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    Sunday, August 21, 2005
    Title : Biased bitchiness
    Time : 11:18 am

    Earworm: Locked Up~~ Akon

    19th August was the room check up for cleanliness. failing to meet the grade will result in 'confinement'.. erm.. thats the term for post-giving birth right? ok. so apparently the teacher mentors, ms. bitch herself and june lo went around checking rooms, trampling all over our newly cleaned floors in their shoes. treat others the way u want to be treated huh? how's about we trail our dirty soles all over your floor of your humble abode?
    final verdict: my room passed the test tho i had a nike shoe box lying around. jol's didnt coz she had a box lying around. oh the injustice! she looked thru the list, thats the reason stated for her being confined. she spotted those with comments about untended boxes but were not confined. do u see the biasedness here? somehow all indonesians were confined save one. even elvina whose room is always, consistently neat. unlike the rest of us fakers who just stowed everything away and cleaned up a day before.
    sigh...the least i can do is to help some buy food back. went out to bugis to look for presents for mrs. than, JX and Teresa. wanted to get teresa a tiny plant that'll grow after watering once a week (it's GREEN after all) but saw a cute sheep pillow later so left the poor stall lady with our soaked plant. couldnt decide over which scented candles to get for mrs than. picked two out after much agonising. but saw the nicely wrapped ones beneath the glass-topped counter so took that instead. oh knew JX wanted the attitude design for the handphone pouch but hers was most difficult to buy. added a mug to the gift as a reminder =p
    Saturday, August 20, 2005
    Title : NAPFA results...
    Time : 7:09 pm

    Earworm: Thank you ~~Bleach

    15th August
    scorching day for a morning run.
    position 69. 15:25. grade C.
    Happy enough, Swensens later =)

    19th August
    5 items. started with sit-ups. only girl in class who cant get a frikking A. teacher was surprised as well when she heard my count. ah well, at least did more than 20. next was standing broad jump. most feared item... took off my shoes.. closed my eyes and leapt. when i opened them, 165cm(D grade)! unbelievable hahaha.. thats like 10cm extra from the norm i can manage.. so 2 worst items over. did 15 pull-ups(B grade) and reached 39cm(C grade). final hurdle.. shuttle run. failed to pick up the 2nd beanbag fast enuf, was cursing myself. failed on first attempt. 12.7s. 2nd try: stumbled while running towards the 2nd beanbag.. is it cursed? 11.5s. missed A by about 3 seconds. but overall SILVER.. woohoo.. thought it was nigh impossible for a slacker like me. exercise=torture.
    Monday, August 01, 2005
    Title : PE
    Time : 1:39 pm

    Earworm: Running away~~Electrico
    Currently reading: White Teeth~~Zadie Smith

    I ran 2.6km within 16 minutes 45 seconds. Im so proud of myself =)
    now only to work on those darn ab muscles from scratch. NAFA in less than 2 sweaty weeks.