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    spontaneous applause.
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    Tuesday, March 28, 2006
    Title : not a case of sour grapes
    Time : 6:51 pm

    Subject:Re: scholarship application status
    To:"Eng Hooi"
    Date:Tue, 28 Mar 2006 12:39:50 +0800

    Hi Eng Hooi,Thanks for your email.

    We already have your A Level results.

    We are regret that only shortlisted candidates will be notified.


    hmmm.. spot the grammar mistake?
    Wednesday, March 22, 2006
    Title : M! The Opera
    Time : 11:04 pm

    Opening night tickets at RM15, courtesy of my sister's college.*Thanks taylors!*
    The singing blew me away, although I couldn't really make out the words, you know how opera-style singing is like, and the subtitles were no help at all.
    Ok, I should dwell on the good first. Set design was impressive, dance choreography was great too, I liked Kerabat's presence on stage, with his fellow dancers.
    The bad- (my bad) realised how atrocious my Malay has become when I couldnt catch most of what the makciks are saying in one of the opening scenes.
    M was not a strong enough performer, rather bland, and he's the title character! The story was not portrayed well either, if I had not read the synopsis I would not have understood half of the opera, artistically illiterate as I am. And the bane of the whole show-- the bloody subtitles. They were unresponsive and lingered too long on a few lines only, leaving the rest of the lines untranslated.The opera was done in English, Malay and the odd bit of Japanese btw. It's a shame really since it's a near world class performance,singing wise at least.
    Despite the detractions, there was still a standing ovation and rousing applause for them in the end. Well received, then.Worth a watch, all Malaysian production wei!
    Monday, March 20, 2006
    Title : Hotel Charges Guest by the Kilo
    Time : 11:26 pm

    Earworm: Interstate Love Song~~Stone Temple Pilots

    20 March 2006, World, The Star

    BERLIN- A hotel in northern Germany has started charging its guests by the kilo for an overnight stay.
    In the town of Norden, close to the Dutch border, guests now have to step onto the scales before moving into their rooms and fork out half a euro (RM2.25) per kilogram.
    "I had many guests who were really huge and I told them to slim down," said Juergen Heckrodt, owner of the three-star establishment. "When they came back the year after and had lost a lot of weight they asked me what are you gonna do for me now?"
    Heckrodt said he hoped his initiative would inspire Germans to become leaner and healthier.

    Larger customers may be reassured that the hotel turns no one away who refuses to step on the scales and charges no guest more than 39 euros, the normal single room price.--Reuters

    Darling, we should go stay there =p
    Saturday, March 18, 2006
    Title : so many movies, so little time...
    Time : 10:36 pm

    Earworm: Statue~~Low Millions

    ... and i wasted precious time watching The New World!

    i should've known something was wrong when the only tagline was from Newsweek.
    it was like something out of National Geographic. kudos for the scenery shots and accompanying music. no wonder it was nominated for best cinematography at the recent Oscars. Plot was barely held together with the slo-o-o-w pacing and when it picks up we are left confused as the screen fades to black.
    Rating: 1/5 (for the 'cinematography')

    Watched Tristan and Isolde the next day.

    it was better, not sure whether coz it was viewed right after the new world, and my A1-for-english-literature sister was drawing parallels between the movie and Romeo and Juliet. (and why is that Nanny Mcphee boy everywhere?) It was a tragic love story. but can get quite frustrating at times. and only when the shit hits the fan(excuse my French), and everything starts to fall apart, a simple word of truth seemed suffice, but too late to undo everything now. It was still quite enjoyable to watch, not short of any action on screen. Bragnea was definitely most entertaining! (effortlessly stimulating laughter from the audience tho unintentionally, but not in a totally bad way)
    Basically Tristan, an English warrior was saved by Isolde, an Irish princess, and they fell in love, but it was not meant to be coz the English and Irish are at war..yaddayadda and in the end Tristan had to win her hand in marriage for Lord Marke, who actually raised Tristan as his own child. So in simple words, he was having affair with his 'mother' eee...with lotsa activity in the wild =p
    Rating: 3/5
    Thursday, March 16, 2006
    Title : Scoop Stolen!
    Time : 11:02 pm

    Earworm: Beep~~Pussycat Dolls feat will.i.am

    NOOO!! someone beat us to it.. and its an RM50 winner some more!
    Wednesday, March 15, 2006
    Title : Ker-rash!
    Time : 9:31 pm

    Earworm: Perfect Situation~~Weezer
    ARGH!!! This is what caused the electricity to be knocked out since 1pm today. and they only started removing the crane with another one at 7pm! what were they doing the whole time in between? working the noisy cement mixer(bottom right) And this is why I'm blogging at my dad's hospital's doctors' lounge, watching American Idol at the same time.

    BTW, dunno what the crane is doing there, but my neighbour (whose roof got crashed into) was doing renovation work with lots of ear bursting drilling yesterday.
    Besides damaging the roof, the electricity cable was pulled down too. and poor LH had to come today. Mastermind, anyone?
    Oh and I just sent in the pic to interactive@thestar, hoping for a quick buck, had to go round the adjacent road to take it, lest some irate construction workers beat us up. only managed one photo since Guy On The Roof spotted us and gave us a death glare.
    Tuesday, March 14, 2006
    Title : CONGRATS SIS!
    Time : 1:58 am

    Earworm: Celebration~~Kool and the Gang

    I'm so proud of you, you smart ass! (Can't retaliate camel ass at me, lol!)
    11A1s and A2 for chinese, screw those teachers who shake their heads at Chinese 'spoiling' the straight As, you're better than those who got 10 straight A1s, whatever those messed up school staff may think, not listing your name under 11A1s. Idiots! I mean, it's not like you didn't get A1 for a principal subject like Chem or Bio or Malay, it's an additional subject for goodness sake, so why do people think it's worse than getting 10 STRAIGHT A1s??? But I have to admit I'm a teensy weensy bit jealous that you outdid me. more subjects + more leadership posts. Anyway, cause for celebration at Melaka Street. Yum!

    On another note, had a visit to my mum's friend the dermatologist specialising in aesthetics. used his products before, didn't seem to work, and he called me his failure =/
    so anyway, had an AHA peel, with glycosilic acid(?) then neutralised, and had my blackheads picked off, pimples squeezed, then put under blue light to get rid of bacteria (this does not have any side effect but its effectiveness is not really proven, have to be coupled with other treatments). The blue light was like I was basking under sunlight, but had to turn my head one way for 10 minutes, then the other, then face forward. Was so lonely in that dark room with my goggles on. had a fleeting paranoia that i would wake up blind! coz tissues were stuffed beneath my goggles so i could only see darkness. Had a cooling mask after the half an hour was over. When i stepped out of the treatment room, was seriously expecting a miracle. My naivete dissipated when i saw my reflection, pimple scars and all. what was i thinking-- a quick fix? yeah hoping really.
    Sunday, March 12, 2006
    Title : Birthday Bungee!
    Time : 11:44 pm

    Earworm: Feel Good Inc~~Gorillaz
    First thing in the morn: drive to IKEA, get red pillow, stitch fuzzy message on.
    1400: uh-oh, raining..noo... *rain rain go away*~~dang! its pouring even heavier!
    1645: project pillow completed!finally! rush to bathe...
    1715: Message from brit: eh does lh know he's going for the ride?
    my reply: no, he doesn't even know u guys will be there!surprise him!
    1740: arrived at kepong station, bday boy's dad drove up to drop him off not long after.
    1805: LH: what are we gonna do in KL?
    me: (mysterious smile) u'll see when we get there. we're late tho
    LH: late for what?
    me: er..our dinner reservation
    LH: Mar and KY wished me happy bday. a message will suffice la
    me: but still need to celebrate ur big day ma
    LH: so whats the plan?
    me: KL tower. u read the papers?
    LH: omg, who's gonna pay for that??
    me: how u know so fast one, no fun
    actually thats like the shortened version, dangled with him quite a bit about my secret plans but tables were turned on me coz MARITA SPILLED THE BEANS TO HIM IN HER MESSAGE!!!
    LH: u told mar your plans?
    Me: (suspicious) why?
    LH: coz she msg me-- have fun reverse bungeeing with eh and the rest!
    and all this while i thought i was hanging him in suspense!

    1830: CK waitin outside dang wangi station with jon and brit
    1845: better pee before going on the ride of our lives!

    me and LH had the honour of going first

    video-taking and commentary courtesy of brit, ck contributing to nervous laughter
    my AJ hackett tape is lousy quality. damn!feel like suing them haha. but its quite a humiliation to see one screaming yourself silly.
    the view was brilliant tho. upside down and right side up alike haha. and the adrenaline rush. whoa.. all rather shortlived tho. but i enjoyed it with my darling =)

    the other couple's turn now =) ck still managed a brave peace sign

    not so brave now lol

    jon afraid of heights so none of his terrorised mug here.

    Dinner at TGIF

    hmm. the guys present to him~~pinkish purple shirt and pink tie. was better than i expected when ck told me they got him a purple top, was imagining brinjal purple!

    brit's chicken fajitas (?) never seen food served like that before

    Ck merajuk *see the tiny chicken on his plate* Jon happy with his salmon *which is like 5 times the size of Ck's chicken*
    CK complained to waitress, only to receive a reply: it's supposed to be that size.

    happy couple =)

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!the standard TGIF bday shoutout.. with bday boy on the chair with chocolate cake. heard two other bday celebrations. one rather dead one. have some atmosphere KL branch! sheesh.. service not impressive here.. waiters too busy watching F1 to serve us and clear our plates.

    2200: left TGIF. CK the driver sent jon and brit to pudu. horrid jam there and ck got stuck in the yellow box with drivers from the other direction blasting their horn at him. He alternated between muttering *bitch* at random drivers and singing along to michael buble.

    2230: dropped LH off at KL sentral. in a case of misjudgement, i thought it'll be faster for ck to send me to KJ station, since my dad in a hurry to go hospital after picking me up from paramount. anyway with miscommunication, ended up with dad breathing down my neck to return whereas we floundered around KL.
    after some silence...
    CK: I think we're lost
    me: what?? I thought u knew where u were going. im of absolutely no help here. cant read road signs when i drive!
    CK: oh no we're back at Pudu!!
    me: ok ok turn left to jalan ampang!

    one big round and we're on the federal highway. and poor ck had to send me home coz my dad can't wait any longer. sorry! i know petrol up 30 sen. next time when im more pro in driving, i'll give u a ride!
    Saturday, March 11, 2006
    Title : Muahaha
    Time : 12:16 pm

    Earworm: Bad~~Michael Jackson

    You Are 28% Evil

    A bit of evil lurks in your heart, but you hide it well.
    In some ways, you are the most dangerous kind of evil.
    Friday, March 10, 2006
    Title : Phew, I survived one month of teacherhood!
    Time : 10:56 pm

    Earworm: Bittersweet Symphony~~Verve

    Today is the last day of my stint as a teacher at my alma mater Sri Aman.
    Teaching has been.....rather trying really. you have those students with the tidak apa attitude which really get on your nerves, those that don't even bother with the courtesy of greeting teachers, those that don't listen to what I tell them to do, those who look at me with some kind of contempt in their faces because i was stil grappling with how to teach them, those that whine and complain when I ask them to clean up a mess that wasn't done by them, those with a whole lot of excuses to worm their way out of work.
    And yet... there are some rewarding times, like the students that greet me with enthusiasm every single time they see me, those who bother to take the initiative of doing additional work, those who value my coming to teach them, those who say thank you personally when I step out of the classroom, those who smile so beautifully when they understood the concept im teaching them.

    Personal questions most asked by students: How old are you?
    The occasional: are you married? even, are you going to have an arranged marriage? what do you look for in a guy? (asked by 13 year olds!)
    The bizzare: Do you know that we Martians have sex by shaking hands. (2 queer girls shaking both my hands before exams)

    There were sad faces today. those that sighed, "Why do you have to leave?" A twinge of *is it guilt* of my heart since I'm leaving for rather selfish reasons. Sweetness at the end. A class that gave me a last minute made farewell card. rather, a piece of pink paper with their signatures scribbled on it.
    "Don't forget us!" "We'll miss you!" "Come back on Teacher's Day!"
    If i have made any form of positive impact on their lives, I'm grateful.
    Thursday, March 09, 2006
    Title : Grandma says...
    Time : 11:56 pm

    Earworm: Dontcha~~Pussycat Dolls

    While I was eating my lunch nonchalantly with my sister, dear ol' grandma sat down at the table with us and said out of the blue in Mandarin:
    "Both of you have confirmed your life partners already ahh??"
    ok maybe the english translation didn't come off too well, but yeah, sounds like she want us to play the field. LOL!
    "Too young to make these decisions now you know..!"

    hmmm... now there's this new movie I'd like to watch, whats the title now...ah yes, Casanova

    is there a female version? =p
    Wednesday, March 08, 2006
    Title : Ouch!!!
    Time : 10:39 pm

    Earworm: Travellin' Thru~~Dolly Parton

    After school, heading towards the back gate, switched on my indicator..turning right...tree on my right kinda blocking my view. inched forward to get a better look. met with a loud THUD. stunned to see a motorbike rammed into my front. or i hit it. whichever, blur P driver..according to my dad (who wasn't there to judge the state of traffic by the way) it was my fault since he had the right of way. I was crossing the road. But me trying to defend myself here, the traffic was rather slowmoving and u know the tendencies of motorcyclists to swerve their way outta traffic that they don't even slow down in the school area. So in my shock I lifted the clutch and my car died, luckily i had the wits to pull my handbrake. didn't know whether to get down or not. just stayed my ground in the car, waited til he picked up the motorbike and rode off again. (This may just be a sign of guilt hehe) But noone got injured, cept my Kelisa =( and my pride perhaps, all this in front of all the students!!!!

    Image hosting by Photobucket

    Image hosting by Photobucket
    Tuesday, March 07, 2006
    Title : Must try!
    Time : 12:22 am

    Get the code at www.winterrowd.com
    Friday, March 03, 2006
    Title : *drumroll*
    Time : 11:24 pm

    Earworm: After All This Time~~Simon Webbe

    1 March
    Pizza before results, Mel nicely told us about her uncle's friend's trip to China where shitting became a communal project. ie chat around the huge shit hole, all this pleasant details while digging into the seafood pizza. darkness couldn't eat at all.

    so they were halfway announcing the 3A result and this ungrateful one saw her name in that list, and said 'oh shit!' to herself. right, i AM disappointed.
    B for econs. damn. A2 for GP (Mr tong came up to me later and asked why wasn't i aiming for A1?)
    merit for Math S, Ungraded for chem s, what a turnaround
    its like my dream of having CK's forecast result came true, except he got all As for A level subject. gah.
    didnt dare to go see Mrs. than later.

    so party at Club Momo with the girls at nite.

    2 March
    went to NUS for PIN collection. Lunch at Bedok. Dinner with Phoebe and Teresa at Thai Express, Citylink. my green curry was too sweet. missed chibix there. *hugs* crashed at nooch later.

    3 March
    mm.. strawberries in chocolate from chocz. yes, gone round all the shops in Novena Square haha. Home at 930pm.