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    Wednesday, August 30, 2006
    Title : things undone
    Time : 7:28 pm

    Earworm: Come Undone~~Robbie Williams

    1. Read notes
    2. Buy printer
    3. Buy thumbdrive
    4. Read notes
    5. Buy anniversary gift
    6. Finish practical
    7. Read notes
    8. Find a place to study Singapore culture
    9. Practice guitar (esp side reading!)
    10. Practice table tennis =/
    11. Prepare for friday's tutorial cum presentation
    12. Buy textbook for physio and anatomy (guyton, why are u so pricey???)
    13. Sort notes into files
    14. Decorate my room
    15. Sign up for postpaid $25.20 Starhub plan
    16. READ NOTES

    although i just want to curl up and sleep on a weather such as this
    Sunday, August 27, 2006
    Title : Thoughts
    Time : 11:24 pm

    have been doing some thinking in the shower, and i realise that im sort of a floater, just drifting along life, not really belonging. except to him, who totally accepts me for who i am, for which i am grateful, but perhaps i am a thirsty person, i crave for more. perhaps this over-eagerness to belong somewhere spikes my sensitivity when i am being excluded, perhaps i feel it more acutely than others who feel like they don't need to be included in everything or perhaps just don't care. i've never had a really tight network of friends to fall back on, over the years i have probably retained about 2 or 3 close friends that i feel comfortable discussing anything under the sun. its quite pathetic, considering that im turning 20 at the end of this year. having said that, i have friends to call, friends to meet up with, but they are so far away, and each busy with their own lives, and i wish i have found a kindred spirit to connect with, other than him, because there's just a need for more balance, i feel. perhaps i also do not take the initiative to stay in contact with other friends, but i do try, but still i feel that i am not needed, that i always have to approach them first on msn, if not they will just ignore or forget my existence, intentional or not, that people im previously close with can just place my name under a file and store away in their minds. i live in a hall full of people, friendships take time to nurture, i know, but for now, i feel so disconnected, so alone in my thoughts...
    Title : still malaysian
    Time : 10:30 pm

    Earworm: One by One~The Calling

    copied this quiz off gmas' blog


    Tan Eng Hooi,

    you are 32% not Malaysian.

    That means you're as Malaysian as...

    Michelle Yeoh!

    How Un-Malaysian Are You?

    hahaha... im more malaysian than you, gmas. maybe coz u live closer to singapore. lol..
    i got told by a singaporean who looks like xiaxue (=p) that i look like a singaporean. what the hell's that supposed to mean??? i dont go round in berms/fbt shorts, have straightened hair and wear sports bra!! but i think im beginning to sound more singaporean... is it? walao-eh!

    any singaporeans reading this, i mean no offense. (really!) but i like my national identity. though sometimes i can't really identify with it either.
    Friday, August 25, 2006
    Title : I catch no ball
    Time : 11:54 pm

    Earworm: Enter Sandman~~Metallica

    2nd week of lectures has ended. and i still never fail to fall asleep during physical pharmacy taught by dear prof gigi chiu ngar chee (see any link between each word of her name?=p) she reminds me of mrs lam the bio lecturer in tj.. moreover its the 2pm-4pm class. such a struggle to prop my eyes open...sometimes during anatomy too. yesterday had the first practical but the 'french' professor was just too disconnected(?), as in he doesnt try to catch our attention at all, just mumbling a lot to himself. i was trying hard not to fall back from drowsiness while on my feet! and its particularly distracting when u hear laughter as response to another lecturer from another group of students surrounding a skinned cadaver. got to touch the cadaver,with gloves of course! mushiness...
    the class is full of nitrogenic persona.. (figure out the chemical formula) muggers galore... the lecturers are always swamped during every break and after each lecture. and there's a particularly regurgitative walking encyclopedia in my first tutorial today.. physiology.. i admire the prof so much.. he's so competent and engaging. somehow when he explains something and simplifies concepts i just get reminded of my father. and oddly enough lh said he reminds him of my dad too..and i get so proud that i have such a great lecturer. and along with that comes that slight twinge of regret that i didnt join the medical profession.
    which leads me to the Minister For Health's talk the other day at UCC (after I went ice skating!) he seems quite diplomatic and had a habit of digressing and beating around the bush, in the end not answering directly to the questions posed. but his bluntness came through with a particularly sharp sting at the end when a pharmacy student queried about the enactment of the dispensing rule.
    he responded by saying it will not work out in the short or long term because economic wise(and he is very economics-minded. true, it does not bode well for free market system if u give monopoly power to a certain group (ie the pharmacists) and exclude other qualified ones to dispense. however, to be fair to the pharmacists, he said, doctors have their own ways to prevent pharmacists from dispensing, so in a way doctors are smarter than pharmacists. a lot of us got riled up over his comment. and unhappy because he seems to be undermining the role of pharmacists. we deserve some recognition, instead of seeing it from a monopolistic perspective, specialisation actually promotes efficiency, as doctors do the prescribing and pharmacists are delegated the dispensing responsibilities. it also acts as a double check since doctors are humans too. i learnt from an exchange student from germany that the dispensing rule is implemented in her native land, prices of drugs are fixed, and doctors print their prescription out, so mr khaw, your theory won't work if this is implemented in singapore.

    enough of the disillusionment factor, on we go to the interblock games which started this week, our block is picking up on scores, at least not the bringing up the rear anymore. we lost to block C both today and yesterday tho, due to rather disadvantageous match timings.. as in we had to play a match just before the finals whereas block c got to rest. and I CATCH NO BALL!!! handball is a rather violent game, rather relieved im a reserve. im reserved for balls smaller or equals to the size of a shuttlecock.. ie the ping pong ball. im scared of highflying balls, fast balls, curveballs, handballs, volleyballs, basketballs... you get the idea.. although today after handball match i went to shoot some hoops using the netball goal, and i managed to sink quite a number of shots in.. ahah! hidden talent. my fear of flying balls has not diminished tho. and me as a volleyball captain have bruises on the wrists.. always hit at the incorrect spot. hope i can don't play on the day,not really good on team spirit but allow the better talents to shine.im feeling altruistic. =)
    Thursday, August 24, 2006
    Title : bored sucker
    Time : 8:57 pm

    Earworm: Turn~~Travis

    truly bored. im supposed to be studying.

    One lovely summer day at the beach you see the most amazing creature you have ever seen. Their name is darling , and every move he makes just turns you on more and more. You nudge your best friend yen and say, "Wow, that has to be the most silly body I have ever seen." Suddenly, he looks in your direction and starts walking right towards you!!!
    he says, "I noticed you staring at me from over there. I just had to tell you, that I think you are so irritating , and was wondering if you'd like to go to raffles place with me and shop ?" With a stupid smile on your face you say, "i dunno " and go with them. When you finally get to raffles place , he moves closer to you, and gives you the biggest kiss ever. The two of you are passionately kissing, when you feel a shoes hit you on the back of the head. You open your eyes to find out it's all a dream, but there is a note left next to your bed.
    It reads: "

    darling is the love you've been waiting your whole life for. he will ask you out in 7 days or less, but only if you send this e-mail to at least 10 people within the next few minutes. The more people you send it to, the sooner they will ask you out, and you both fall in love. Do not take this lightly, because if you simply ignore this, you will have bad luck in love for the next 7 years!"

    ooh im scared! *of the horrendous grammar* rolls eyes. have no idea why 'they' is used. im not that greedy! why am i even wasting time on this???

    sigh* back to the notes and tutorial.
    Monday, August 21, 2006
    Title : Love conquers?
    Time : 9:37 pm

    Again tears were wasted
    Disappointment tasted
    Bitterness swallowed
    The emptiness that followed
    The numbness of reality
    Yet it hits hard really
    The feeling of insignificance
    The stupidity of ignorance
    The oblivion
    The breakdown
    The heartache
    The doubt and hesitation
    Does love win?
    Looking for strength within
    Will love win?
    It's worth fighting for
    Friday, August 18, 2006
    Title : project x
    Time : 5:06 am

    Earworm: Baby Boy~~Beyonce

    i''m tired again, but this time its caused by having fun! woohoo! typing this as i am waiting for my hair to dry after washing out the smoky smell. luckily zouk was filled mostly with NUS students or rather Sheares Hall people hahaha, so the second hand smoke inhalation was minimal.
    had a draining series of lectures in the morning, i see what choon han says about the 2-4pm class is for him to sleep so he can stay awake for 4-6pm lecture. gah. after that i had another dance practice. coz there's an exhibition for public rag performance at plaza singapura on sunday 1-3pm. well they weren't doing much so i cabut early. to make it back in time to see seah voted as vice blockhead. (i still find that term amusing)
    hungry now, didnt eat anything at the cheese prata shop, just lime juice to nurse my sore throat. does it work?
    but i digress, some full of stamina sheares peeps still went for 45 min hockey training. then only we set out to zouk. so near! less than 15 mins can reach. i didnt know that it was beside copthorne king hotel, still remember being a bit lost there after taking aeroline.
    at first the atmosphere there was sucky coz got some lame ass rapper wannabes making seal noises. yeah and we were like dungus not knowing what to do. then found more people we know so made it down to the dance floor when the better music blasted out.
    funky beats, gyrating bodies, good company... im beginning to like clubbing better. =)
    Wednesday, August 16, 2006
    Title : Pictures!
    Time : 11:19 pm

    Earworm: Buttons~~Pussycat Dolls
    this is part one of pics. not that many, haven't gotten the orientation and rag day pics..
    thanks to my laptop, i can just transfer my pics easily thru the SD card slot. yay!

    the day when i had to move things to Sheares. i was impressed with my dad's car boot. can fit everything!
    im supposed to be buckling under the weight of the backpack lol.

    my room sign the seniors did for me

    the wardrobe isn't filled. shopping needs to be done!

    glow in the dark butterflies. *girlish giggle*

    pre unpacking.. check out the storage shelves in the background. me likes!

    already the room is starting to look messy.. worse now.muahaha

    after first night of orientation. running around the nus campus in the dark of the night. u wouldn't wanna know how to play charades with the clue 'strawberries and cream'

    my sweetheart's gift for me during our 11th monthsary =)it's a dog, it's a flying squirrel... it's a doggerel! (oops)

    Prep work for rag day~~

    last year's pride and joy

    our wheel!

    lh with his postcard

    i love the sideprops

    the accursed contact glue

    we're so happy the wheel is done!

    the main attraction

    rag day: 12/08/06
    so sad i didnt bring my camera. slept over at LT20..the floor is not nice to sleep on. woke up at 5.40am (dunno why wakeup time was 5am but nobody woke me up- ah well, all the better) we had to wait til 830 only we got a move on. and makeup everything was done by 7am!

    1st time in 25 years! pioneer (sorta) batch. im the short flyer near centre

    shearestrength. we'll be back!
    Wednesday, August 09, 2006
    Title : tired
    Time : 12:55 pm

    Earworm: Gimme Gimme Gimme~~Abba

    im tired even before lecture starts.. this is not a good sign
    if there's no dance practice, there's hall orientation which ended on the 7th.. and somehow sheares didnt force all her residents to take part in flag day, unlike KR and KE7, so i woke up at 11.30 and went for dance prac from 1.30pm til 10pm. still people not turning up for practice. and unprepared. its hard to dance with pom-poms. and i nearly got replaced as a flyer. i would've screamed. and the backdrop looks so amateurish and childish. well first year in 25 years? saw the science float.. quite impressive.
    if its not dance or orientation, its helping out with rag. contact glue is just about the worst invention ever.
    if its not any of the above mentioned, its bidding for modules! im so glad 4 core modules are already allocated to us. cant imagine being in business where u have to bid for all. planned to do singapore studies. and most of them clash so im left with the frikking boring ones like politics, SE asia: a changing region and malays in singapore. not being racist or anything, but its not my cup of tea. oh and natural heritage where u have to do a lot of self guided tours.. like going to pulau ubin, some forest reserve.. if a day has 36 hours, let me know and i'll sign up.
    so now i have to bid for a General Education Module, where i find out that we are not so called protected since returning students can bid also. thinking of doing either something to do with media or food science. forensic science is a hot choice, but lectures at 7-10pm on friday night? give me a break!
    good news of the day: im collecting my laptop on thursday! woot!
    Tuesday, August 01, 2006
    Title : Net access!!!
    Time : 11:43 pm

    Earworm: They're Taking the Hobbits to Isengard>>check out the lalafied youtube vid

    wow.. i survived more than one week without internet.. no chatting.. no blogging.. no emailing... but then again, there's tons to do in sheares.. i love my room.. except that the afternoon sun comes in and can hear construction in the morning.. but i still love it! pictures will be posted... maybe when i get my brand new fujitsu S7110 laptop! still have to wait two weeks for it coz the bloody matriculation people so unflexible.

    i moved in on the 23rd july and was given a temporary room in block A which was not bad, it faces the street. my current one faces kent ridge so blinds have to be drawn for privacy... after that it was just busy-ness with either sheares or pharmacy rag.. for the uninitiated rag day in NUS is for all the halls and faculties to showcase their floats and performances, also to thank the public for their support during flag day, which is asking for donations, (yes we've all been thru it during JC) i suspect its named rag day so it rhymes with flag lol.. or maybe its coz they try to use as many recycled products as possible. the lower the cost the better. the detailing of the designs will just blow your mind! aluminium cans cut into intricate sizes to be pasted on wood, wheels made from cardboard, can rings stuck onto sweepers...come on sheares!
    er.. i guess i should cheer pharmacy on too... what have i gotten myself into, joining dance.. cheerleader style some more.. its too fast paced to be coordinated.. and i feel like its an obligation.. taking time away from sheares activities. but since i've already committed myself.. i'll stay to the end.. including waking up at 4am on rag day to put on makeup!

    med checkup at UHWC was quite horrendous... was taken aback by breast examination by this middle aged female doctor, and people carrying around small beakers of urine.. the x ray takes only 10 seconds to do but the wait was 3 hours long!!!

    science talk about bidding for core modules was butt numbing.. and we had our first assignment to talk to a pharmacist.. found one at watson's bugis junction.. NUS grad too.. tho he said the system was not updated.. on the job is a whole new learning experience.. but i can tell he quite enjoys retail pharmacy.. can never find pharmacist in guardian to talk to...pharmacy had instant quiz too during their briefing.. i can see where people are getting at, saying the course can be demanding already...luckily pharmacy dont have to bid for much modules.. more structured.. 9 to 5 timetable.

    and visited pgp with ken yee and yat sau.. yat sau's type A room is niice..cold gleaming floors with attached bathroom.. and air con!!! but generally pgp is vast and eerily quiet.. i wonder if ken yee found out whats behind the bathroom door yet.. the constant leakage adds to the creepiness.. like dark water.

    also went to visit tj with phoe and teresa..mrs than asked me to invite her to my wedding haha! then lunch at coffee club siglap and went to tampines for the lake house.. keanu imitating a tree lol.. his acting is not that bad.. just that he did his crying scene quite pathetically and the cinema crowd was sniggering.. its a rather sweet movie... if u suspend your logic. i always think too much in movies involving time travel, like harry potter 3.. and spoiler alert.. i dun think people can be brought back from the dead. i felt like keanu reeves and sandra bullock have not much chemistry tho comic timing was there.. when they kiss, can just see her receiving without much passion. ah well, nitpick? i love the soundtrack.. this song called this could be happening by paul mccartney.

    yesterday yh and kl came to visit sheares.. jealous much by the room? =p wonder what they're gonna do during orientation...heard durin malaysian camp charlie and yichin were most enthusiastic freshies? and chunleen and angeline (hey they rhyme) were best couple..oooh! tj power haha! went out to holland v for dinner.. i ordered fish noodles.. not that nice.. i miss the tj one!

    went to ikea twice. once got a mug and the second time bought a gossa mini pillow.. they're having annual clearance sale.. heaven forbid, dun go on weekends.. crowd's horrendous! i havent tried the ikea meatballs yet!!!

    life in nus is pretty much lookin for the correct bus to go everywhere.. more than once took the wrong bus and ended up further away to where we wanna go...and i hadnt had time to sit down quietly in my room yet...

    gotta wake up early tmr to go ICA...