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    Thursday, December 23, 2004
    Title : watch out for that car! yes, yes, the one with the P stickers!!!
    Time : 1:52 pm

    Earworm: Drive~~Incubus

    Summary of my driving escapades... a grand total of *ding ding* 4 times!
    1. drive to 1 utama. mmhmm.. pleased to announce, quite smooth sailing. except when i drove over to the new wing in search of parking, my mum said "turn to your left, go up to the top" but i turned the steering wheel too late, hit the sidecurb and went into basement instead. chickened out of searching for parking. so handed wheel over to mum instead.

    2. drive to dinner
    this time, my whole family was in the car, dad beside me and mum behind. Dad keeps putting his hand nervously near the steering wheel. mum is being the backseat driver.
    Dad: not so fast when u turn the corner!
    Mum: slow down! slow down!
    Dad: turn right... stop! stop! stop!
    Mum: don't go soooo near to the car
    Dad: Cut out now, look at the side mirror first...
    Mum: Slow down before u go over the bump (like duh, i just came out from driving school, im the slowest P driver around methinx)
    getting dark, and was raining, i tried to turn into an empty space.
    Mum (screeching) too near! too near! stop! let dad park!!!
    i seriously lack parking skills with no poles.. some more i was only taught reverse side parking.

    3. parking lesson by dad
    just a drive around the neighbourhood. learnt the easy one-- front parking in an empty car park next to the multipurpose hall. then snaked around before i managed to reverse park. argh.. hopeless! if there were cars around, sure to be multiple scratches

    4. drive to sunway pyramid
    was coasting along LDP til i for no reason something possessed me to cut into the right lane. then the relentless honking greeted me. when i looked at the side mirror saw this old maroon car (i suck at car models) real close to the rear end of my mum's car.
    mum (calmly but secretly panicking) u cut into the fast lane and what do u expect when u drive so slow?
    and the clueless me decided to cut back to the left. without looking at the side mirror coz i was kinda frazzled by his honking. gawd. he was trying to overtake me from the left instead and HONK HONK HONK!!!
    mum really panicking now: stay in your lane! let him overtake you!!
    now i was stuck in the right lane i had to go thru the u-turn before the toll, originally i wanted to turn left thru the housing estate but guess no hopes for that now. luckily i inched thru the u-turn. phew. no prob. and no more mishaps as i drove to the front of pyramid....mum*huge sigh of relief*
    Wednesday, December 22, 2004
    Title : Can it be? Can it be Christine? Bravo!
    Time : 9:58 pm

    Earworm: A mish-mash of songs found in Phantom of the Opera

    My sis had been anticipating the release of POTO for quite some time, so before we watched the movie she put the POTO original soundtrack (the one with Sarah Brightman) into the CD player. This CD has been played repeatedly since I was a wee tot i suspect, since all the songs were familiar, and soon enough we were displaying our vocal prowess for all to hear.

    The Phaaaaaaaaan-tom of the Operrrrraaaaa is here/there
    Inside my/your mind!!!!!!!!!

    It steadily worsened when I actually watched the movie last Sunday with Carlyn, another bout of catterwauling was in store for the neighbours.

    Masqueraaaaaaaaade, paper faces on parade!!!!
    Hide your face so the world will never find you!

    By this time I think the neighbours cursed for us to be stuffed somewhere deep in the sewers of the Phantom's lair.

    A few days later, my sis visited the cinema with son of Victor. luckily she had the sense not to sing out loud in the cinema. But when she returned she was already bursting with song.

    *assumes the voice of the Phantom* My Pow-wer over yooooouuu, grows stronger yet...
    *suddenly changes to the high voice of Meg giry* Where in the world have you been hiding,really you were perfect....

    Okay, okay, I think thats enough Phantom songs for the blog. Just need to get some of them outta my system.

    The movie itself, like everyone said, Emmy Rossum did a great job singing, although i prefer Sarah Brightman, the phantom was not very likeable and when he took off his mask he was not as horribly disfigured as i imagined. Besides, Raoul had a better voice than him.
    Scenes I do like>> the beginning where the chandelier was lifted and everything changed from black and white to rich colours. a bit overdramatic but the booming theme song sent chills down my spine.
    The symbolism of the musical monkey. so touching. i suppose sometimes i do feel for the phantom after all.
    The Masquerade scene. the co-ordination of the dances was fabulous

    Scenes I don't fancy>>> whatever that has La Carlotta as the centre of attention. Horrendous accent.
    The climax of the theme song when neither of them could reach the high notes.

    I think I'll rate it 7/10

    Tuesday, December 14, 2004
    Title : Bliss...Elation...Euphoria...
    Time : 3:55 pm

    Earworm: Walking In The Sun ~~ Travis
    Currently reading: Memoirs of a Geisha -- Arthur Golden

    My mood is sunny sunny sunny! woohoohoo! i think its kinda over-reacting over a mere pass in the road test. but im sooo relieved! i lost sleep the night before the test for fear of failing again... Although the tester didn't look too friendly but it turned out otherwise coz he actually told me jangan takut, ya (don't be scared) when we stopped at the first traffic light. then the 'over-friendliness' came on....he wouldn't stop making small talk! I was fiddling with the gear stick and trying to concentrate on the road, all the time trying to grunt a satisfying answer. haha... but everything turned out all right in the end, as he only gave me one cross.. (as compared to the previous one who was merrily/furiously scribbling comments on the paper---got a measly 10/20) now my friends, after hearing the good news, all want me to chauffeur them around....well not til i get my P license on friday!
    Friday, December 10, 2004
    Title : Friday, not the 13th
    Time : 11:57 pm

    Earworm: Lose My Breath~~ Destiny's Child

    Before i launch into the rather unlucky day that was Friday, lil recap on what happened last night... My darlin sis, the crazed Fanson, dragged me to Hard Rock Cafe for a Hanson showcase @ 11pm.... upon entry, the bouncer let her go straight in, bear in mind she's two years younger.. and checked my id, me who turned 18 a few days ago! nyah, I'll blame it on her platforms and my 'youthful' looks. Smoky interior, already fellow Fansons crowded in front of the small stage, I can't believe I have to wait for another hour amidst the suffocating crowd. When they finally emerged. Shrieks galore! I was just the passive viewer... They soon got the crowd bopping along to their hits, singing along every line, screaming, snapping shots.... I must say their music is not bad. I was just lost among the females, my view blocked from every angle, just taking in their live performance.

    going with Brit (me dear roomie can't make it, due to her obligations to ComicFiesta the next day) to watch The Polar Express at the IMAX theatre in Berjaya Times Square. So the ticket counters weren't open yet, walked around the deserted 10th floor then back to the counter. There were about 15 people ahead of us in the line already. Decided on the 1pm show.
    Time ticks by slowly.... Wondering what the delay was. Inefficient workers. apparently their computer system broke down or something. This was not a good sign. Brit blamed me for choosing to go out on Friday. like it's my fault
    An hour or so... we're still standing in line. When we finally inched forward to buy the tix, the lady had to write down the time of show and seat number by hand! *shakes head in disbelief*
    To while the time away, we went to buy some drinks and just chatted.
    Going into the theatre, was impressed by the giant screen. we were handed dorky glasses to put on later. The seats were quite comfortable and spacious. But the huge space was merely half filled by the audience. After some previews, the movie started with the narrative while the boy lay on his bed. That's when things started going wrong as the movie went 'listening for the ringing bells of Santa's sleigh, Santa's sleigh ,Santa's sleigh ,Santa's sleigh' .... was that part of the movie?! soon after, the voice went off, then back on, and off again. This glitch went on until an irate and very outspoken member of the audience started shouting there's no sound! restart the movie! Refund! Rewind! This went on for maybe 45 mins and out of boredom we read the subtitles and made up our own conversation. In the end the sound prob was fixed, the thing is the visual kept going so there was no synchronisation. haih....finally there was an announcement saying we could either get refunds or exchange our tickets for a later show. so we exitted the theatre and looks like a line of the irate cinemagoers had formed so we just took our place behind them. Heard snatches of conversation (not eavesdropping!) that most people are getting their RM20 refund. but we decided to take the 3.15 show and what confronted us when we reached the front of the line was this lady that told us to line up along with the others behind the ticketing counter as she was only dealing with refunds. WTF??? It was totally ridiculous and we told her so, luckily we had our way.

    After a rather sickening lunch at Kyros kebab (for me, at least), we re-entered the theatre, crossing our fingers for no more glitches. There wasn't. The movie wasn't that spectacular (predictable plot--but maybe it was geared for kiddies), the 3D features were rather minimal. the train ride was one heckuva ride tho. so my verdict-- not worth the hype and 20 bucks.

    at night
    wooo...i got picked up by my fren carlyn in her mum's car. haha she drives quite well, tends to speed tho. can park much better than me, considering i havent tried parking outside b4. destinaton: TC's house for our annual gathering. teacher turned up too! had fun talking and catching up with old times, exchanged numbers and snapped some shots.... how everyone has changed...

    Most modern calendars mar the sweet simplicity of our lives by reminding us that each day that passes is the anniversary of some perfectly uninteresting event. Oscar Wilde
    Thursday, December 09, 2004
    Title : Yo shortie it's your birthday!
    Time : 12:37 pm

    Earworm: In Da Club ~~ 50 Cent
    Still reading: The Devil Wears Prada

    so i've been 18 for 2 days now. do i feel any different? no. ok, ok, i feel older...eep...im almost outta my teen years! and all those well-wishers hinting at *Ahem ahem* 18 the legal age for.... well i'll think about it!
    so what happened on that fateful day itself? got woken up by some birthday wishes via sms, put a smile on my face. actually at one-ish in the morn i was already tearing open my family's presents for me, i can't believe that my dad gave me a camera phone! woot! and mum and sis got me a lotr calendar (that's going onto my cluttered desk in s'pore) and a Blink 182 alb. cool! yannie gave me an alb of the latest hit singles too. thanks!
    hung out with my roomie and sis, went to watch movie [The Forgotten- was kinda eerie but highly unplausible plot], chatted more than browsing thru stores. me roomie updated me on the happenings in the hostel since i went back for hols and we had crepes for lunch. met some sec school frens when milling about in the mall. my sis bought a sinful chocolate cake for me and we had to dash off at 6 since mum was already waiting outside. dinner was a nice family one with prawn noodles. and the traditional cake ceremony later at night. so ends the day of me being 18. pretty uneventful huh? well, that's me, passing the world by without leaving so much as a dent.
    Monday, December 06, 2004
    Title : Failed!
    Time : 1:34 pm

    Earworm: Better Man ~~ Robbie Williams
    Currently reading: The Devil Wears Prada-- Lauren Weisberger

    I failed the road test. shit. at least passed the other section. In no mood to ramble now. Hungry.
    Sunday, December 05, 2004
    Title : Hack!
    Time : 1:32 pm

    Earworm: Supersize Me (theme song from the film- great stuff)
    Currently reading: Superhonking Zits!

    omg, i coughed up blood today! It's like in the chinese dramas... except it was just once, luckily not multiple times... yes, im still alive.
    Thursday, December 02, 2004
    Title : Penang: Family, Food, Fun
    Time : 1:20 pm

    Earworm: I Miss You~~ Blink 182
    Currently reading: The Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic -- Sophie Kinsella

    It's been ages since I had a family trip, considering they jetted off to China, leaving me in the dust in Singapore. Ah well, didn't mind much, though i would have liked to see the snow there. It's the topic of conversation among relatives like 90% went to China, like, this year. so, perfect for me. i get to shut up and listen.
    Anyways, to start off, going to penang is also part of this motorhunt me dad signed up for, organised by his bank. was fun, skipping meals to be on the 10hour hunt tracking from KL to penang, passing by small towns and spotting signs. well, we came in 8th btw. outta 116th, hmmm..not bad.. it's a night's stay at Equatorial, though i'd rather have one of those shopping vouchers 20th placed winners got.
    Highlights of the trip:
    Jet-skiing and parasailing at Batu Ferringhi
    but the waters weren't as nice as in pangkor, and there were signs saying Beware of Jellyfish which is a source of phobia for me, since i got stung by one when i was 8?
    Riding the waves gave such an adrenaline rush. I'm a speed devil on the water, too bad i have to throttle along on the road.
    The harness for parasailing was rather painful, thank god I'm not a guy, but they dipped me in the water where i spotted a floating jellyfish. Yikes! get me outta there! and when i was lifted up into the sky again, there was this stray piece of frayed harness cold and wet, flapping against my thigh. which, horrors of horrors, i thought was a jellyfish somehow having a slimy tentacle around my leg.

    Mmmm..cherry sweet restaurant with their thai food. was the best dinner ever. fried kangkung, my first. and stuffed crab, green curry, tomyam... salivating now....

    i cant believe the flood of imitations in malls here. left, right, centre, and the pirated vcds and dvds whoa...it's like movie heaven hahaha. went out with chuiz just basically milling around, she looking for a watch, and me, a pair of cargos, didnt manage to find one though. piled many dvds into my dad's hands. eye-spoilers, here i come!