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    Tuesday, October 25, 2005
    Title : Detox
    Time : 2:03 pm

    Earworm: Toxic~~Britney Spears

    day 1
    breakfast: 1 apple
    Lunch: 7 cherry tomatoes, 1 orange
    tea (3pm): 2 slices of pineapple
    Dinner: grapes, 1 banana
    11pm: 1 orange
    lotsa water in between

    SF couldn't stand it anymore. first to break with instant noodles, FC complaining of gastric, YH craving for coffee. KL held out, without eating anything for a good part of the day, whoa! i lasted a day too.. broke by eating the breakfast yh packed for me the next morning. in the end we all succumbed the KFC for lunch lol.
    Sunday, October 23, 2005
    Title : Sunday out
    Time : 8:47 pm

    Earworm: Kiss Me ~~Sixpence None the Richer

    headed to Plaza Singapura in the morning with YH to meet SF at Cafe Cartel. my roomy was supposed to treat SF for accidentally letting out her secret the previous night. their breakfast sets were served, i was still considering whether to eat or not since i had my breakfast at 9am. it was now 11.15am, ah what the heck that'll be my lunch lah. ordered the Pancake Delight-two pancakes, two chicken sausages, bacon, scrambled eggs, came with tea and muffin (but they were out of those so i got 1/4 of a waffle instead, which SF accidentally spilled some water over and we pushed it to KL when she came later...sorry! but she had her pork ribs, gargantuan, she felt like she was eating a whole babi!) i took the longest time to eat since i was so full, 1 and a half hours to finish my plate! went to carrefour to stock up on our detox diet of mere fruits and water for 2 days. crazy but i decided to give it a go.
    4 dragonfruits
    5 kiwis
    10 oranges
    1 box of pineapple
    2 punnetts of cherry tomatoes
    1 bunch of grapes

    on display in Carrefour were several pumpkins in various sizes, amongst them one which is gigantic, like 1m in diameter??looked at the slashed price $199 for an ornament! and to think the initial price was $488. maybe just as a psychological effect for people to buy--imagine this scenario >>hip couple wanting to decorate thier home for halloween
    "dear, it's 60% off! we must get that adorable pumpkin for our front porch!"
    never mind thathalloween isn't really celebrated in Asian countries, maybe some ang moh will take a fancy to it.

    some alcoholics were drinking it up in Indochine, i went to join them later at Fish and Co. had some nice acoustic guitar players for music and gay pride was well and alive that night =p
    Image hosted by Photobucket.com
    Image hosted by Photobucket.com
    Image hosted by Photobucket.com
    me and lh offered to pay for ck, cl and brits drinks in return. they paid for our shared meal if we would indulge in a lil kissing in front of the bar. bit of mad fun to release stress.
    Friday, October 21, 2005
    Title : XO!
    Time : 6:10 pm

    Earworm: Numa Numa

    God, that song... frikkin irritating yet i cant stop myself from humming along to it. now it's the song for that new Disney film Chicken Little and all afternoon McDonald's had been playing the ad... anyway, got some reprieve for my ears by listening to Russell Peters, indian comedian who just split my sides. a bit slow on the uptake since this fad was long over beginning of this year but better late than never! was trying to stifle my laughter while viewing the clip on a laptop in McD when got a message from KL: Russell peters rocks.. somebody's gonna geta hurt realll bad... whoa perfect timing, just when that line came on in the earphones! she just walked past me on her way to the toilet anyways.. so be a man, do the right thing. click on that link =)
    Thursday, October 20, 2005
    Title : Flightplan
    Time : 7:32 pm

    Earworm: Fly Away ~~Lenny Kravitz

    well, the initial plan was to watch 40 year old virgin but Tampines only showed that at 7.30/9 plus.... too late. was transfixed by the Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire trailer.. ooh... it was so visually spectacular, so much to drink in, even though i was watching a silent version of it on a small screen outside the cineplex.out nov 17th! me and jol formulated this crazy plan to watch it on 22nd, after my math S paper. 24th being Bio MCQ paper..(!)
    back to reality.. no appropriate showtimes, so we trekked over to century square for another chance of getting earlier tickets. fat hope. it wasnt even shown there. instead there was Flightplan showing in ten minutes time. Didnt mind watching that coz read the blurbs that it was an intense thriller, by ebert no less. he wasn't so into the movie coz it was riding on post 911 terror's coat-tails but nonetheless, we went in anyway. was utterly disappointed. it was a like a journey through the plains, flatlands. no climax at all. ok, but how many ways can one search for a missing child in a plane, albeit being a double decker one? Jodie Foster got the freaked out mother look down pat, but after a while her act got a bit tiresome, even though it was justified for a mother to panic when she's told her daughter was supposedly dead. Red eye was better. The saving grace is that I saw the Chronicles of Narnia trailer, i got chills man. out somewhere in dec.
    Wednesday, October 19, 2005
    Title : Birthdays
    Time : 12:46 pm

    Earworm: In Da Club~~50 cent *yo shortie, it's your birthday*

    Oct 11: Mel's birthday
    bought her a pale blue wallet with a small silver butterfly adorning the side, previously when we went out she was all indecisive over some wallets with butterfly designs at the wallet shop, ended up not buying anything(!) the wallet was hidden in FC's locker. (more on that later). YH also bought her a shirt from surfbay where we sewed Happy Birthday, Senior Citizen, We Love You! FC even stitched a TJC badge at the top left hand corner! everyone wrote messages on the back of the shirt, with someone contributing a "bootylicious" along with an arrow pointing to>> where else?
    anyway, on oct 10, the girls were busy planning how to celebrate when FC suddenly asked me whether i wanna play the birthday song for her on guitar, coached by Adrian, me, mar and brit were the 'background noise' to his pro guitar skills. seriously i thought his acoustic was loud enough, we just add to the messiness, but who cares, it was fun learning, and its been a long while since me and mar practised together... i miss guitar! yea and i cant coordinate my fingers and voicebox together anyway, so when midnight came, (pizza was hidden in yh's wardrobe!) we snuck to Dunman's canteen and the four of us were sitting in the dark waiting for the birthday girl, escorted by FC, the rest were crammed in the toilets =p
    before this, FC coaxed mel to accompany her to take laundry, and she was wondering why couldnt she have asked her room mate but obliged anyway, then puzzled over the small package FC retrieved from her locker when suddenly FC turned around and handed the wallet over to her! She was quite surprised, the surprise turned to apprehension when FC now led her over to the canteen, with the excuse of making a phone call.. *what the??? what happened to her handphone* she thought. by now she knew that we were lying in wait for her, she was just scared when we'll pounce on her in the dark. meanwhile, on our side, can hear the girls giggling and shuffling, seemingly amplified in the stillness of the night. someone accidentally turned on the automatic hand-dryer which gave a small shock, but no one screamed, contradictory to what the guys thought since the hand dryer in their toilet was turned on too and they were oh so freaked.

    when she actually came into the canteen, we played and the other 3 sang the birthday song to her once, before repeating with the others emerging from their hiding spot and sang along. pizzas all round and KL contributed some gin tonic from her uncle, mel downed it in one shot. she hugged all the girls later, saying she was speechless.
    at night in my room jol was suddenly craving for alcohol and meekly went to KL's room to take one shotglassful. it tasted oddly like pomelo, with mango smell, bittersweet. there's something seriously wrong with my senses. we played some silly drinking game, no rashes for her this time haha...
    on another day in October, (forgot the date) was Stan's bday. the indons got him this PEENK creative mp3 player which we gave to him at night, being wrapped in tons of newspaper, a whole black rubbish-bagful! the nice guy treated us to sarpino's pizza some days later. mmm...
    Tuesday, October 18, 2005
    Title : So long, farewell, Auf Wiedershen, goodbye
    Time : 8:12 pm

    Earworm: Every Breath You Make ~~Police

    The last official day of school.
    Farewell assembly>> we were shown a video of what TJ has given us, or more like to three specific individuals, climaxing with the basketball match... whoa that really is one of my most memorable moments here. more so for ms. kwan who was a student 20 years ago when TJ last won the basketball trophy.
    some performances by the dance club (which was not really on par with their other dances i thought, but ah well, year twos only what), izzati with breakaway, improvement from her previous singing on stage, but still a bit jittery somewhat, and this takes the cake, a funked up version of tears in heaven with Mr. Bala reprising his gangsta rap role.
    there were also performances by GP tutors with puns inserted by narrator Mr. Rajesh. a skit with DM being a sloppy security guard (can see the reluctant smile on his face) and Jenny Kwanikourva (homegrown advantage, indeed), slumber DVD peddlar, ballet dancer impersonating a mango, infant clothes seller and the most bizzare one-- hunter in big bird costume (which was given to karthik later, whom i heard ordered KFC in the yellow costume!)
    it was really the math and science dept that moved me tho, especially with the rousing sentimental music in the slideshow of how life is like a statistic, life is a random variable, increase your confidence level, probability of success is not a constant and be a significant figure! if only i could get ahold of that slide, it can be my life philosophy! later they improvised some songs and sang a capella with mr. low on guitar. one is Every Breath You Take-- I'll be watching you (every letter you faked, every boast you staked...creative geniuses!) people also got quite sad at auld lang syne.
    later i reflected on my memories of TJ, it's not that im attached to the school but more to the people here. and how being in the guitar club was an integral part of my life here in TJ, i guess i'll miss the close friends i've formed (let's see how our friendships will last) and some dedicated tutors. will not miss the green uniform hahaha...
    Tuesday, October 11, 2005
    Title : Spoonfeeding
    Time : 1:11 pm

    Earworm: Wake Me Up When September Ends~~Greenday
    Currently reading: A Child called 'It'~~Dave Pelzer

    Remember the 3 keywords for Biology A levels? MEMORISE MEMORISE MEMORISE...
    now, the hardworking(really!) mothers (oops, I mean tutors) have even formulated a special spoonfeeding plan for the hapless Biology infan---students. Ms. Bio tutor couldnt have placed a better analogy.
    "We have taken the food, cut it up to bite size, presented them to you.. all you have to do is open your mouth, chew, digest and regurgitate during the exams." too apt.
    But at this pressing time, most students will probably welcome the help with open arms (or mouths). Is there any independent learning, or learning, for that matter, left in the education system?

    On a side note, on the book mentioned above, couldn't believe in the early 70's a college graduate was unaware of the existence of child abuse. and a fireman did not know what to do to protect his son from his wife's manic abuse, instead fell under her iron fist as well.