roomy's belated birthday
    Time : 11:45 pm

    Earworm: Promiscuous~~Nelly Furtado

    Happy Belated Birthday Meihua!

    are my organising skills so bad, or are we just not bound by fate to meet up. mainly due to unforeseen circumstances, friends either
    1) balik kampung
    2) forgot and balik somewhere else
    3) fell sick

    all rather out of their hands, but i was quite pissed at he who did not even bother to reply a simple sms. is c-a-n-t-m-a-k-e-i-t that hard to type out and press send?dammit. do u have to wait til someone else to call you and invite you, oh high and mighty one. argh!!! pay no attention to the mood swing. if u actually read this, well, u know how i felt la. hypersensitive or not, it's still basic courtesy.

    so anyway, it's down to the fab four

    *brat mode* i want a better quality camera phone! MH, u owe me pictures!

    i was supposed to meet meihua first and leave lh and yr to get a place at kim gary. then what a coincidence, yr and mh got off the same train..oops!
    YR: Im gotta go meet some friends
    MH: is it EH
    YR: no, some other friends

    lol, should've seen it coming, ppl who take the ktm!
    so in the end the other two went off to get last minute presents and we headed to kim gary first
    waitress: how many?
    MH: table for two
    me rushing after the waitress
    *miss miss, table for four!*
    MH:what did u say to her?
    i just kept quiet
    MH: is someone else coming? Is it YR?
    kept my laughter to myself, and tried to act all mysterious. *you'll see*

    ok la, obvious la. still had a fun time. ordered a bit too much. wrong bread order, oops.
    suggestion to kim gary: create a dish with fish fillet and hong kong style fried noodles
    didnt manage to drag YR into an ear piercing parlour. some other day!
    Saturday, June 10, 2006
    Title : short trip to littlereddot
    Time : 2:01 am

    Earworm: Rescue Me~~Rihanna

    I'm going down to Singapore from the 12th-14th, anyone needs me to collect their A Level certs?

    i wonder if anyone will actually read this 'generous' offer of mine
    Tuesday, June 06, 2006
    Title : 060606
    Time : 6:37 pm

    Earworm: High~~James Blunt
    The Omen opens today. it's supposed to be the release of the antichrist/doomsday whatever. im chinese, hokkien, in fact, and 060606 is a lucky day. so i applied for my NUS hall today. please please please let me get kent ridge...... sheares not bad either but god forbid PGP though i put it as my third choice.

    kentridgekentridgekentridgekentridgekentridgekentridge ~6 times for luck =)
    Sunday, June 04, 2006
    Title : China ROCKS
    Time : 2:40 am

    Earworm: We Will ROCK you~~Queen

    For those of you to lazy to read the entire post, here's a summary:
    The Good: Caves,Cruise,Shopping(however little opportunity)
    The Bad: Oily,fat food,ROCKS,public toilets
    The Ugly: Hacking spitland,inconsiderate smokers,speed demon horn happy bus drivers

    what's with the rocks? scroll down and you'd understand.
    oh and public toilets didnt make it to the ugly category coz i was lucky. they all had doors and proper flushes. only once stopped by countryside petrol station was a gutter in the ground. let the stench lead u there, the same can be said about msian toilets.

    27 may

    KLIA..supposed to be artistic shot
    2.20am>>Flight to chongqing,china
    in no way can southern china airlines compare to MAS. No inflight entertainment except for tiny screens showing mr bean. Only one aisle so it gets pretty clogged up with human traffic. the food sucks. the space is minimal, like even for me with the short legs wei! i feel for my fellow passengers. and the stewardess were not courteous at all. not even pretty. shout like in market only.

    6.30am>>Arrival at airport, *yawns*
    9.00am>>went for second breakfast. warm orange juice yikes.
    i found this sign so the cute

    visited the shopping district

    this photo belies the fact that this place is heeuge! i think it easily has 100 malls and a thousand small shops. after all, chongqing's population of 30million beats the whole of malaysia. and it has 37 universities in the city. wow! im so fascinated with this place. the traffic is neverending but rather smooth flowing still, they have around 30 bridges leading out of the city and more to come, the bridges are magnificent structures high above the yang tze river and jialing jiang.

    after that, a connecting flight to changsha.

    visited this museum with the best preserved mummy the chinese empress which i actually knew about coz i watched it on discovery. im so proud of myself. apparently when they found her corpse, it was not at rigor mortis yet, still can bend the arm, and her internal organs were still intact. even found melon seeds in her stomach!

    after dinner and a hazardous drive up the mountain road--driver hurtling around corners at probably 100km/h while smoking/talking on handphone without hands free, reached kaitian international hotel..

    28 may

    these peaks at the zhangjiajie national park are fondly referred to as ROCKS

    yay rocks!

    and some more..

    and can u see thats supposed to be some woman carrying a child or whatever? or its jupakkai with a pot belly or a medicinal man... don't bother

    my sis' smile is beginning to wane...

    yawns.. more rocks?

    why do we look so photoshopped?

    what a nice picture of the rocks. if only it wasnt summer. but lucky not trudging around in miserable cold.

    supposed to act cute/feign enthusiasm

    eee...creepy crawlies make my skin crawl.. this is really maumauchong. seen quite a lot of live/squashed ones along the steps

    took a break from the rocks and went to scald feet in boiling herb water instead. and i don't get a foot massage =( apparently people still at puberty stage (including in 20s) cant be massaged coz organs not fully developed. or something like that.

    what is wrong with this picture?
    chinaman: why are the people so small?
    me: (all philosophical)because humans are miniscule compared to the vastness of nature
    chinaman: parents should be the biggest in one's heart, unfilial daughter!
    me: shall not even dignify him with a reply

    at the self proclaimed world's first natural bridge, where lovers and people carve their wishes on locks and fasten them onto the railings as well as trees

    we already missed the last bus to the cable car station...nooo i don't wanna be stuck in this horrible place!and our legs are exhausted! luckily our guide pulled enough weight for a bus to fetch us.

    29 may

    more rocks! this time at a ten mile picture gallery.

    three sisters!

    highlight of changsha--the cave!

    my sister the dragon

    my mum is so proud of this picture

    the cave was very well lit, and spacious.

    my transformation to a she-hulk

    i have no idea what a fraiding means

    on the way to the jetty, stopped by at a restaurant with roti canai. but it was damn oily, as with all chinese food. but nice and crispy.

    30 may
    got onto the cruise ship at a crazy hour of 1.30am

    our room. so cozy

    endless hours of walking and stewing on buses breed funky smelling socks.

    the dam was a bit of a bore actually, the local guide rattling on about statistics, width, height, weight...blablabla..

    or maybe im just shallow and don't appreciate the magnitude and depth of the three gorges project.

    i even slept thru the ship rising thru the dam, all three hours of it! which i feel a teensy twinge of regret.

    we're supposed to be flexing, but doesnt it look like my sis peeing against the wall and me pulling the flush? acting like idiots only

    my mum looks so cute la

    what a lovely sunset. i just realised the brevity of one... and also realised i hardly sat thru any of them and appreciate the sheer beauty of it.
    after dinner was the crew performance, they were so hilarious..

    and im forced to go cha cha with my dad. *shy* and all my steps forgotten in the wild blinking disco lights. set up for embarassment only

    my sister is obsessed with X3

    31 May
    we transferred onto a smaller boat for the 'lesser 3 gorges' tour and later the 'least 3 gorges'. the guide's english translation is just so funny. i think he meant 'minor' and 'mini'

    i love this pic i took. somehow i have a thing for having boats in scenery pictures

    as u can tell, it's very windy on deck. and mum just loves this candid shot of us.

    trying to act cool but the smile gave the game away..

    2nd try..

    ever since my sister knew the word camwhore...

    the scenery, needless to say, was beautiful and it's a pity the dam has flooded the three gorges and we can't see the shore line anymore, and the current is not rapid enough for us to float downstream on rubber floats like former tourists used to.

    we were entertained with a fair share of mountain songs and sang along too.

    on the ride back we were quite bored and there was no more commentary since it was repeating scenery so we did the only thing on hand to entertain ourselves.--CAMWHORE
    but i shall spare u the pain of it and instead present this adorable, sisterly picture. =p

    i think the sun has fried our brain a bit.. me and sis doing our improvised version of cut the watermelon taichi

    go fly kite! ours kept getting tangled with another girls'. 3 times! i think later she fed up already and left us her kite

    making jiao zi.. reminded me of the event in hostel which no one except orang perancis took part in..

    good enough to eat
    after dinner there was games to win prizes and me and my sis participated in this dumb one where we had to shift the balloon from back to front without using hands and burst it. somehow we were the only team unable to burst the balloon. malu!

    dad using chopsticks to transfer guli.. a game i've stayed far away from since the days of hari kantin.

    mum with her fair share of balloon bursting
    well, we went back empty handed but had fun otherwise

    1 Jun
    In the morning there was some real taichi lessons

    which mum seem quite gung ho about

    later it was a trip to the ghost city. why is it that macabre things attract me so much? i found myself drawn to the little figurines which depict the tortures in hell, body sawn into two, dipped into scalding water, eyes gouged out..

    ooh a group picture

    there's these group of 'ghost statues'

    we're the mischievious ghosts

    mum's the drunken ghost lol

    didnt do much after, had captain's farewell dinner, and then karaoke competition which saw the usual suspects wailing their lungs out.one of our tour members practically shouted the lyrics to stef sun's green light right next to my exploding eardrums

    2 Jun

    aw, this is wendy, the waitress who served us throughout the trip

    we docked at chongqing, and visited the ancient city, more for shopping purposes than anything else. but shame it was raining and wet.

    singing in the rain!

    dad loves this fried stuff. but see the lady behind holding her nose coz the garbage cart is approaching from the left

    mum bought a lot of instant beef noodle. the addict!

    at the last standing gate, a stronghold against invading enemies

    Two Towers: China

    we went for a show sans parents since they've watched a similar one before

    i remember it was short more than anything. after all, they were just performing to about 40 of us tour members. some dancing, juggling and impressive er hu playing. not to mention a skit between a henpecking wife and her effeminate husband. and the highlight was supposed to be face changing but my sis argued she's seen better at her previous china trip.

    last dinner in china..ma la huo guo. which translates into numbingly spicy steamboat. didnt dare try much, apparently it'll make your whole mouth numb till u can't taste anything.

    thru the customs, an officer looked at my sister's inhaler suspiciously and asked her to test it out. like it was poison or something, i mentioned while my sis was demonstrating and she just choked with laughter. that must have raised his suspicions even more. if only she just keeled over and convulsed haha
    flight delayed to 1020pm.. argh back to that cramped space
    home sweet home at 3am