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    Friday, September 30, 2005
    Title : Corpse Bride
    Time : 4:19 pm

    Corpse Bride opened on 29th september... thats the day i watched it too.. was a bit late for the opening, no thanks to some stragglers who insisted on buying movie snacks tho having eaten into other earlybirds' time.
    when we entered the darkened cinema, the song "According to Plan" was already playing. overall, the movie was rather short, running time about 75 min, so i was left wanting more, got a few laughs from jokes on the dead, wondering why Johnny Depp was voicing a sorta namby pamby klutz, after his rather effeminate interpretation of Willy Wonka, ah the versatility of an actor. didnt realise until after the movie that it was a stop motion feature,it took the animators 28 separate shots to make the bride blink. other
    trivia here
    maybe i'll give it another watch (on dvd perhaps) to appreciate all the effects. still looking for Nightmare Before Christmas tho...
    Tuesday, September 27, 2005
    Title : Explosive!
    Time : 1:03 pm

    This is a recommendation to try NYDC's Dynamite Pizza. You won't regret it.

    Disclaimer: Frequent trips to the loo may ensue for the weak stomach
    Saturday, September 24, 2005
    Title : Ice ice baby
    Time : 10:20 pm

    Earworm: Don't lie~~Black Eyed Peas
    Currently reading: Untorn tickets~~Paul Burke

    Went skating in Jurong centre--only skating rink in Singapore! there were 10 of us. Gingerly stepped onto the ice, been a long time since i went skating...actually its been about 3 months? last time was with my ex-roomy but that didnt really count since she was grabbing hold of me and sorta restricted our movements to the edges. got a few first timers tho...mel, who surprisingly didnt fall tho she stumbled quite a bit. LH quite accident prone, sustained butt (busted tailbone and soggy pants) and hand (thumb bent backwards and finger got ran over) injuries. poor thing. YH got pretty bad bruises on her knees too.
    kids are scary creatures. kids let loose on ice are terrorising monsters. they play chase with their metal walkers without caring who they knock over. at least they're a notch better than some stupid pro skater who should have the maturity and conscience to help little ones who were knocked over thanks to his speed-skating.
    mostly skated while holding hands with jol. my stabiliser haha. don't have the confidence to skate alone. fell down a couple of times. wet the knees of my jeans and had frigid fingers. but quite fun all the same. prefer rollerblading tho. safer.
    oh and for the first time i experienced snow!.. yeah rite. cheesy birthday dedications come with fluttering snowflakes from the ceiling above. made the slippery ice moist. lovely.
    warmed up with some milo after. then headed to jurong point for dinner.
    Thursday, September 22, 2005
    Title : Let's get it started....
    Time : 3:48 pm

    Earworm: Bad day~~Daniel Powter
    Currently reading: Shooting Butterflies ~~Marika Cobbold

    ok.. i didnt go for the BEP concert... haha neither did KL.. just had that as a title coz hmm.. dunno where to start after a long break from blogging. no break from mugging tho.. sigh... ok, snuck a few moments to unwind here and there, like recording in the cassette for selene's birthday...ugh, cue: YMCA, in the jungle, beribu scholars dah datang ke Singapura...nvm for u people scratching your heads and going huh??? too lazy to explain. laziness is a horrible disease i carry around with me. lazy to mug, lazy to go down for breakfast, lazy to collect laundry, lazy to clean up room, (comment by voyeuristic teacher mentors: untidy!). so much so until lazy to think! see, the trend is so much cramming of facts. memorise, memorise, memorise! (3 key words to Singapore-Cambridge A levels) that when we keep regurgitating and when you're required to think, we're not prepared for it, worse still, there's no freaking time to even think! add to that the tinkling of the piano but some musically inclined (or not) disturber of the peace playing richard clayderman and phantom of the opera pieces during Chem exams, u can't even hear yourself think!
    i think i need to invest in some higher-order thinking skills now. anyone has some instant reshuffling of brain cells machine? or better yet, grey matter volumiser. ok, whatever.

    today was for most of my classmates and triple science ppl, the last of the Prelim papers.(a long string of demoralisers, one mighty blow is not enough, no... they come in spatial/temporal summations, forgive me, last paper was Bio)
    Not for me, who for god knows what reason think oneself so smart, is awaiting more torture for tomorrow's chem and maths S papers. I just love inflicting pain on myself don't I?
    yesterday already in 'celebratory' mood... haha just use the darkness's birthday as an excuse. Ambertik is soooo adorable. Hit the streets of Orchard, or rather, limited to Heeren, Marche for dinner. became delivery girl for KFC later.